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Lifestyle PopWrapped | Lifestyle

College: Your Freshman Year Vs. Senior Year

Kristina Atienza | PopWrapped Author

Kristina Atienza

12/30/2016 9:59 pm
PopWrapped | Lifestyle
College: Your Freshman Year Vs. Senior Year | freshman year
Media Courtesy of Disney

College is one of the craziest experiences in any person's life. So many adventures to be had, academic and personal growth to be done, and memories to be made.

It's definitely one of the understatements of the century to realize how much one's perspective on life changes from their freshman year to their senior year. Here's a breakdown of some thoughts that might seem familiar for some college students as they try to not panic with upcoming finals:

Packing for the school year:

freshman year Tumblr

Freshman year - So I contacted my roommate, followed every single possible recommended list for what to bring for college, and packed the car as much as humanly possible, but I still don't think this is enough.

Senior year - Well, it's the night before I move back. I've got that duffle bag that I haven't unpacked this entire summer, a couple things of underwear, and the same lumpy pillow from freshman year. I'll be fine.


freshman year Gifling

Freshman year - I'm gonna get straight A's and make the Dean's List, no problem!

Senior year - I don't know which deity to thank for this C+, but I'm sure as hell putting it on the fridge next to the picture from the coloring book I got last week.


freshman year Tumblr

Freshman year - My roommate and I are totally best friends. We think exactly the same, and we do everything together! We're going to be at each other's weddings, and our families are going to be so close.

Senior year - Could you please put some clothes on? We have company! Also, who the hell ate my Cheetos? I hate all of you.


freshman year Rotogrinders

Freshman year - We gotta hit up as many parties as we can. I heard that a few of them had some kegs and I'm pretty sure we might be able to meet a few cute guys there.

Senior year - Ugh, can we just stay at home and watch some Disney movies with some beer or something? I've had enough with everyone on this campus.


freshman year Tumblr

Freshman year - Of course we gotta look good! What if I meet the love of my life today?

Senior year - ... Do I really need to put pants on for this?

Studying for big tests:

freshman year Magoosh

Freshman year - Okay so I've got three different energy drinks, a fresh thermos of coffee, and the study room all to myself this weekend. I'm gonna totally ace this.

Senior year - *glances at notebook once the night before* Well ... this is probably as good as it'll get. Time for a nap.


freshman year Tumblr

Freshman year - I'm gonna get all of this work done ahead of time. I'll outline all my papers, get a head start on those projects, and everything will be okay!

Senior year - WHAT DO YOU MEAN THAT IT'S DUE TOMORROW?! THAT'S TOTAL NONSENSE! *meanwhile, it was clearly in the syllabus that is buried under last month's unfolded laundry*


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