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Check Out Our List Of Best America's Got Talent Auditions To Tide You Over Until Next Week's All-New Episode

PopWrapped | PopWrapped Author


07/13/2014 5:01 pm
PopWrapped | Television
Check Out Our List Of Best America's Got Talent Auditions To Tide You Over Until Next Week's All-New Episode
Media Courtesy of Property of NBC

Jacob Elyachar Staff Writer @JacobElyachar

America’s Got Talent is having one of its best seasons in years! In lieu of a new episode this week, here are several more acts that you should keep your eyes on during the upcoming Bootcamp stage of the competition.

Beach Avenue

The Connecticut trio took a huge risk with their original song: “Coming Your Way.” I loved their stage presence and the arrangements. If they continue to deliver new material and quality covers, the trio might have the chance to be the Forte spot in this year’s finale.

Frank the Singer

Five years ago, Susan Boyle proved that it was never too late to chase your dreams! When the former bartender delivered a heartfelt rendition of Frank Sinatra’s “I’ve Got The World On A String,” he became a contender with his timeless vocals. We have never seen over-60-year-old make it to a finale of a televised talent competition; hopefully Frank breaks the barrier this year.
Skip to the 2:20 mark to hear Frank sing

Adrian Romoff

The nine-year-old piano prodigy delivered a spectacular audition! Adrian Romoff’s humor and talent could be a huge ticket to the season finale, but one problem that I could foresee is the potential of getting shell-shocked at Radio City Music Hall.
Skip to the 2:50 mark to see Adrian kill it on the piano


The self-proclaimed ghetto magician and former US Marine’s up-close magic stole the show. His tricks are superb and could be a huge frontrunner in the magic category. I hope Smoothini thinks outside the box during his Boot Camp audition, because that could be a ticket into the Top 48!


Mat Franco

Smoothini may have some competition in Mat Franco! I loved Mat’s storytelling ability using a deck of cards. To grab a spot in the Top 48, Mat needs to incorporate a different angle of magic and combine that with his unique storytelling skills.
Skip to the 2:05 mark to see some magic!

David & Leeman

The show has not been too kind to magic duos! But, David & Leeman could change that. Their astonishing trick of using pressure phrenology pseudoscience on Howie Mandel, they upped the ante for the remaining magic acts. I loved their act and I want to see what they can do next!
MORE magic begins at 1:45

Joe Matarese

For the past two years, a comedian has come close to winning this competition! The one man that I think could win this show is Joe Matarese. The Cherry Hill native’s delivery was superb and had clever material that made everyone laugh!
Prepare to laugh at the 1:45 mark

John & Andrew

In order for this show to succeed, you need to have several controversial acts! One controversial act that was shown this season was John & Andrew’s same-sex salsa. I know viewers in certain states might not be happy if this duo makes it to the live show, but I don’t care! They were in sync and set the stage on fire…those are qualities that I am looking for in an AGT winner!
This due gets down starting at the 1:55 mark

Rachel Butera

Female impressionists have been stock contestants on this show over the past couple of years. However, Rachel might be the first female impressionist to make it to the semi-finals. Her outstanding impressions of Wanda Sykes, Rosie O’Donnell and Whoopi Goldberg were spot on and I hope she has more impressions in store for the Radio City Music Hall audience.


Head to the 1:30 mark to hear Rachel bring it!

One Voice Children’s Choir

I first fell in love with this group when I saw them perform on Alex Boye’s YouTube channel! Their cover of Frozen’s hit song: “Let It Go,” gave me chills and their over 45,490,916 views on YouTube showcased their bright future! It was a shame to see Howard Stern beg to Mel B to keep them on! Hopefully, they convince a certain bald judge that they are worthy of Radio City Music Hall.
Skip to 1:40 to hear this incredible duo sing.

Emil & Dariel

One of the youngest duos in the competition is Emil and Dariel. These cello masters made their grandfather proud when they transformed a Jimi Hendrix anthem into beautiful piece of classical music. I think they could be this season’s Nuthin’ But Stringz.
The pair really get going right around the 1:55 mark!

Mike Greenstein

93-year-old Mike Greenstein represents the Golden Age of strongmen! In all of my years of watching AGT, I never seen a strength act that made my jaw dropped until Mike pulled a car across the streets of New York City! I want to see how he evolves his act for the Radio City Music Hall stage.
Skip to 4:45 to have your mind-blown.

Anna Clendening

While Mike might be physically strong, 20-year-old Anna Clendening is mentally stronger and braver than anybody her age. She beat her demons and delivered one of the most touching covers of “Hallelujah,” I have ever heard on a Reality TV competition. She deserves to be on the Radio City Music Hall stage!
Anna starts singing at 3:20.

Andrey Moraru

So far this season, we have seen so many hand-balancing acts! What really made Andrey stand out was his graceful routine. He told a story that combined danger and beauty into a spectacular 90-second piece. The Ukrainian-born performer is a strong frontrunner in the performance art category.
Skip to 1:40 to see his performance.

Paul Ieti

The U.S. Army soldier stunned everyone with his cover of Rihanna’s “Stay.” I loved his falsetto and the high notes at the decrescendo of the song. He also produced one of the season’s most memorable moments (getting a hug from Mel B, Heidi AND Howard). I hope he showcases his range and does an up-tempo song for the next round!
Skip to 3:35 to be blown away.

Emily West

Both Idol and The Voice have saturated the Reality TV market with superb singers! However, I think that AGT found a stunner with Nashville native turned NYC transplant Emily West. Her voice transported viewers to the classic age of singing storytelling. Because of that, I think Emily would be a great addition to this year’s live shows at Radio City Music Hall.


Kelli Glover

It is shame that Piers, Sharon and the Hoff did not put her through the last go-around (five years ago) and we had to have an out-of-tune chicken catcher win the show! Kelli Glover has a voice that viewers should not deny! Good luck, Kelli, I hope you advance further in the competition.
Skip to 2:20 to hear Kelli kill it.

Aerial Animation

I love aerial acts! However, what makes Abigail Baird a frontrunner in this category is that she takes her act to a whole another level. I loved that she incorporated storytelling and animation into her 90-second-audition. I really hope that Abigail made it to the Live Shows, because she could have a spot in the Top 10!
Skip to 1:15 to be blown away. 

Baila Conmigo

There is only one dance troupe that is worthy of the $1,000,000 prize and that is Baila Conmigo! They would give the Miami All-Stars family a run for their money! The choreography was impeccable and their energy was astonishing. I hope that the troupe continues to show their fancy and speedy footwork on the Radio City Music Hall stage.
Skip to 1:45 to see this group bring the house down!

Nina Burri

During the past few seasons of AGT, contortionists scared me! However, I saw something special in Nina Burri that really made her a superstar. Her flexibility blew me away and Nina brilliantly interpreted Sia’s “Chandelier” with her choreography.  Like Howard said in her audition, she could be a potential $1,000,000 winner!
Skip to :50 to see Nina get all bent. Next week, the auditions continue! Who will make the cut? Keep Up With PopWrapped On The Web!



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