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Check Out Who Is Going To "Turn To Stone" This Week On Lost Girl

PopWrapped | PopWrapped Author


02/04/2014 9:02 pm
PopWrapped | Television
Check Out Who Is Going To
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Catherine Meushaw

Staff Writer

Previously on Lost Girl Dyson found Bo and after helping a family with a “ghost” problem. He brought her home, and then Lauren was betrayed by Crystal and kidnapped. Check out the full recap here. "Turn to Stone" This week starts with Dyson and Bo boxing, which leads to a different kind of work out. Which might make DyBo shippers happy, but this Doccubus shipper could have gone without. Although they did talk briefly about Lauren before the sex, so I guess that’s something. Oh, there was also some talk about the Una Mens, but not much. There’s a gargoyle watching them, but neither notices, even when it makes a noise as it leaves. To the Clubhouse (completely forgot this was the name for Bo and Kenzi’s place), where Kenzi is brushing teenage Tamsin’s hair, while Tamsin tries to twerk. Kenzi notes that none of her hair is in the brush, perks of being a Valkyrie. Bo comes home and is stopped at the door by an Ignis Rim, meant to block malicious Fae, but it keeps blocking her. Kenzi removes the Rim and Bo is in the house for a few minutes before Bo and Kenzi decide to go out to the Dal, leaving Tamsin alone. At the Dal, things are rather subdued because of the Una Mens is in town. Bo decides to liven things up by hooking her iPod up and getting everyone dancing to “I Know What Boys Like.” Massimo is at the Dal and, with Bo distracted, Kenzi goes to talk to him and ask for more sparkle cream and permanent powers. Massimo tells her she can’t afford permanent powers, she hasn’t even paid for what he’s given her. Kenzi tells him that he’ll get paid when her powers are permanent--stalemate! Back to the Clubhouse, where Tamsin comes downstairs to the empty living room. I guess she heard something, because she calls out for Bo and Kenzi. She doesn’t get a response, but when she turns around to go back upstairs, two guys are standing there, dressed all in black. Her face does that scary Valkyrie thing and it scares the dudes away. Tamsin then collapses because of some bad back pain and we hear a not so pleasant cracking noise. Back to the Dal where Bo and Kenzi are singing and dancing to “Wannabe.” Kenzi gets an opportunity to show off her nifty sparkle powers, surprising Bo, who thinks it’s really cool. There’s a gargoyle chilling and watching them at the Dal too. So it’s safe to say, A. gargoyles are only not creepy when they’re in singing cartoon form and B. someone is keeping an eye on Bo. Bo and Kenzi return home to find out they’ve been robbed. When they go check on Tamsin, they discover that she grew again and is now the adult Tamsin we know and love. Okay, to be fair, we loved all versions. Bo takes Tamsin to the police station to talk to Dyson about the robbery. Bo’s first thought is that the situation is Una Mens related, but Dyson points out that they don’t steal so that’s out. They deviate from the robbery talk after that and go to an innuendo filled conversation about “shopping” that naïve Tamsin doesn’t pick up on and asks to join them. Bo leaves to see if she can find her furniture, leaving Tamsin with Dyson. Tamsin sees a sheet with pictures of different wanted humans, she points to the picture of Lauren and asks, “Who’s that girl?” Dyson responds that it’s someone they need to find. At least Dyson is interested in finding Lauren, before he was content with leaving her alone. Cut to Crystal, who wakes up handcuffed to a pipe in a dingy room. I’d call it a cell, but it’s kind of big for a cell; it’s more like the room they’re kept in the first Saw film. She immediately starts apologizing to Lauren, who has finally gotten rid of the evil red wig of doom. Crystal said "they" wouldn’t hurt Lauren and right when Lauren asks who they are, a voice comes over a speaker, greeting the captives. Whoever it is, knows that Lauren’s real name is Karen. Cut to Kenzi, who is walking in what could be a sketchy area, right near a sketchy van, trying to get a hold of Massimo. Two guys come up behind her, one puts a bag over her head while the other zip ties her hands and they throw her into the back of the van. See, told you it was sketch. No sooner do the van doors close and the guys leave the frame, than we hear the sounds of a fight. Bo followed Kenzi and got there just in time to rescue her. Kenzi explains that she called them and that it was Massimo who hired them. They go visit Massimo, who tells them he won’t give their stuff back until Kenzi’s debt is settled. In order to do that, they have to bring him some Japanese Salsola herb, one of the many plants that is growing on Lauren’s wall. They also have a short conversation about the potion Massimo gave Tamsin that was used to mark Bo so she can transcend planes. Bo asks Massimo who took her, but he says he doesn’t know. Back to Lauren and Crystal, where Lauren is checking out a box on the wall that has a small camera lens, and realizes that they’re being watched. Lauren asks why and Crystal brings her attention to the large tarp covered thing taking up a good chunk of floor space. Lauren doesn’t want to deal with whatever is under there, saying she’s done playing their game. Crystal starts talking about how she slept with Lauren because she was told to keep her close, which causes Lauren to remember that she did the same thing to Bo. I was a little sad that SyFy cut out Lauren saying spy-banged (there are gifs on Tumblr, go look). Lauren then starts telling Crystal about her past as Karen. She has a brother who she was going to “change the world with.”--they use to build pipe bombs and blow up pipelines together. On one occasion, 11 people were killed, it was an accident but Lauren still blames herself because she made the bombs and gave them to her brother. After the incident, “Karen” ran and has been running since. Speaker voice interrupts, telling her to look under the tarp. When she does, she finds blood samples and some medical equipment, speaker voice tells her if they don’t have a diagnosis within the hour, Crystal dies. Lauren realizes it’s not about her eco terrorism, but it’s more “Light Fae bullshit.” Cut to Bo and Kenzi at Lauren’s place, where there is no trace of The Morrigan, so at least Evony had someone clean up the goo. Kenzi is looking through a book, trying to figure out what the herb looks like and Bo is asking her why she’d go to Massimo. Kenzi explains that she was tired of people telling her to go and that she wants to be able to stay and fight. They switch topics to Lauren, and Bo still can’t wrap her head around the “Taft thing” and says that their whole relationship was based on “not knowing.” Ok, I know that Lauren kept things from Bo, but the only reason she sought friendship from Taft was because Bo was too self-absorbed to do something to support Lauren. Bo finds the file on Karen and goes off about not knowing Lauren because she didn’t even know her name. Bo grabs a bottle of wine and starts talking about how Lauren is probably off somewhere living it up under a different name, away from Bo. Bo says something about everyone in her life lying to her, which is unfortunately true, and Kenzi gets a crazy guilty look on her face, which is made worse when Bo says, “except for you.” Kenzi finds the herb and they go to leave, but are stopped by Ignis Rim Converterent, which keeps Fae in instead of out. They realize that it was Massimo’s doing and when Kenzi tries to cross, she gets stopped too. Back to the police station with Tamsin and Dyson. Dyson has Tamsin going over someone’s phone records, but I’m not sure whose, just that they called the Clubhouse and Lauren’s voicemail and that it was a dude. They start talking and Dyson calls Tamsin a monster, which causes her to accuse Dyson of thinking she’s hideous. Then she asks Dyson if Bo is his girlfriend and he explains that they had a thing, then his love was taken away and he got it back, but Bo was with Lauren. Tamsin tells him he forgot to start with ‘Once upon a time,’ which causes him to sum everything up with, “Once upon a time, we never found the right time. The end.” I like that version better because it doesn’t involve Dyson whining about getting his love taken away. Back to Kenzi and Bo, who are trying to figure out how to leave the apartment. Bo asks Kenzi how can they make the sparking stop and Kenzi explains that it runs out, like sunscreen but she doesn’t really want to take a shower. Bo’s solution is to take a bucket of water and douse Kenzi, and then sends her off to find the necessary materials to get rid of the Rim. While Kenzi is gone, Bo decides to go through Lauren’s stuff and finds a jewelry box with a note attached. The note reads, “For giving me the freedom to love and I do.” Bo opens the box and pulls out a necklace, but we don’t get to see it. The lights go out and when they come back on, the gargoyle is back. The lights flicker a few more times, with the gargoyle reappearing each time they go out. The last time, Bo actually sees the gargoyle and realizes that it bit her. I’m not sure how she didn’t notice it until after she saw the blood on its mouth. Kenzi returns with an ogre eye and a mirror, I think, and removes the Rim. They both think that the gargoyle is Massimo’s doing and Kenzi comes clean about stealing from Trick and giving Massimo the Twig of Zamora to help pay him back. Bo doesn’t understand why Kenzi would do any of that, and Kenzi has a nice little speech about feeling helpless and alone. She also tacks on that she kissed Dyson but she only really wants to be with Hale. Bo gets mad at Kenzi for lying to her, but before they can talk about it, Dyson calls asking if they know where Tamsin is.  Bo and Kenzi realize that Massimo knows Tamsin is alive and interested in her hair--he was just trying to distract them. Bo leaves Kenzi in the apartment and heads to Massimo’s. Cut to the Clubhouse, where Massimo stops by with some bs story about Bo and Kenzi sending him to get Tamsin. All it takes is a picture of Tamsin and him on his phone for Tamsin to go with him. When they get to his place, he ties her to a chair and tells her that she’s bad, she’s a killer, and she tried to kill Bo. He also mentions that the only way to get Valkyrie hair is if it falls out willingly, but before he can do anything, Bo shows up. Massimo, surprisingly, easily grabs Bo, holding a razor to her neck, but once again is distracted. This time, it’s Tamsin who gets all scary faced and sprouts a pair of really cool wings. Cut to Lauren, who finishes running tests and gives her captures a diagnoses full of snark. She tells them that she’ll treat the elder but they have to let Crystal go, otherwise she’ll go into anaphylaxis from the nickel in the handcuffs. Lauren also mentions that Kenzi taught her to pick a lock and frees herself of her own handcuffs. Which begs the question, why didn’t Lauren just free Crystal? Lauren tells Hale to come out and after a moment the door opens, we don’t know who it is, just that it’s not Hale, much to Lauren’s surprise. Back to Massimo’s where Tamsin has gone all out scary, murderery Valkyrie. Bo stops her, telling her that she never hated her or thought she was a monster, but thought she was “incredible.” Bo sends her away to the elevator with an IPod, telling her to turn the music up real loud. Massimo runs over to pick up the strands of Tamsin’s hair that fell out and explains to Bo that Tamsin getting her wings means she’s on her last life. Bo says something about the gargoyles and Massimo tells her that he didn’t send them, they serve higher powers, like elder Fae. Bo succubuses him and realizes that he’s human, which is how he got passed the rim in the Clubhouse. He goes on a whole thing about how he’s The Druid and the Fae need him, and he doesn’t understand what the deal is with Kenzi because she’s “just human.” Bo corrects him, saying that she’s family and steps away from him, taking the hair. Massimo literally breaks down and starts crying, saying that his “mommy” needs the hair. Bo is rather unsympathetic to Massimo’s mommy issues and throws the hair into the random lava pit (cause they’re the latest in home décor?). Massimo gets up and says, “Now I have to go get it” and Bo watches as he jumps in after the hair. Cut to Bo working out at the gym. Kenzi comes in and before she can say anything Bo tells her that she isn’t mad about Dyson because she knows it didn’t mean anything. She tells Kenzi that they’re family, and sometimes family fights but they’ll stick together. They hug and then Bo leaves, saying she’s tired of being helpless and scared. To Dyson and Tamsin at the Clubhouse, where Dyson is telling her a story. Not plot relevant at all, but I thought it was too cute not to mention. The thing that is relevant is we finally see where Kenzi sleeps. Kenzi comes into her room and she and Dyson have a moment, a friend moment, not a romantic one, and he offers to teach her something that will give her a place among them. I was pretty sure Kenzi had a place among them, but it’ll be interesting to see what Dyson has up his sleeve. He also tells Kenzi he thinks Lauren is in danger and that he has to find her. The last scene is Bo paying the Una Mens to visit. They tell her that she wasn’t summoned and she explains that she’s Bo, she has a tendency to not follow rules and if they have a problem, they have to kill her. The head Una Mens tells her that they wanted to get rid of the unaligned Succubus and that’s been done. Bo is confused and the Una Mens explains that Bo’s blood has spoken, she chose a side. Bo, along with everyone watching at home, is super confused and asks which side and the Una Mens tells her she’s dark. Dun dun dunn. So what did you think of that episode? How do you feel about Bo being dark? Keep Up With PopWrapped On The Web!


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