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"Close Encounters" Of The Lying Kind This Week On Pretty Little Liars

PopWrapped | PopWrapped Author


01/22/2014 4:11 pm
PopWrapped | Television

RYAN GUZMAN, LUCY HALE Photo courtesy of ABC Family

Catherine Meushaw

Staff Writer

Previously on Pretty Little Liars, the Liars lead A straight to the Inn where Ali was staying, ended up giving Ali’s diary to A, Caleb left (as if you forgot), and Aria is trying to decide between Jake and Ezra. Check out the full recap for last week, here.

This is a recap, so there will be spoilers!

The episode starts with the Liars in the car heading for the Busy Bee Inn again, this time with directions from a phone GPS. They’re all more doubtful about Ali being there than they were just hours before, but I guess that’s what getting lost in the woods gets you. When they get there, they enter a room each carrying a weapon; Emily has a hammer, Spencer has a field hockey stick, Hanna has a little dumbbell, and Aria has a crow bar. They may make the same mistake repeatedly, but at least they’ve started arming themselves. In the room, it looks like someone has been living there but whoever it was is gone. There’s a message from A on the door that says, “you’re too late- A”.

The next day, Emily is delivering a pie to the church and is on the phone with Hanna about the Inn and where Hanna is. Emily decides to stay and light a candle, either for Ali, or Maya? Possibly both. Someone sneaks in behind her, but we don’t see who.

Cut to Spencer who is at Toby’s after spending the night there. Someone knocks on the door and she goes to answer it, revealing her father. Mr. Hastings is surprised to see Spencer, because he’s actually there to see Toby. He tells her to get dressed and she snaps back that she’ll do that if he calls Mrs. Hastings and tells her about what he’s been doing with Mrs. DiLaurentis. Mr. Hastings comes in and tells Spencer that Jason fell off the wagon and that he and Mrs. DiLaurentis have been helping him to get into rehab. Jason was arrested because of a bar fight, and that’s why Mrs. DiLaurentis wants to keep the divorce secret, to avoid any problems. Toby (wearing only a towel) interrupts the two Hastings and Mr. Hastings tells Toby to put clothes on because they need to talk about Radley, without Spencer. Mr. Hastings was surprisingly calm about the Spencer being at Toby’s apartment thing.

At Ezra’s, where it looks like Aria spent the night, the two start a conversation about Hanna and then Aria asks about spending the morning together. Ezra tells her that he can’t because he’s spending the day with a friend in Philly, he suggests dinner at the cabin instead. Aria gives him an excuse about Hanna that nobody would ever buy and she gets a text from Jake, revealing her plans for the evening. Ezra gets all jealous and Aria tells him that she’s made up her mind, she’s going to break up with Jake because it’s always been Ezra.

At the Marin’s, Spencer is there with Hanna, watching her set aside half of her wardrobe to get rid of. Hanna denies it’s about Caleb, but Spencer isn’t buying it and offers to talk about it, but Hanna rejects the offer. Ashley walks in and is as surprised as Spencer, telling her that she shouldn’t be in a big rush to clean out the closet.

Back at the church, Emily hears a noise and calls out asking if anyone is there. She turns around and sees Shana, who says she has a message from Alison. Emily tells her that Alison is dead and reminds Shana that she said that to Spencer when Jenna was in the hospital. Shana tells her that the Liars looking for Alison is dangerous and says that they almost got her killed at the Inn. Emily is skeptical, and Shana tells her that she’s known Alison since they were three, she lived in Georgia next to Alison’s grandmother. Alison sent Shana to Rosewood to find out who tried to kill her. Jenna is on the list of suspects so Shana befriended her. Emily tells her to prove it.

Cut to Toby’s place, where Mr. Hastings is telling him that Radley is offering his family a settlement. Toby asks about shutting it down and Mr. Hastings tells him he wants to but he isn’t sure that they have the evidence and there’s nobody willing to testify. He pulls out an agreement and tells Toby that he has to be willing to sign, his dad has already agreed, or nothing happens.

Cut to Jake who is taping up a punching bag. Aria comes in and they chat a little bit. He tells her that he won his match the night before, which means he’s heading to Nationals. Jake invites her out for something to eat and Aria agrees, then turns him down and tells him that she’s back with Ezra. Well, she tries to avoid telling him but Jake figures it out because he’s not an idiot. Jake is hurt and Aria says they can be friends, but Jake needs time.

Back to Toby’s place, Spencer is reading over the agreement and discovers a “gag clause.” The gag clause means that Toby can’t talk to anyone about what happened to his mother or he has to give the settlement money back and pay a penalty. Toby is inclined to take the offer, especially since Mr. Hastings said that they don’t have a case and a court case would bring up stuff from his mom’s past. Spencer is still on the “we can shut down Radley” ship and tells him he should think about it.

Back to Emily, who is talking to Aria, Spencer, and Hanna about what Shana said to her. Shana’s evidence that Alison sent her was telling her what she told Emily when she pulled her out of the barn. Spencer asks what Alison said, but Emily doesn’t tell them, wanting to keep it between them. Hanna is convinced that Shana is lying because Alison never mentioned Shana’s name. Emily reminds her that Alison had a habit of keeping things, including people she knew, a secret. Spencer asks Emily if Paige is on Alison’s list of suspects, since Shana knew Paige before Jenna or any of the Liars. Aria is one step behind the others and asks why Alison would trust Shana and not them. They remind her that they’ve been tormented by someone the past couple of years. Spencer remains unconvinced that Shana isn’t A-Team. Aria chimes in asking Emily if she really believes that Shana would move up to Pennsylvania just to find out who’s after a childhood friend and Emily responds, “Ali can make someone love her enough to do that.” I really wish the group would remember that Emily really loved and still loves Alison deeper than the rest of them do.

Next we’re back at the Marin’s house. Hanna has invited Travis over to return an umbrella she borrowed the night before. The Marin’s have the contents of their basement, which includes a pool table, in their hallway. Travis compliments the pool table and Hanna asks him if he can stay a while and if he wants to play a game of pool.

Cut to Emily and Shana in the park, or town square or whatever. Shana starts the conversation by telling Emily that Alison missed her the most and that she was her favorite because nobody loved her like Emily did. Alison gave Emily a choice to stay or go, and kissed her. That is enough to convince Emily that Shana is telling the truth and asks where Alison is. Shana tells her that she never knows, Alison is always moving around and seeks Shana out, not the other way around. Shana has known Alison is alive since Mona went to Radley. Emily asks why Alison told Shana, but Shana doesn’t answer. Instead she tells her that Alison wants to meet her that night. The only way Alison will meet her is if Emily is alone because it’s not safe. Emily asks why her and Shana repeats that Emily was Alison’s favorite.

Back to the Marin’s where Travis and Hanna are playing pool and talking. Hanna is playing poorly, so Travis gets behind her to show her how to hold the pool cue correctly.

After her meeting with Shana, Emily goes to talk to Spencer to tell her what Shana said. Spencer still doesn’t believe that Shana isn’t A because A could have easily known that information. Emily did some research and found out that Shana lived next to Alison’s grandmother, so her story does check out. Spencer suggests that they just keep looking and Emily tells her that Shana told her Alison wants to meet. Spencer reminds her of the kissing rock meeting that didn’t happen and Emily tells her that Alison needs their help. Spencer asks Emily why Alison only wants to meet with Emily and tries to convince her that it’s A, not Ali. Emily doesn’t listen and Spencer tells her that she’s going to go with her. Emily tells her not to, otherwise Alison won’t meet with her. The only reason Emily told Spencer was because she didn’t want to lie, not because she wants someone with her.

Cut to the Hastings house, where Spencer comes home to a professional chef in their kitchen. Mrs. Hastings is due home that day and Mr. Hastings wanted a nice dinner, maybe a family night if Spencer joined them. Spencer brings up the Radley settlement and Mr. Hastings just said he’s doing what’s best for Toby’s family.

Cut to Jake, who is walking around downtown and spies Ezra yelling at a woman in a car. Ezra is really angry at this woman and ends up hitting the car when she drives away. We don’t see who Ezra is talking to, just that she’s blonde.

Back to the Marin’s! Travis and Hanna play several games with Travis letting Hanna win. Travis starts to leave and Hanna kisses him. She apologizes and he says he wants to give her some more time since she just got out of a relationship. They end up kissing again and Ashley comes home, interrupting them. She pulls Hanna into the kitchen for a talk about Travis and Travis leaves. Ashley tells her that rushing into a new relationship is not the way to get over Caleb, which is kind of what Travis tried to say but Hanna is more likely to listen to her mother. Hanna gets upset about everyone trying to tell her how to get over Caleb and storms off.

Cut to Emily who is getting ready for her meeting with Alison. By getting ready, I mean acting like this is a date and making sure she looks good.

Cut to the Hastings house where Spencer is left alone with her dad’s briefcase. She has just enough time to peak through the Radley information before he catches her. They end up arguing because Mrs. DiLaurentis is on the Radley Board of Trustees. Mr. Hastings tells her to leave if she’s going to act like that and Spencer calls Toby leaving him a message not to sign the settlement agreement.

Back to Hanna, who is lying in bed listening to sad music. Ashley comes in and tells her to put her coat on, they’re going out. Ashley takes Hanna to a place where you can throw plates at a wall. It’s actually really cathartic, it gives a good outlet for anger.

Cut to Aria who is returning a gift Jake gave her. Jake tells her about what he saw with Ezra and says that he thought that Ezra was the person she was afraid of. Aria tells him it isn’t like Ezra to get angry like that and Jake just tells her to be careful. Aria goes to Ezra’s and waits for him to come home. When he gets home, she asks him how his friend in Philly was and Ezra answers but then Aria tells him that Jake saw him. Ezra plays dumb until Aria elaborates and asks if he went to Philly. Ezra tells her that he didn’t, the woman he was yelling at is Maggie’s (his ex-girlfriend with the son who isn’t his) lawyer. Ezra is fighting to be able to see Malcolm, because for some reason he thinks he has a right to. Ezra apologizes for not telling the truth, saying that Malcolm was the reason they broke up before and he didn’t want to cause any problems.

Back to Emily, who is with Shana. They pull up to what looks like a warehouse, it looks really sketchy which does not help the whole Shana is A-Team thing. Emily gets out of the car and Shana drives off. Emily goes into the warehouse and there’s eerie music, so any second now it’s expected that Emily is going to be axe-murdered. Emily hears a noise and surprise!! It actually is Alison! Alison tells Emily that she missed her and they hug. Alison tells her it was really hard to stay away from them and Emily tells Alison she can help, offering to go to the police. Alison tells her that she isn’t sure that she can trust the other girls, the only one she trusts is Emily because of how much Emily cares about her. Alison seems to, and I repeat, seems to realize how much she hurt Emily and says, “You don’t know how much I regret hurting you. If I could do it all over again, things would be so different.” Emily asks who she’s hiding from and Alison doesn’t give an answer, just says, “I thought I knew but I was wrong,” and tells Emily she needs her help. Alison asks her to help her find A so she can return home. They hear a noise and both girls panic. Alison asks Emily if she told anyone and Emily doesn’t answer, her face giving it away, and Alison runs. Spencer comes out of the shadows and Emily runs after Alison, who goes into an elevator. When the elevator returns, it’s empty and a very pissed Emily rounds on Spencer.

Emily yells at Spencer for scaring Alison away and following her when she told her not to. Spencer tries to explain that she thought Emily was in danger but acknowledges that she was wrong. Emily is upset that Alison won’t reach out and Spencer says that Alison is still messing with them, pulling Emily back in and trying to divide the group. Emily argues that Alison was sincere and that she wouldn’t try to divide the group, then gets angry that Spencer was listening to the conversation. Spencer tells Emily that they can’t let Ali get between them but Emily tells her that Spencer is doing that fine on her own and storms off. This scene was a really tough one because I want to believe that Alison was being sincere, but her history with Emily would suggest otherwise. If nothing else, Alison is right about not being able to trust everyone. Aria is a wild card because of her relationship with Ezra and I think Alison knows that.

Back to Toby’s apartment. Spencer comes in and Toby tells her that he got her message. Spencer starts to explain but Toby cuts her off, telling her that he signed the papers before he got her message. Apparently he had a very long talk with his dad and they decided that it was the best thing for everyone. Spencer argues and tries to convince him that there’s more to it and that they should pursue closing Radley. Toby tells her to let it go and walks away, leaving Spencer crying on the couch.

At the Marin’s, Hanna and her mom have returned home and Hanna is in her room. Hanna picks up the phone and leaves Caleb a heartfelt message telling him it was the best year of her life.

At Ezra’s place, Aria and Ezra are sharing a brownie. It cuts to Jake who is practicing for his next match. Jake kicks the punching bag and ends up getting cut. Someone cut open the bag and put knives in it. Cut back to Ezra and Aria who are laughing and making out. I would put money on Ezra being the one to put the knives there, but who knows, I could be very wrong. I don’t think so though.

The last scene is A breaking into Shana’s locker. A finds a picture of a young Alison and Shana, and rips it apart, burning the half with Shana on it.


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