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Claire Returns And The Hunt Continues On This Week's The Following

PopWrapped | PopWrapped Author


04/15/2014 1:20 pm
PopWrapped | Television
Claire Returns And The Hunt Continues On This Week's The Following
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Elena Butler

Staff Writer


On the latest episode of The Following, Ryan finally comes to terms with the fact that Claire and Mike kept a huge secret from him.  Their quest to capture and kill Carroll continues to be their driving force but at the end only one of them gets closer to their target.  Meanwhile, Mandy finds out that Lily isn’t the loving mother she envisioned and her loyalty to Carroll is tested in a brutal way.  Read on to see what else happened this episode. “Betrayal” picks up with Ryan trying to make sense of Claire’s sudden appearance.  She explains that everything she did, she did for Joey.  After the initial disbelief, he finally accepts that she’s really alive and they share a loving hug.  It’s all down to business after that—Claire insists that she needs to kill Joe in order for her son to be completely safe. Meanwhile, Joe’s preoccupation is with a pastor who has chosen to target him as a false prophet/the antichrist during an interview with Carrie Cooke.  Carroll points out the flaws in religion and concludes that it’s only good to establish power.  He sends a few of his followers to deliver a message for Carrie—he wants her to do another broadcast.  Later, Ryan shows up at the scene but when Carrie asks if she can spend the night at his place, he doesn’t say yes. After her call with Mark, Mandy meets him at an unknown location.  He asks her where Carroll is hiding but she’s not willing to share that info.  When she arrives at the house, Lily pretends she’s happy to see her and welcomes her with open arms.  She starts baking her a chocolate cake and then questions her about Carroll’s whereabouts but Mandy’s unwilling to betray him.  Lily show her true colors and slaps her when she refuses to comply. Ryan and Claire watch Carroll’s new video.  He talks about the hypocrisy of religious leaders and promises to expose them for what they really are.  Claire figures out that Carroll’s target is the pastor’s son. Claire wants to go with him but Ryan leaves without her and sends Max to keep her company.  Max feels weird around Claire and tells her that all she cares about is Ryan’s wellbeing and she doesn’t want Claire to interfere with that.  Later, Claire finds a lipstick in Ryan’s bathroom and knows he must be seeing someone. Robert, Lucas and Tilda arrive at the college campus looking for the frat house where the pastor’s son (Preston) spends his time.  Preston arrives at the frat house with his girlfriend and are immediately taken by surprise by the followers.  Robert and Tilda start filming a video while holding a knife to Preston and his girlfriend’s neck.  Tilda slits the girlfriend’s throat in front of Preston, poking fun at his religious beliefs and telling him that God isn’t listening to his pleas.  On their way to the college, Mike explains why he kept Claire’s fake death a secret.  Ryan assures him that everything is okay between them.  He receives a call from Max telling him what fraternity the pastor’s son can be found.  When they arrive, Tilda and Robert have to cut their videotaping short.  Ryan and Mike find the rest of the students wearing white masks and find out they’ve been glued on.  The followers make their escape with Preston but Lucas is shot in the process. At Lily’s house, Mike and Luke play a twisted game of spin the bottle with Mandy.  Again, Luke asks Mandy about Carroll’s whereabouts but she doesn’t say.  Back at Corbin, Emma shows Carroll surveillance footage of Mandy leaving the camp.  They find Mandy’s internet searches and know she got in touch with Lily.  Carroll calls Lily and she lets him speak to Mandy, who tells him she hasn’t told them anything.  Lily asks to meet him in person if he wants Mandy to live.  Carroll tells Mandy he loves her and then hangs up.  He takes his anger out on Emma and blames her for not making an effort to connect with Mandy. Ryan calls Mike and tells him that he’s in pursuit of the van.  He asks him to take care of Claire and Max and then gets rid of his cellphone.  Mike arrives at his apartment as Claire and Max are watching Carrie’s broadcast.  Scott knocks on the door to let them know Carrie’s outside wanting to speak with Ryan.  Claire hides in the bedroom and gives them time to talk.  Carrie apologizes to them for airing the video and Mike tells her Ryan is chasing Carroll on his own.  Claire comes out of the bedroom and asks for her help in order to help Ryan. Back at Lily’s house we find that Mark and Luke ended up beating Mandy to death and have tied her to a chair as they all share the chocolate cake Lily has baked.  Meanwhile, the followers arrive at Corbin with Preston and Carroll personally welcomes him to the camp.  He tells him he’s going to pay for the sins of his father, and the episode ends with Ryan seeing everything unfold as he hides behind a tree. Ryan has finally found Carroll!  What’s going to happen next and how is Carroll going to get away this time?  It’s also interesting to see that Claire and Carrie will actually be working together instead of being at each other’s throats.  How do you guys think that’s going to end?  Let us know what you thought of this episode on the comments below.

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