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Coach Returns To Stir Things Up On The New Girl This Week

PopWrapped | PopWrapped Author


11/05/2013 11:41 pm
PopWrapped | Recaps
Coach Returns To Stir Things Up On The New Girl This Week
Media Courtesy of Google Images

Caitlin Swift

Staff Writer

The last time we saw Coach (Damon Wayans Jr.) was 2 seasons ago and his appearance was brief. But he back and is ready to stir things up in the loft. Fresh from a break-up Coach is ready to go all night and he’s bringing his boys with him. Jess tries her hardest to fit in but it doesn't seem like it’s going to happen. There is still tension between Schmidt and Nick, and hopefully a night out with Coach will fix everything. What also may need some fixing is Nick and Jess’ relationship. She doesn't want to be one of those girls who forbids her boyfriend from hitting the strip clubs. Two things are wrong with that, a) she is totally being one of those girls and b) Nick was unaware they were actually boyfriend and girlfriend. As you might imagine this did not go over well. Nick tries to back track and claim they have never had the conversation. As well as the ‘seeing other people’ conversation. Dig the hole a little deeper, Nick. Oh wait he does. He goes full on misogynistic d-bag when Coach is around. 10 points from Nick Miller, please and thank you. Jess calls up Cece and they lament about how much men suck. Cece suggests using jealously to get Nick’s attention. There is one guy Jess has in mind, Artie (Taye Diggs), a coffee shop worker who offered to take her out. Unable to do it, Cece calls Artie for Jess and he appears at the bar and is equal parts sexy and charming. Jess back pedals and avoids his advances. Cece reminds Jess of Nick’s whereabouts and tells her to get it together and flirt a little. Men suck after all. Beat them at their own game. And with that Artie joins the ladies once again. The men on the other hand are living the good life over at the Velvet Rabbit. Poor Winston mistakenly withdraws $2,000 Bunny Bucks instead of actual cash from the ATM. Come to find he can only redeem it on drinks, food, and merchandise. Poor boy can’t even get himself a dance with that cash! That’s ok though, because Coach is ready to go all night long! Schmidt and Nick both agree to come up with an exit strategy. Nick is starting to feel guilty about his exchange with Jess, while Schmidt has a presentation in the morning. Boy they are starting to sound a bit grown-up! Nick attempts his exit but fails so the duo decide to get him so drunk he passes out. Game on. With a little help from Artie, Jess sucks up her pride and calls Nick. He answers and being the clumsy man-boy he is digs himself even deeper. Covering the wrong part of the phone he tells Coach he’s checking his woman. They both proclaim how drunk they are before Nick drops the phone and can’t figure out which way it goes. With that she is done with his school boy antics. Artie on the other hand doesn’t drink and offers to be a sober ride home for the girls. It’s amazing how sexy being grown up can be. Cece is starting to regret her decision. After his botched phone call Nick is adamant about leaving. He realizes how good he has it with Jess and he cannot lose her. No matter how anti-relationship Coach is. Coach breaks down and admits his girlfriend actually left him for a guy named Derek and he is just trying to fill the void with strippers. Winston is bullshit since he still has bunny money for days. Quick stop in the gift shop and the boys are off. However, Coach has one more stop planned. Coach stops by Derek’s place of work which also happens to be the police station. Of course he’s a cop and they are 4 drunk dudes. Coach wants to kick some ass! Schmidt and Nick get into a tiff in the backseat. Schmidt is drunk rambling and challenges Nick to a fight. Nick responds by bitch slapping him a few times and he barely reacts in time. Artie arrives back at the loft and Cece uses his bathroom break to talk some sense into Jess. She instantly regrets telling Jess men suck. She also admits that Jess has a good thing going. As much as Jess tries to disagree and points out all of Nick’s flaws she can’t help but realize he really is an amazing guy. Back at the police station Nick becomes an adult. He tells them all what they are doing is immature and it’s time to grow up. He is in a stable relationship and he is happy. Schmidt is living on his own, although we learn he is far from happy and still blames Nick. Coach is face to face with Derek and it looks like he takes Nick’s advice to grow up. He tells her to take care of her, but instead of being a bigger man Derek insults Coach and all bets are off. They are ready to rumble! That’s until more officers arrive and the boys run away screaming. Reminded of why she fell for Nick in the first place Jess has to go let Artie down easy. Unfortunately he has made himself comfortable in her bed. Did I mention that he’s nude? Daamn. Those are some amazing thigh muscles, but I digress… As Jess is trying to get Artie dressed Nick comes home and finds a sexy man naked in Jess’ bed. She gets flustered but Nick believes that nothing happened and decides he’s going to take Artie on. Nick knocks him out and they drag him to the elevator and leave him with the bunny swag. And with that Nick and Jess are officially a couple.


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