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EXCLUSIVE - PopWrapped talks Amanda Bynes with DMAK Herman!

PopWrapped | PopWrapped Author


06/21/2013 12:38 am
EXCLUSIVE - PopWrapped talks Amanda Bynes with DMAK Herman!


Ben Patton
Staff Writer

Today, in an exclusive interview with


Chinga Chang Record’s CEO, Dan “DMAK” Herman, spoke to me candidly regarding Amanda Bynes, her “upcoming” album, collaboration with Wyclef Jean, her tweets, and our mutual affection and concern for the 27 year old actress.

“I just want to clear the air,” Herman said as he began telling me about how he grew up watching the Amanda Show and originally the idea to offer her a record deal as an opportunity for the actress to try something new and get back on top of her career. On June 6th, he decided to approach Amanda’s attorneys and pitch them the idea. “They were receptive,” he said, and asked for additional information to be sent over so they could look it further.

Their interest continued and led to a top-secret meeting (that we all ended up hearing about) with Bynes, Herman and former Fugees rapper, Wyclef Jean. The meeting was set to take place on Monday the 17th, but just hours before they were to meet, Amanda allegedly contacted them, saying she was sick and may not be able to make it.  “I was basically begging her to come,” Herman exclaimed, expressing that he really wanted Amanda to have this opportunity. “I had gone on CNN, E! and Mario Lopez doing interviews promoting this deal with Amanda, and I didn’t want to see her blow this chance.” Amanda didn’t end up making it, but promised she’d take care of it the next day; which of course, she didn’t.

After 10 days of constant negotiations, Amanda ended up not showing for either meeting, but instead tweeted her support of agro-rap star Waka Flocka Flame. All things considered, Chinga Chang decided they had done enough and retracted their offer. That’s when, according to Herman, Amanda took to her Twitter account to discount any connection she allegedly had with the record company, “I never spoke to anyone at Chinga Chang Records. I got an offer for a bigger record deal that I’m taking as soon I get my surgeries!”

…and speaking of surgery, “People [doctors] need to start running background checks on people who want plastic surgery; whatever doctor is operating on Amanda is taking her money and destroying her face. She was beautiful, she doesn’t need to do this,” Herman told me as he expressed genuine concern for the troubled starlet. “She’s crazy for calling people ugly. That would be like a homeless person calling Donald Trump broke. I don’t know why she’s doing this to herself, but she looks like Little Miss Piggy; so swollen.”

I asked if I was allowed to include that quote in this post. Herman quickly replied, “Absolutely. I think Amanda’s great; I wanted to offer her this deal partially out of sentiment because I’ve grown up watching her, and I honestly believe she can do this. She had an opportunity and she blew it. There’s a quote from Boardwalk Empire where Steve Buscemi’s character says, ‘It’s just business. Don’t take it personally,’ but unfortunately I am. I put a lot on the line for Amanda because I do believe she’s more gangster then Drake and she could do really well. She just doesn’t understand the industry.”

After retracting their offer to Bynes, Chinga Chang moved in quickly and signed another artist they were also interested in; Philadelphia native, DROCK STAR. His first single, “Sour Patch Kid,” is an admitted “Amanda Bynes diss.” According to Chinga Chang, the money Bynes was to receive as an advance was used to record the single, as well as portions being donated to charity.

PopWrapped has obtained the brand-new single available for Streaming


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Another day, another Amanda Bynes debacle. What could possibly be next in this ongoing saga?  What do you think of “Sour Patch Kid?” Sound off in the reblogs and stay-tuned to PopWrapped for continuing Amanda Bynes coverage.


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