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Catch Up On All The Action From "Teen Wolf" This Week With PopWrapped's 'Orphaned' Recap

PopWrapped | PopWrapped Author


07/29/2014 11:18 pm
PopWrapped | Fandom
Catch Up On All The Action From
Media Courtesy of Zap 2 It

Shane Avery

Senior Staff Writer


Is Chris Argent REALLY going to start hunting down the demons in Beacon Hills.... Including his sister? That was the big question left lingering at the end of last weeks episode, when Crazy Lady kept taunting him with his wife and Allison's deaths. Here we go Wolf Pack: The action kicked off 4 weeks earlier, with Kate Argent alone in a car and discovering a tape in the deck that said "Play Me". It then flashed forward to a bunch of assassins failing miserably trying to kill Kate, who was demanding to find out who was The Benefactor. She unfortunately was left wondering, so she just killed the remaining assassins. The action then picked right up where we left off, with Violet being arrested at the school and Garrett being MIA. Scott was working with Liam to get a scent on Garrett to track him down, but they may need to hurry because as Violet was being arrested, she noticed Parrish's badge name and recognized it from the deadpool. Scott's Dad was also back (UGH) and when questioning Violet, the viewers learned her and Garrett were both orphans, which was what the assassin in the cold open happened to say to Kate. Meanwhile, Derek and Stiles were with Deaton as they worked to remove the poison out of the body of the kid from Liam's former school, but when they couldn't hold him down (with Derek's strength slowly diminishing), Peter showed up and knocked him out. They then managed to cut the poor kid open and the lethal wolfs bane slowly exited his body. Scott and Liam made a discovery while still trying to get Garrett's scent: A bag full of cash in his locker....which Scott chose to omit from Liam. The next day, Scott discovered Mama McCall was in need of some of financial assistance and debated whether or not to use the cash found in Garrett's locker. Liam found himself some trouble unfortunately. After running off from Mason, Liam was suddenly struck by a car driven by Garrett who pulled a dagger on him. His fate was then unknown. Lydia and Stiles paid a visit to Parrish to let him in on his name being on the deadpool (whilst OMITTING what it really was) and tried to convince him to bring Meredith back to the station for questioning so they could retrieve the final cipher key. And Liam was OFFICIALLY in trouble, as Scott received the ransom call: Bring Garrett the money and help him break out Violet or Liam dies. Things got MUCH worse for Scott as he found out that his father was the one moving Violet....along with Sheriff Stilinski!! That's when things turned INSANE. Kate's Berzerkors got to the car first, and left both fathers bloody on the road, with Violet nowhere to be found. Before Scott could fully react, the 2 demons attacked with the one impaling (and killing) Garrett and the other knocking Scott out. Things were a little less tense with Stiles and Lydia managing to get in to see Meredith who was telling them the Benefactor would not allow her to tell them the 3rd cipher. Scott awoke in the care of Deaton, and surprisingly Chris Argent. They informed him both fathers were alive at the hospital. Scott told them they needed to find Violet. I'm really nervous about trusting Chris, because I really think he's going to turn on our gang. After a flashback from his pep talk with Scott, Liam was determined to escape his watery grave, and began pulling himself up. Meredith was still refusing to give the name of The Benefactor, and when she began to scream NO, Lydia was clearly affected and her ears started bleeding. Lydia was in shock to discover Meredith was a banshee like herself. I know I haven't addressed them much, but the Derek/Malia storyline was really picking up, when looking for Liam, they stumbled across a field of dead bodies!! One of the injured bodies turned out to be Braeden, who was immediately rushed to by Derek. Scott and Chris then found Kate and the Berzerkors, and prepared to do battle. Chris began firing off a machine gun at them, but it didn't even slow them down. After being thrown through a wall, Scott discovered Violet's bloody body, making him think he was never going to find Liam. When one of the Berzerkors was set to kill Chris, Kate stopped it before they took off. Scott then heard Liam's wolf call and finally where he was!! He managed to get to Liam before he fell back into the well. In the biggest shock of the episode, Lydia and Stiles deduced that the last cipher key may not be the name of someone who's already dead..... It was someone who COULD die. And the last name? Derek. UGH! So, I may have gasped when they showed the name. Not even going to lie. When the name worked, Lydia and Stiles discovered Meredith's name on the list and had Parrish place the call to the psych ward....only to discover Meredith had killed herself. The episode concluded with Scott vowing not to lose anyone else, and Kate coming face to face with the man who turned her: Peter Hale. And color me VERY scared now that these 2 appear to be working together!!! What did you guys think of this weeks episode? What do you think is going to happen now that Kate and Peter are working together?? Keep Up With PopWrapped On The Web!



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