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Colbert Asks Sarkeesian...What's a Gamergate?

Jay McManus | PopWrapped Author

Jay McManus

10/31/2014 11:28 am
PopWrapped | Current Events
Colbert Asks Sarkeesian...What's a Gamergate? | gamergate
Media Courtesy of LA Times
Anita Sarkeesian, the woman behind Feminist Frequency, was recently interviewed by Stephen Colbert of The Colbert Report. As per his usual MO, Colbert satirized the situation, making light of her points and the points of the "Gamergate" fellows alike. Both brought points to the table, some more valid than others, and, as he usually does, Colbert came out on top. "So, in the work that I do, I look at hundreds of examples of video games." Those were Anita's words verbatim. Colbert's rebuttal? "So, can you think of three?" Anita retorted that she felt it was more important to talk about the industry as a whole, which came off a little weak. Anita did speak of true issues facing the industries, like the willingness of some people to harass women, to send death threats, and to do other similarly harmful actions. Unfortunately, both she and Colbert were wrong when they said that women were the only targets receiving threats. Milo Yiannopoulos was sent a syringe, and "King of Pol" was sent a knife with a note asking him to "kill himself", as shown below. Both sides have radical elements, and Anita has, once again, refused to acknowledge the possibility of reason existing among the opposition. Instead, she belittles them, calling Gamergate a "boys club", which is patently absurd considering the number of women in support of the Gamergate movement, including the feminist Cristina Hoff Sommers. When Colbert brings up the, rather valid, point of journalistic integrity within the gaming media, Anita finds a way to spin it into hostility towards women, which, as very little research turns up, is simply untrue. As this document proves, Gawker, the owner of the gaming journalist site Kotaku, has broken the ad terms for Amazon and Google both. Some gamers and some individuals terrorize women. But they are not truly part of Gamergate, because that isn't what it stands for. And, I think I speak for the Gamergate movement as well as myself when I say that I wish the attacks would stop. Threats on anyone's life are a serious matter, and never should death be wished on another. Some (read: an unknowable number) people who support Gamergate are mysogynistic assholes, and some (read: few) feminists are man-haters. But I'd like to think the vast majority of feminists and gamers are more reasonable than Anita believes. I'd like to think we can come to an agreement somewhere in the middle, have some accountability in the gaming journalism community, and stop the harassment: on both sides. It isn't mutually exclusive. But don't let my thoughts speak for you, watch the uproarious Colbert Report snippet below!

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