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Politics PopWrapped | Politics

Caucus, Dissention, Iowa: GOP Debate Part VII

Matt Lawrence | PopWrapped Author

Matt Lawrence

02/02/2016 8:47 am
PopWrapped | Politics
Caucus, Dissention, Iowa: GOP Debate Part VII | GOP
Media Courtesy of NPR

The stage was set, with sweet cries of relief in everyone's voice. The big, bad hairpiece, Donald Trump, was not present much to everyone's relief. The cast of characters strolled out in their freshly pressed suits, their talking points scribbled on their sweaty palms. I can't confirm that aspect, but the robotic responses of each person's policy points indicated otherwise. Perhaps they just had good recall, not sure.

What I am sure of is that Ted Cruz got his lunch money taken, beaten up like a heavy bag in a boxing gym. Rubio, Paul, Christie, Bush, waited patiently to step up to administer punishment. He tried jokes, backpedalled from stances, shifted blame; he filled the crosshairs that the hairpiece vacated.

The bully Governor from New Jersey (Christie) threw his weight around, mostly reiterating Hillary Clinton and 9/11. I was unaware the shrew liar of the Democrats was present. She wasn't, but no one told Christie. Tired talking points about Imperialistic, military based rejuvenation of the economy is business as usual for the GOP. Sick bastards, keyboard warriors whom stand on their soapboxes, nary a one can attest to walking in combat boots. These talking suits wouldn't know what to do, snake oil salesman, offering up promises they can't keep.

Marco Rubio claimed that Bernie Sanders would be a great candidate for Sweden, which considering the direction of each country, should come as a ringing endorsement for the Independent from Vermont.

Fox News surprisingly put the screws to 'em good though, particularly Cruz and Rubio. They played clips of each backtracking on immigration standpoints. Took the entertainment news long enough to act with the journalistic integrity to answer hard presssing questions. I am sure they had transcripts of the suits talking points - this is entertainment anyway.

They had a good bit of questions from the world wide web. Usually a minority, Fox begrudgingly had to get the perspective of all demographics; can't pander to old white guys for two plus hours these days.

Oh, Dr. Ben Carson was present, almost forgot. His lack of questions, and incoherent responses left a lot to be desired. Well, except for his closing statements. He recited the Preamble to the Constitution, but should have just had the historical document fill in for him; it would have garnered more of a response.

Jeb Bush wants to be his big brother so bad, lucky for him the biggest bully was using wounded veterans as pawns for public support. Ole Jeb did seem more relaxed, poking back at his slick backed, fellow Floridian Rubio, and quipped about Rubio's flip flopping on immigration. Guilty by association Jeb; you can't divorce that family name that left such a bad taste in our mouths.

Rand Paul was back, with the most reasonable foreign policy stances on this stage full of hawks. Paul is still a raptor, but more osprey sized. He got his quips in, but the Hairpiece (a.k.a Trump) has ruined any chances the eye doctor has at achieving GOP nominations. 

That Hairpiece was posing behind Veterans; it was lip service. Of the five and a half million dollars donated from his Foundation from 2009 to 2013, only $57,000 ever made it to Veterans' causes. Hmmm, talking hairpiece solicited donations for causes but then  he only donates a small amount. Must have gotten some advice from Bernie Madoff.

Good Lord I need another drink, thats the result when you spent the night before smacking your head against blunt objects after listening to aggravating positions. These guys should smoke a joint, relax. They were on Fox not a news network.


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