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Gaming PopWrapped | Gaming

Chris Burns Gives Us A Gamer's Opinion On XBOX One's Titanfall Beta

PopWrapped | PopWrapped Author


02/14/2014 7:48 pm
PopWrapped | Gaming
Chris Burns Gives Us A Gamer's Opinion On XBOX One's Titanfall Beta
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Robert Dominic Ventre II

Staff Writer

Chris Burns, head editor for SlashGear and executive editor for Android Community, has sunk his teeth into the much-anticipated Titanfall beta on Xbox One. Burns' first-look at game can be read here, but we'll share some of the finer points he's made. Right off the bat, Burns applauds the game's graphical polish, stating that, “This isn't a game where the developers (Respawn Entertainment) scrimped on the graphic design and user interface surrounding the in-game action - on the contrary. This game is ready to roll in a visually spectacular way right at the first screen.” He goes on to describe stepping into his first multiplayer match, where players are instructed to select their “Pilot Loadout”, with Rifleman, Assassin and CQB (Close Quarters Combat) being the only available options thus far. From there the player selects the Titan of his or her choice, with the current selection limited to Assault, Tank or Artillery. Both the pilots and their Titans have specific features and weaponry, which partially decides how a player will be conducting themselves in the midst of battle. “Kits” are also available for each Titan that provides auxiliary items and abilities, such as an Auto Eject feature for pilots to escape their Titan just before going down with the bipedal war ship. Refreshingly (for some gamers at least), Burns states that the game's diversity of play-style will be a much more decisive factor in determining victory instead of say, relying on skills cultivated in other FPS titles: “... this is a game that's born of a diverse array of combat modes, where your ability to put together a combination of jumps, turns, and gear switches is going to be a lot more important than how good you were at your favorite FPS game from the past.” Even better, Burns reports that the game in its current form “seems exceedingly fair”, providing a learning curve that is steady and fitting for both players who will take to its gameplay rapidly, as well as other players who might take a bit longer to grasp Titanfall's “slightly more multi-dimensional brand of combat”. “You won't be playing multiplayer here and have to rage quit because you can't get a shot off.” Burns also went into some detail regarding the game's A.I. and its affect on Titanfall's combat. Computer-controlled soldiers and mechs provide support for each team, and according to Burns, the CPU combatants are, “... smarter than we've ever seen comparable units in previous FPS games. Don't expect them to play nice, but do expect to nail them a few times right out the gate.” With the beta's recent opening, details of the game's progress, status and quality are in high demand. The beta is set to conclude on February 18th, 18:00 PST, and stats earned by players during its run will not transfer to the full game upon release. Only the English-language version of the game has been made available for its trial run. Operating at a slightly-unusual 792p, some players have expressed disappointment that the beta was unable to reach 1080p, as is expected from the Xbox One. Respawn Entertainment is working with Microsoft to improve the console's upscaling technology for Titanfall's official release. Per PC users currently entrenched in the beta, Titanfall stands at roughly 12.3GB. An Origin account is required to access the game. We will continue to report on Titanfall as details come to light. Stay tuned!

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