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Television / Recaps PopWrapped | Television

"Castle" Has Its Finger On The "Kill Switch"

Mairéad Scahill | PopWrapped Author

Mairéad Scahill

11/25/2014 4:08 pm
PopWrapped | Television
Media Courtesy of ABC
Damn, that was tense. This week’s episode of Castle focused on Detective Esposito, and was pretty damn awesome. It also put me off travelling on a subway for a long, long time. Let’s have a recap of the events of “Kill Switch”: So this week, we aren’t immediately shown the murder of the week, but shown Castle and Beckett waking to the crime scene, pondering on what it’s like to do this now as a married couple: “Like Hart to Hart” “Turner and Hooch” “Turner and Hooch aren’t married” “But you still remind me a little of Hooch”. I can’t with these two. They’re just too cute. Anyway, back to murder. We come across a fresh corpse, the body of Philip Reeves, a government medical investigator who investigated contracts with pharmaceutical companies and hospitals, who now has a bullet in his head. Reeves had received a phone call from a pay phone that morning from a man named Jared Stone, a known computer hacker. Ryan and Esposito track him down. While in the Car, Ryan and Esposito have a heart to heart, as only Ryspo can. Esposito asked Ryan what it’s like to be a Dad, and then asks if he’d be a good one. Ryan assures him he’d be great, since he knows what it’s like to not have a father and would never let his kid go through that. Esposito lets it slip that Lanie doesn’t want to move forward, but he’d thinking about it, joking: “You hear that? It’s my biological clock ticking. Tick tock tick tock...” It's kind of ominous in retrospect. Any who, Esposito spots Jared Stone running to the subway, so follows him on foot while Ryan waits in traffic in the car. This is when things turn ugly. Espo mentions to Ryan that Stone looks irate, and hops on to the Subway car. Inside, Stone spots Espo’s badge as he approaches him, pulls out a gun and takes everyone hostage. Told you it was tense. Back in the precinct, the word leaks that Espo has been taken hostage, as Ryan had overheard it on the phone. The Hostage Recovery Team is on its way to help, and everyone in the precinct s worried about Esposito, especially Lanie who turns up distraught. The subway car happens to have footage of the scene, so they have a tactical advantage and Esposito tried to calm Jared down, but Jared reveals he is wearing a suicide vest with a dead man’s switch. Back in the precinct, Castle and Beckett continue to investigate the murder victim, Paul Reeves, in the hopes it will help them find something on Stone. Stone had made two phone calls to the Maldives previously, which Castle finds odd. That is until Stone makes his one demand: Free Erin Wilson. It turns out Stone’s girlfriend is in prison for hacking government information. He wants her to be extradited to the Maldives. The HRT send down Pizza for the hostages, one of which has a note for Esposito telling him they are going for a breach and to secure the dead man’s switch, which he confides in the transit cop who has also been taken hostage. Stone realizes they are on board, blows out the camera with his gun and wheezes into his inhaler. According to Lanie, who has watched back the footage, he has flu like symptoms that are only getting worse. Esposito has a plan. He tackles Stone when he is wheezing into his inhaler, as he’s distracted and he and Melissa, the transit cop, tie his hand to secure the switch. Everything seems fine, until it is revealed that he has the H1 N1 Virus and they’ve all been infected and have to be quarantined. See what I mean about tense? So, while it is believed that Stone wanted to go to the opera or a wealth management seminar to attack one percenters, he said he didn’t intend to hurt anyone and just wanted to shock people. He also didn’t realize he was carrying the virus and someone had infected his inhaler with H1 N1. By the end of the episode, we discover that Reeves colleague had invested stock in a pharmaceutical firm that had recently invested in 10,000 viles of the vaccine for the virus and had orchestrated the entire thing through secret, anonymous messages with Stone and manipulated him so she could earn a profit. She’s arrested for the murder of Philip Reeves. And Espo is released form quarantine, where Melissa tells him the last words on his lips before he tackled the bomber were “Lanie”. So at least someone had a happy ending. What did you think, Castle fans? Tense enough for you? And how do you like Lanie and Esposito? And couldn’t you have watched another 5 minutes solely of Castle making subway puns? No? Just me then. Let us know your thoughts in the comments below, Popwrappers.

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