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Television / Recaps PopWrapped | Television

Castle is the "Last Man Standing"

Mairéad Scahill | PopWrapped Author

Mairéad Scahill

12/02/2014 9:14 am
PopWrapped | Television
Castle is the
Cue up that 80's montage music, Castle fans, and let's get down to business. When he’s not solving murders, Only Richard Castle would be given the opportunity to live out his dream of being an 80's action star and go toe to toe with El Jeffe. But we’ll get to that. So our murder of the week takes place outside a movie theatre, where there’s a screening of the 80's action classic, Hard Kill, where an Usher is taking out the trash—the symbolism wasn’t lost on me—when he discovers the body of 80's movie star, Lance DeLorca, star of Hard Kill. He was killed with a garrotte, which was believed to be his weapon of choice when he was “an assassin for Spanish intelligence,” but this was a lie and one of our favorite things: the red herring. This episode was chock a block with them, but also a hell of a lot of fun. Particularly in this episode, Castle lets his man-childness run rampant, much to my delight. So they track down DeLorca’s ex wife, who had loaned him 200,000 dollars in exchange for his share of their 8 million dollar beach house; talk about a bargain. He said he needed a body guard, so she gave him the money. Her alibi checked out. His co star, Brock, and his wife are on set when the murder mystery crew arrive—Ryan’s trying to think of an appropriate catch phrase. Ryan is fast becoming my favorite comedic character—and they also meet his son. They inform Ryan and Espo that Lance had wrapped filming on The Indestructibles (wink wink nudge nudge) a week before and they thought he was back in LA. As the episode progresses, we learn that things got very meta up in this fictional business, as the antagonist drug dealer in the Hard Kill movies—the aforementioned El Jeffe—is, in fact, a real life drug dealer, who Brock’s son works for as a club promoter. In a brilliant, hilarious and excellent montage that allowed Castle to live all his fantasies at once, he joins The Indestructibles for a mission to retrieve a listening device that Lance had planted in El Jeffe’s office. It features code words, names and explosions, and is so wonderfully hammy that I couldn’t stop smiling. They retrieve the listening device Lance had planted in a toy car, and discover he was paying off Brock’s son’s ransom from El Jeffe. They discover the real reason why: Troy, Brock’s son, is actually Lance’s biological son. He donated bone marrow during Lance’s bout with Leukemia, and Lance had his sample tested. They were a biological match. In the end, to keep her secret, it was Brock’s wife who murdered Lance. And Troy took a stand against El Jeffe, who was arrested for narcotics. On the other side of the story, Kate and Rick are moving in together, so she has to leave her old apartment behind. Castle seems delighted that she’s leaving the place with “rickety floors,” but Kate is less enthused. After Gal time with Lanie—and the essential bottle of wine those chats require—Lanie tells Kate she’ll miss the place because it was where she re0invetnted herself, caught her mother’s killer, fell in love... Didn’t your heart just melt? Kate scratches her name into the wall and leaves her keys behind, and Castle is none the wiser about her last minute foray into her past life and moving forward, happily, with him. They also intend to watch Hard Kill together. Now that’s love. What did you think Popwrappers and Castle­-ites? One of the funnest hours this series, or was it *ahem* Expendible?

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