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Music PopWrapped | Music

Christina Aguilera's Top Ten Music Videos

Mike Nied | PopWrapped Author

Mike Nied

12/30/2016 9:58 pm
PopWrapped | Music
Christina Aguilera's Top Ten Music Videos | Christina Aguilera
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Over her more than fifteen years on the scene Christina Aguilera has portrayed on a variety of characters in her dramatic music videos. A true chameleon, Aguilera is known to transform her entire looks between releases. In one she may be getting down and dirrty, but in the next she'll impart an important message. Each release is empowering in it's own special way, but which visuals have lived on as Aguilera's most influential? In honor of her birthday today (December 18) we have decided to count down Christina Aguilera's ten most iconic visuals to date! Check out our list below to see how yours compares. 10. "Can't Hold Us Down" feat. Lil Kim Wanted! One female empowerment anthem. Christina Aguilera and Lil' Kim delivered just that with their Stripped girl power collaboration "Can't Hold Us Down." In the music video Aguilera decks herself out in purple and stands up to a man who tries to cop a feel while she's walking down the street. Things descend into a battle of the sexes as the surrounding ladies get involved in the showdown. When things get a little too serious Xtina shuts things down with a firehose, and the ladies come out on top. Afterwards a triumphant pop princess struts her stuff down the center of the street, leading an army of empowered women behind her!   9. "Come On Over (All I Want Is You)" No visual is more symbolic of Christina Aguilera's presence in the early millennium than the fabulosity that is the "Come On Over (All I Want Is You)" music video.  The songstress's platinum blond tresses were  at there longest to date and liberally streaked with a garish red.  Add in color coordinated outfits and tightly choreographed dance breaks and the visual will live on in Aguilera infamy.  Bonus points for her all white look complete with the silver stick on bellybutton jewelry.  Looking so 2000 honey! 8. "Ain't No Other Man" "Ain't No Other Man" will go down in history as the music video that gave birth to Christina Aguilera's now-iconic red lipped look and her altar ego Baby Jane. The vintage inspired visual kicked off the "Dirrty" siren's Back to Basics album, showcasing a totally different side of the songstress. With her glamorous styling and the horn-heavy production the track signified the beginning of a new, more mature era for the big voiced popstar. 7. "What A Girl Wants" Christina and her gal pals break into a gorgeous manor home and crash a bro party for some organized dancing as a treat to her lover boy. It's cute to see the young pop princess in the making seduce her man with her choreographed moves, and things only get better. Add in some turn of the century costuming and Aguilera's bright eyed look, and it is tough to believe that this is the woman who popularized assless chaps as a look... 6. "Your Body" You simply knew that Christina Aguilera's latest visual venture was going to be a winner at a glance. Rainbow hair and outrageous costumes define the "Your Body" music video, as the pop princess sinks her talons into a few servings of man meat before quite literally fucking their bodies with flames, baseball bats, and all other sorts of weapons. Aguilera may be living in a trailer in the visual, but she has never seemed more dangerously powerful and entitled as she prowls the scene. As the video comes to a close a bedazzled Aguilera washes away the evidence of her manhandling ways before enjoying a healthy serving of Bits and Pieces cereal and an episode of I Love Lucy, because that's how any femme fatale ends her night. 5.  "Hurt" A timeless beauty, Aguilera takes a trip down memory lane for one of her most heart wrenching visuals to date. In the 20's inspired project the diva channels a circus performance as she receives the news of her estranged father's death. Things become more personal considering Aguilera's own shattered relationship with her father in real life. As tears run down her face in a series of flashbacks you can feel the real life anguish play across her face, as Aguilera sings of finding forgiveness and moving forward. Striking both visually and emotionally "Hurt" is one of Christina's most striking releases. 4.  "Lady Marmalade" feat. Lil' Kim, Mya, and Pink Hey sister, soul sister! The 2002 reinterpretation of "Lady Marmalade" remains one of Christina Aguilera's most defining hits of her career. The high-profile all female collaboration oozed self-assured sexuality and confidence, which was perfectly captured in the sexy and empowered music video. Aggie and crew storm the Moulin Rouge for the larger than life performance. Her hair is big, her wardrobe is scant, and Christina Aguilera sold her performance with ease. 3.  "Dirty" feat. Redman Paging XXX-tina. After serving an era of pristine pop music Christina Aguilera was ready to step up her game and overhaul her image a bit. What better way to change your image than by donning assless chaps and twerking (before twerking was a thing, mind you) in a sweaty nightclub? The visual lives on as one of Christina's most memorable, raunchy, and iconic releases to date regardless of any shade it may have received upon it's original release. In the immortal words of Aguilera herself, "ha!" 2.  "Beautiful" After stripping down in her "Dirrty" music video, Christina Aguilera shocked the world yet again with the release of "Beautiful." The gorgeous ballad allowed Xtina to showcase a more fragile side of her personality, and it was all the more relatable as a result. In the raw music video Aguilera stripped back her pristine image while singing the track in an abandoned apartment. Simultaneously several individuals are seen struggling with body image issues before discovering their inner beauty. The project is easily Christina Aguilera's most touching release to date and will live on in history for its groundbreaking imagery.
  1. "Genie In A Bottle" The single that started it all has to take the top spot on our charts! A bright eyed Christina Aguilera exploded onto the scene with her 1999 smash hit "Genie In A Bottle," setting the scene for a new takeover in popular music. The accompanying music video introduced the blond haired siren to the world in a big way, as the teen pop sensation crashed a party with her ladies.  Aguilera enthralled millions with some "genie" inspired choreography and a soulful stare, leading to the beginning of a musical empire that stretches more than fifteen years. What are your favorite Christina Aguilera music videos? Let us know in the comments below!


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