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Gaming PopWrapped | Gaming

Cloud9 And Origen Are On Their Way To League Of Legends Worlds

Raechel Odom | PopWrapped Author

Raechel Odom

09/05/2015 1:57 am
PopWrapped | Gaming
Cloud9 And Origen Are On Their Way To League Of Legends Worlds | worlds

These past few days have been utterly exciting for Esports fans! Recent news confirmed that Cloud9 is going to Worlds along with Origen! In the EU, Origen played ROCCAT Sunday for a spot in Worlds and Origen came out on top. The series went into five games, making for an incredibly close series. In the NA, Cloud9 won in four game and secured their trip to Worlds.

Origen took the first game, with Niels playing Vayne, Mithy as Braum, xPeke as Vladimir, SoaZ as Gangplank, and finally Amazing as Elise. ROCCAT countered with Nukeduck’s Ahri, Jankos’ Gragas, Vander’s Alistar, MrRalleZ’s Sivir, and Steve’s Hecarim.

Although they took the first game, Origen was shut down after a mere four kills in the second game. ROCCAT also took the third game, with Nukeduck as Viktor, reeling in eight kills and seven assists, and Jankos, who went 4/1/13, as Gragas. Origen was shut down to two kills a piece but even ROCCAT’s support had more kills than that. The fourth game was taken by Origen, though it was close, a mere seven to eight kills. The final game of the series went to Origen, whose final combination was Maokai, Viktor, Sivir, Braum, and Elise against ROCCAT’s Kalista and Thresh combo (which we all know is god tier), Gragas, Diana, and Nautilus.

In the NA, Cloud9 finished off Team Liquid in four games for their spot at Worlds. C9 picked some relatively meta champs the first game, but the highlight is Sneaky’s play of Draven. The axe master rarely gets played in competitive play for a variety of reasons, but today Sneaky broke him out twice and we were definitely not disappointed. Undoubtedly, one of the major reasons behind C9’s success is Hai. Converted from mid lane to jungle, Hai took the place of Meteos, and C9 has excelled since. They did have a rough patch earlier this split, but clearly have come out, if not on top, at least in the running for World’s.

Sneaky got eight kills while juggling those axes and didn’t let Team Liquid retaliate, allowing them only two kills. The second game went better for Team Liquid, with Piglet picking up an ultra safe ADC, Corki, and only allowing Sneaky’s Vayne three kills. Liquid’s Fenix and IWDominate’s Viktor and Gragas, respectively, followed up with four and five kills. The third game picks were much the same as the second game, with Sneaky playing Vayne and Piglet playing Corki. The results, however, were not the same. Sneaky and Incarnati0n, Orianna had five kills each, while Hai, Ekko, took six for himself. Cloud9 took game three.

For the final game, Sneaky broke out Draven again while Hai played Nidalee and Incarnati0n played Viktor. The three of them dominated their respective roles and shut down Team Liquid for the final win, the win that paved their way to Worlds.


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