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Charlie Cox Talks About Punisher And His Similarity To Daredevil

Rain Varela | PopWrapped Author

Rain Varela

Staff Writer
03/29/2016 4:09 pm
Charlie Cox Talks About Punisher And His Similarity To Daredevil | Punisher
Media Courtesy of Patrick Harbron/Netflix

The second season of Daredevil is now streaming on Netflix. With Wilson Fisk gone and behind bars, it seemed routine for a show like this to introduce a new villain to the series. It's not quite that simple

, though -- if you have seen the first few episodes (or, like me, finished all of it in one go), you know that the new season opens up without really a clear antagonist. Sure, the Punisher, Frank Castle, kills mercilessly, but he kills hardened criminals -- so he can't be all bad right?

It is this moral dilemma that takes center stage through most of the season, and it is a question that Matt Murdock ponders, especially when he considers the fact that basically they are doing the same thing, bringing down bad guys.

In an interview with Hypable, Charlie Cox, who portrays Matt Murdock, talked about what he thinks his character felt toward this new vigilante. “I think when Matt Murdock initially meets Frank Castle, it’s very easy for him to pigeonhole him in the same way that he did Wilson Fisk from Season 1,” he says, and then there's the rub:

“What happens very quickly after that is he has to consider another possibility which is that these two people are actually cut from the same cloth. They’re much more similar than they are different. Of course, that is immensely painful for Matt,” Cox explains.

For the future, though, Cox hopes to see a Punisher spin-off. "I would love to see -- and I know this is something that’s speculated about and I have no idea if it’s possible or not possible -- having worked with Jon [Bernthal who plays Frank Castle], I would love to see Punisher get his own show. I’d love to see that happen. It’s such a rich character and Jon embodies him in such a spectacular way. Fans are going to be overwhelmed and pleased with what he brought to the character so I’d love to see The Punisher get his own 13 episodes. And if he does, I’d love to be in it" he told ScreenRant.

Cox has also said that he prefers fewer new faces for upcoming seasons: "I’d also like personally, again if we continue to make the Daredevil series, rather than have a new character every season I’d love us to explore more of the Wilson Fisk stuff. It’d be great if at some point Vincent D’Onofrio would come back for a season. There’s so much Daredevil-Wilson Fisk left untold."

Would you watch a Punisher spin-off series? What do you think about Cox's idea to focus more on the Kingpin in future seasons? Let us know in the comments!


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