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Check Into The 'Motel California' With The Teen Wolf Gang

PopWrapped | PopWrapped Author


07/09/2013 4:01 pm
Check Into The 'Motel California' With The Teen Wolf Gang

Caitlin Swift

Staff Writer

This week’s Teen Wolf did not disappoint let me tell you!  There was the scare factor and more importantly, the sex factor! Get ready for a wild ride kiddies! 

We open with a flashback of a young man who is in serious pain. He checks into a hotel and we find that he’s not only been bitten by a werewolf, but is a member of the Argent family. Flash forward 36 years and the Beacon Hills Cross Country team is getting ready for a night’s stay. Does this cross country team ever really compete?!

Stiles begins to rattle off potential Darahk suspects starting with Harris, Cora, Deaton, and, lastly, Lydia. Scott isn’t thrilled with his choices but humors him. All that thinking has made him hungry so Stiles runs to the vending machine where he sees Boyd. It’s quite apparent that something isn’t right about him. Scott wanders into Allison’s room and gets super creepy while she’s in the shower. He comes to and runs off. Clearly something is up with these wolves.

Lydia heads to the front desk to get some towels and finds that the Capri Motel is known for the most guest suicides; 198 and counting. We then cut to Isaac who is getting all Poltergeist with the static on the TV. Something is seriously not right with these three. Argent meanwhile is putting the pieces together about the fight that wounded Derek and soon realizes his daughter was involved.

Jennifer is trying her best to care for Derek and is baffled by his bleeding black. Yet she figures out how to fix it fast and that is through some lovemaking. Maybe I’m the only one who thinks it’s odd seeing Derek with a softer side, but I sure did not mind watching. We might as well call her Florence Nightingale because after a few minutes of sexin’ Derek begins to heal at a rapid pace.

Back at the motel, Lydia starts hearing things. She believes the couple next door committed a double suicide. She races over to check and finds nothing but some paint. Allison reassures her that she believes her. I didn’t notice until the second time I watched that when Lydia is starting at the wall the grain in the wood looks like a screaming face… foreshadowing maybe?!

Boyd has also started hearing voices, this time of a girl named Alicia. Isaac is not far behind as he starts to hallucinate about his life with his father. They begin to fight and Isaac is ordered to the freezer and he begins to panic. Arriving at the front desk, Lydia and Allison notice that the count has changed to 201. Hmmm funny, Boyd’s snack was 201 in the vending machine and Isaac was watching channel 201. The question now is, what three have died or will die?!

Scott is trying to cope with the fact he is an alpha now and thinks he sees Deucalion slit his mother’s throat. Stiles manages to break him out of his trance and he comes to. Down the hall, Danny and Ethan are getting busy. This has to be one of the most sensual scenes to date on the show, and it’s amazing that it is starring two men. Bravo MTV! It’s not forced or campy, it’s just passionate. But anyway, back to the craziness that is going down. Ethan is jarred by something happening with his body and runs to the bathroom. It looks like something is trying to claw its way out of his body. Spooked, he takes off.

Lydia, Allison, and Stiles are trying to figure out what is going down. 3 more deaths, could it be 3 more sacrifices? Maybe wolf sacrifices? They rush to the next room and find Ethan trying to cut himself open with a handsaw. Stiles wrestles the tool out of his hands and he comes to and takes off. Stiles finally fesses up and reminds Lydia of her birthday when she poisoned everyone with Wolf’s Bane. 

We find out that Boyd feels responsible for the death of his sister and the voices are becoming too much. He takes a safe and heads to the bathtub with an attempt to drown himself. At the same time Lydia hears a baby cry and a mother begin to fill the tub. She puts two and two together and she and Stiles rush up to the room. Neither of them are strong enough to lift the safe and the tub won’t drain. They realize that heat wards off the voices and they rush to the bus for flares.

Boyd and Isaac come to and now they are left to find Scott. When they find him he is covered in gasoline holding the last flare. He wants to be nothing again: a nobody. He feels guilt over Derek’s death and feels that every time he tries to do things right it just ends up wrong. It’s unclear whether this was actually Scott or Scott being affected by the hotel. Either way, the next moments actually caused me to tear up a bit. Stiles tells Scott he’s not nothing; he’s his best friend, his brother. He goes on to say that if Scott is going he’s going with him. He manages to grab the flare and toss it to safety. They might actually make it out alive so Scott can watch Star Wars after all.

WRONG! The wind picks up and catches the puddle of gasoline. Lydia leaps and pushes them out of the way and when she looks over her shoulder at the flames she sees a terrifying hooded figure. The Darahk maybe?! The next day on the bus Ethan offers up some information in return for his life being spared: Derek is alive but he either must kill one of his own or the Alpha pack will come for revenge since he killed one of theirs. Lydia figures out the coach’s whistle contained Wolf’s Bane and that is why the boys were super loopy.

Biggest shocker of all?! Gerard is alive too! Argent goes to him to find out a bit about Alpha Alexander Argent (the guy from the beginning). Shocker, it was Deucalion. He’s just not making any friends, that demon wolf. 

Next week Derek reunites with the pack and I can’t wait!


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