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Catch The "Queens Of Talk" This Week On RuPaul's Drag Race

PopWrapped | PopWrapped Author


04/15/2014 12:09 am
PopWrapped | Television
Catch The
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Boxxa Vine

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This week's Queen of Talk  begins with lamenting the quick and emotional departure of Laganja Estranja from the Race last week, and our remaining queens let out all of their steam. They talked about her last few moments and how they handled it. You've got…oh wait they removed that.... Right on into the mini, and this is a big one. Several big ones. Hungman is like hangman, but with Scruff models in tight undies and words on their back sides. First to name the word gets the point, and the queen with the most points ends up being BenDeLaCreme. Our main challenge brings out Cher's closet family, son Chaz Bono and mother Georgia Holt, visiting the remaining queens for a revival of The RuPaul Show. Interviews: Adore Delano has a really rough time starting out with getting the right questions and and working answers from the guests. This leaves an awkward sense to the whole interview. Adore brings some weird form of Mortal Combat pitbull sort of look; she's read for from several judges that she's hiding behind her mask. Apparently it's not quite the polished look they are looking for. On her talk show, she came off as nervous and underprepared. Her personality that has brought her so far in this competition disappears. Ranking: Bottom Two. BenDeLaCreme really drops a lot of  the overly hyperactive character just a little bit. This really shows off the "real" DeLa Ru and Michelle have been asking to see. DeLa hits the runway in an amazing futuristic bug look, and  starts off on all fours, galloping down towards the judges. Michelle exclaims how much more human and real DeLa appeared, and she was praised by Chaz for her up to date knowledge of them and her plethora of good questions. Ranking: High. Bianca hits the ground running and has a series of great questions for Chaz, but almost completely ignores Georgia. RuPaul may be a panther on the runways, but Bianca ran full speed into my heart with her cheetah look this week. Called out on her time management skills, she really dropped half of the interview by hardly talking to Georgia. Ranking: Safe. Courtney Act comes off as very personable and  hard hitting when it comes to her questions for both guests and judges. Her eagle on the runway, which we've seen and waited for since the first commercial, still stuns as she brings an amazing look after an equally amazing performance. Chaz and Georgia both boast about how she was so personable, it was like talking to a friend, and give her high marks. Ranking: Winner. Darienne Lake gets a lot of  "no" answers in the interviews, which make her pause. But she still comes off as fun but falling apart. On the runway, she's brings big girl elephant realness, but is told she's just in the middle of the pack. A rule of Cher impersonations: If you're not Chad Michaels…don't try it. Ranking: Safe. Joslyn Fox comes with her normal cute and funny personality, but she hits some really bad questions. This makes for  shocking interview, leaving Georgia speechless at one point. Her runway look is a bit messy and a bit over-accessorized. When she asked about abortion, it struck a bad cord in the interview and set the tone for the rest of her set. That one question could be the reason she lip syncs this week, but Georgia saves her, saying that she was more shocked then angry about the question. Ranking: Low. Trinity K. Bonet. Golden rule: Don't get the guests name wrong. Flying down the runway as a firebird, Trinity brings another amazing look to the runway. But her performance isn't as polished, and she's put down heavily for messing up Chaz's name. Ranking Bottom Two. Lip Sync: Kai kai alert as Trinity and Adore destroy every inch of the runway and Adore sends Trinity home this week.

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