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Recaps PopWrapped | Recaps

On This Week's Castle We Are Introduced To Richard Castle, P.I.

Mairéad Scahill | PopWrapped Author

Mairéad Scahill

03/20/2015 7:52 pm
PopWrapped | Recaps
On This Week's Castle We Are Introduced To Richard Castle, P.I. | Castle
Media Courtesy of TVLine
Castle can investigate for us any time, am I right? After being blacklisted form helping out the NYPD with investigations, Castle takes matters into his own hands. Weeks later, and an online course under his belt, Richard Castle is now officially a private investigator. And I totally approve. Now to recap the show: We open on a darkly lit apartment, a bottle of scotch and a lone barrel of a gun aimed at our latest victim. Sheena was shot in the chest and the killer let themselves in through her window. Arriving on the crime scene and deducing it was someone the victim knew from her position, Beckett is stunned to find her husband joining them. Legally. As a private investigator. She’s a little peeved that he didn’t tell her, but she knows it’s just because he want to spend time with her… More on that later. So Castle is ousted from the crime scene, but does some detective work and finds out where the victim worked and arrives there before Beckett. He spots a photo of the victim’s dog on her desk, while Beckett works on a video recording showing the victim being threatened by one of the parents whose child she rejected for admission to an elite pre-school. Castle finds the dog via “Kollar-tracker” and meets the victim’s friend, who tells him she went away for a few days and dumped the dog with him, not telling where the impromptu trip was planned. Beckett also learns of the trip: and Beckett and Castle go head to head to solve the case. Honestly, I thought this whole plot was uber fun and really refreshing, Castle/Beckett-wise. So since Castle is keeping up with them (and Ryan being christened “Baby Castle” for his conspiracy theories) Beckett gets her game face on and searches for the person whom the victim had lunch with right before her trip. She finds her in Castle’s office. Yup Castle has an office. Also, he beat Beckett to it. They start to theorize together, as only they can, in an absolutely hilarious scene, before Beckett runs off to get police files from the university mentioned by the lawyer who met with the victim before her death. Castle, left out, does his own investigation on social media ,“hacking” into it by figuring out she used her dog’s name for every password. He discovers, like Beckett, that something happened at the university 15 years ago and the victim was looking into a murder. Anxious that Castle has something they don’t, the NYPD guys set up a ruse to try and work out what Castle has, while Castle does the same for Beckett. They really are perfect for each other. They theorize together one last time (come on, we all knew it was their version of foreplay since season 1, right?) and Beckett runs off to work on the investigation with the info Castle provided, while he does the same. Beckett discovers that the victim had a meeting with an editor from the New York Ledger, while Castle meets the man himself and gets him to point a finger at the man responsible for the victim’s boyfriends death 15 years ago. This leads them to a criminal prosecutor, and just as Beckett is about to throw him the book, Castle bursts in to say he was innocent because of his severe allergy to dog hair. In the end, they catch the killer: The lawyer they met at Castle’s office, hired to kill her and frame the criminal prosecutor. And Castle discovers a knack for P.I. work and there’s a new and interesting arc for the show. What did you think Castle-ites? Ready for Castle in a trench coat and magnifying glass? Let us know in the comments!

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