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Chinese Food And Eco-Friendliness Are On The "Menus" In This Week's New Girl

PopWrapped | PopWrapped Author


11/13/2013 12:10 am
PopWrapped | Television
Chinese Food And Eco-Friendliness Are On The
Media Courtesy of FOX

Image courtesy of FOX Image courtesy of FOX

Caitlin Swift

Staff Writer

After this week’s episode I have a sudden craving for Chinese food. It’s almost too difficult to write this recap with dreams of egg rolls and dumplings dancing in my head. But I digress. Nick awakes to find a menu from Hop Foo slid in under the loft door. No better time like the present to snack on some delicious msg filled goodness right? And Snack he does. Jess questions his choice of breakfast but since she’s officially his GF she can no longer judge. Besides she has bigger fishes to fry (literally) she’s off to get her idea of Ocean Conservation Day approved by the principal. Nick is skeptical and thinks it will lead to failure. Aren’t you judging Jess now, Nick?

Now that Coach is sticking around he decides he needs a project to keep himself busy. His area of choice? Nick’s fitness. Winston strolls in with an almost decent burn, but there was still much to be desired. Schmidt comes in to drop off his key and its weird how in tune he is with the conversation. Winston agrees that Nick should step up his fitness regimen and would love to help but he’s a bit injured at the moment, due to a fall caused by plethora of Hop Foo menus. Coach points out Winston is always injured, but focuses back in on Nick. After much prodding Nick agrees.

Meanwhile at school Jess presented the principal Foster with her Ocean Conservation Day plan. She pointed out that half the kids have no idea what real sea creatures look like. Unfortunately for Jess the school just doesn’t have the budget for field trips. She is upset with the outcome until she meets a student in the hall. In her hot dog cap the student tells Jess that anything is possible and Jess begins to cry as she has to tell the girl there would be no field trip. Miss Day has been defeated.

When she arrives home Jess begins to take her rage out on the abundance of Hop Foo menus. Nick is quick to pick up on her misplaced anger but is unable to stop her in her fit of rage. Jess storms into Hop Foos and speaks with an employee. He agrees and says that they are so not ecofriendly. He hits on her and soon she starts being her adorkable self and forgets why she stormed down there in the first place. Still she feels victorious.

Coach is ready to train and Winston tries to join in but his injury is just too much to bear. It also seems that loneliness is really starting to get to Schmidt as he keeps calling to find random things he may have “left” behind. Nick invites him over but he declines. Jess arrives home to share her victory and in the same second a Hop Foo menu is slipped under the door. Jess chases the menu guy and finds Brian the concerned employee she spoke with before. He’s actually the owner and really doesn’t care about her menu issue. She once again wages war.

Warm ups begin to Britney’s 'Work Bitch.' Good song choice, Coach. A dance off begins, and Schmidt is participating from his kitchen across the hall. It seems that Nick isn’t really cut out for working out. In the middle of his training Cece arrives with several bags of Chinese food. Coach is pissed and begins to try to wrestle the dumpling out of Nick’s hand. Winston rolls onto the scene in a wheel chair he found in a ditch. Seriously, do these people have jobs?! Or do we just get a glimpse into their weekends every week?

Back to the action, while Coach and Nick wrestle Winston grabs a carton of food and begins to chow down soon realizing that the food has MSG in it. When he has MSG his jaw locks up, yet the Hop Foo menu clearly states the food is MSG free. Jess has found her leverage and wheels Winston off to the restaurant to seek her revenge. Schmidt pops his head out and is pissed he’s missing everything.

At the restaurant Brian begs Jess to be quiet and just to accept the fact that the menus go out so people will order their MSG filled food. But she is done accepting things the way that they are. She wants justice and her kids to see the ocean. She begins to wheel Winston around until everyone in the dining room leaves. Brian unable to stop her gives her what she wants and fires the menu guy. He sobs uncontrollably and Jess is left feeling worse than before.

Back at the loft there is more bro bonding. Coach is only trying to train Nick to heal his self-esteem that was damaged during his break-up with Maliah. Schmidt’s bro senses must have been tingling as he busted in on the scene. He decided to bring an extra alarm clock he had found, but Nick realizes that it’s actually a camera. Poor lonely Schmidt. Nick points out he decided to move out so he needs to cut the cord and actually go.

Upset with how the day turned out Coach and Jess begin to eat their feelings and Nick panics. The role reversal freaks him out, he is not a doer but it looks like he may have to be in this situation. Nick begins his pep talk and surprisingly he is good at it. In the middle of his motivational speech, Schimdt busts in to announce he misses them and living there and Winston wheels in admitting his failed bathroom attempt. Jess had all the inspiration she needed and went back to Hop Foo.

Ocean Conservation Day happened thanks to Nick’s pep talk and the Hop Foo van. In appreciation her student grants her the hot dog hat and Jess presents it to Nick to thank him for the inspiration. A collective "awww" escapes the audience. Until next week, my friends!


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