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Chace Crawford's 'Glee' Character Will Make Jesse St. James Look NICE!

PopWrapped | PopWrapped Author


03/17/2014 11:05 pm
PopWrapped | Fandom
Chace Crawford's 'Glee' Character Will Make Jesse St. James Look NICE!
Media Courtesy of Adam Rose/FOX
Courtesy Of Adam Rose/FOX
Courtesy Of Adam Rose/FOX

Tarra Matthews

Senior Manager


When the photo of Chace Crawford in a dumpster surfaced as a sneak peek for his upcoming appearance on Glee, I was left wondering what he POSSIBLY could have done to deserve it. Well, this sneak peek released by E! Online may hold the answer! In the clip Biff (that's right, Chace's character's name is Biff MacIntosh) oh-so-proudly proclaims, "I haven't spent that much time around them, but poor people are generally less attractive than rich ones." At this point I'm sure one or two people may want to punch the guy in the face (we're looking at you Puck)! Chace himself describes Biff as, "uber-pretty kid of the northest...who's quite obnoxious, who's quite a jerk." Sounds like a total Chuck Bass to me!
Courtesy Adam Rose/FOX Courtesy Adam Rose/FOX
It also seems that our favourite former leader of the Unholy Trinity has been less than 100% honest about her past. Quinn seems to have gone 'Stepford' on us and totally forgot to mention just a couple things. Lucky for us, Santana's memory is totally still functioning and she mentions things like: Quinn's pink hair, Quinn's Ryan Seacrest tattoo, and Quinn setting a purple piano on fire as an act of rebellion. And if Quinn has failed to mention those details, it's probably safe to say she hasn't mentioned things like: her teen pregnancy, getting pretty much disowned by her father, giving her baby up for adoption to her friend's biological mother (who gave her own child up for adoption), and her car crash that almost left her paralyzed. But that's Quinn Fabray for you; it seems no matter how much she matures, she can't seem to escape her insecurity/need to appear perfect. I wonder how long this whole thing will take to unravel? I guess we'll have to tune in to Glee's 100th episode to find out! But if you can't wait until tomorrow night, check out the behind-the-scenes sneak peek with Chace & Dianna now! [embed][/embed]  

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