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Recaps PopWrapped | Recaps

Castle Deals With A Killer Who's In 'Plane' Sight

Mairéad Scahill | PopWrapped Author

Mairéad Scahill

04/29/2015 2:55 pm
PopWrapped | Recaps
Castle Deals With A Killer Who's In 'Plane' Sight | castle
Media Courtesy of Entertainment Alley

What do you get when you cross a murder, a snake and a mother-flying plane?

Why, this week’s episode of Castle of course.

Let’s recap:

So Castle and Alexis are taking a father-daughter trip to London, where Castle is meeting up with mystery writers in 221B Baker street. Alexis has different ideas, though, and informs her Dad that she is actually going to Kent to visit some friends in a pub, and that she’s seen him speak a hundred times before and doesn’t think the 101st time will be any different.

Castle is visible a little heartbroken, but he has a missing person case to work on to keep his mind occupied.

After some turbulence, he decides to ask to Cabin Crew what was wrong, and they decide to fill him in—The Air Marshall on the flight is missing.

After he sent a stream of texts stating that there was a threat on the plane, Air Marshall Kyle Ford disappears of the face of the earth—well, the air.

Castle ventures into the galley and he and the flight attendant, Abby, look through luggage. He notices a snake—who knew Castle was scared of snakes?—and that clothes are hanging out of suitcases. He sees a trunk in the carriage, opens it and finds the missing Air Marshall inside with a sizable head wound.

This is now a murder case.

Which isn’t surprising, since this is a murder mystery show.

Anyway, Alexis makes her way down and Castle informs his daughter of the issue. She tells him she’s had training with Lanie, so can examine the body. She also contacts Lanie and shows her the head wound that killed Kyle.

Castle, meanwhile, is snooping through pictures from a couple on the plane who were selfie-driven and totally in love. He sees the Air Marshall watching someone, and from his eyeline determines that it is passenger Isadore Bolton.

Except it’s not, as he is in New York and his passport was stolen.

They trap the fake Isadore and question him in holding, but he informs them that he needed to travel to see his dying mother. He is on the no fly list because his cousin did a stupid thing and he is now connected to a terrorist group.

He tells Castle that the Air Marshall had a second phone. Tech Whiz Tori makes the phone ping, and they find it underneath the snake tank. They use Kyle’s finger print to unlock the phone and see numerous messages from an unknown number, clearing fake Isadore’s name.

They run a credit card check, and it turns out it’s an ex-employee of the airline sending the texts and she is on board, in disguise.

Castle spills wine on her, as you do, and then tackles her when he sees a gun in her handbag. They detain her; she informs them she was the Air Marshall’s girlfriend and that he was acting odd. They tell her he’s dead—so they clear her of the crime.

It’s back to the drawing board on this one.

While in first class, Castle notices a man who has been asleep for the entire flight. He tries to wake him up, but can’t. Eventually he startles him awake. The man was drugged and his fancy watch that he was worried about has been switched for a fake.

This is when we learn that flight attendant Abby is the killer. She didn’t plan to kill anyone, just steal the obnoxious guy’s watch as he flew weekly bragging about how much it cost while she was losing her pension due to budget cuts. She is detained and the flight lands safely in London, where Castle and Alexis decide that father-daughter time is very much needed.

And Beckett breathes a sigh of relief as she watches the plane land safely and on time.

And that’s all folks.

Let us know what you think of this week’s episode and feel free to leave comments below  PopWrappers.

Until next week, Castle fans!

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