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Combat The "Yes Men" This Week On Agents Of S.H.I.E.L.D

PopWrapped | PopWrapped Author


03/12/2014 1:33 am
PopWrapped | Television
Combat The
Media Courtesy of ABC

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Staff Writer


This week’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D left me…confused…as in not sure how I felt about this episode. It was a mixed bag of awesomeness and complete stupidity. Part of me wanted to go on a Nerd Rage while the other part was fanboying. How about I give you the recap on “Yes Men” and you can tell me your thoughts. So, as was teased last week, Lorali is here on Earth (or Midguard for you purists) and we pick up with her and the bridegroom she stole rocking up at a bar surrounded by bikers. She is impressed by the bikes and their leader, Rooster, becomes a slave to her--she quickly gets rid of the bridegroom. Meanwhile, Fitz and Simmons are trying to work out what GH325 drug was by analysing Sky’s blood. They make a comment that they should have picked up more…which is funny because that is EXACTLY WHAT I SAID LAST EPISODE! Anyway Simmons wants to send it to SHIELD HQ but Coulson is insisting that this stay’s "in house." Coulson is trying to find Nick Fury who has gone off grid and until he finds out what the Guesthouse exactly was, and why it was kept secret, he doesn’t want anyone knowing about it. But no time for that! Asguardians are coming! They pick up energy signatures and organise a team to meet whoever is about to arrive (who of course turns out to be Lady Sif). She appears on the road and tells May and Ward she needs SHIELD’s help. When she gets taken to the Bus, she is shocked to see Coulson alive, but without my convincing gets onto the task at hand... …and this is where they lost me for a while. You see, Lorali can ‘enchant’ men with her voice and touch but not women (we apparently have an inherent weakness women do not). What kind of sexist bull is that? Is this show really trying to tell the audience that men…ALL MEN, can be seduced by a pretty face because of her magic? If this was reversed the internet would be up in arms about how it is treating women! Come on guys! You could have come up with a better explanation! Anyway after a bit of filler, Lady Sif and the SHIELD team surround the bar where the bikers and Lorali are hiding, after a brief fight Ward is taken by Lorali after having every opportunity to shoot her and is now her puppet… …ok pause again….you KNOW she can control men. She has this power and even Asgaurd sent a woman warrior after her…why in the 9 realms of Odin did you send a team of men to apprehend her? SHIELD has plenty of women agents, why didn’t you send for some of them? And why didn’t Ward just shoot her with the new ‘NightNight Guns’ (Now renamed ICE Guns)? The reason? Because the writers couldn’t think of a way to get Ward under her control otherwise! Lazy writing guys! So Ward and Lorali head to Vegas and have sex at the Caesar Palace…of course. While this is taking place, Lady Sif and May have an exchange on the Bus. May is worried about Ward and Sif says he will try to kill her with May (being the bad ass that she is) says he will ‘Try." SHIELD get to the suite but they are already gone. They head back to the Bus and Fitz says he has fixed the collar that will stop Lorali’s enchantment. He leads Sif into her room and locks her in (as he is under Lorali’s influence). Ward and Lorali are in the plane and take off, while Simmons and Sky are locked in their room, too. May and Lorali have a brief fight where May gets flung across the room, Lorli shows off to May how in control of Ward she is by kissing him then. She also says Ward desired someone before her and it wasn’t May. Lorali leaves and comes into Sif’s room to get the blade, Sif is behind the door waiting and after a brief exchange we get lots of fight scenes. To this episode's credit, the fight scenes are really good. The fight between the two Asguardians is very cool and is cut inbetween the fight with May and Ward. Eventually, Sif gets the drop on Lorali and she asks her to kill her, but instead Sif puts the collar on. Ward gets the drop on May and pulls the trigger but May had taken out the magazine, then he comes to and drops the gun. May hits him anyway. So the day is saved once again! Lady Sif takes Lorali away to face Asguardian justice. Coulson asks how May is doing and he says she should talk to Ward. She says he should take his own advice. Ward tries to apologise and May is very cold in response but says if what Lorali said was true (about desiring someone else) he was more honest with Lorali than with himself. Coulson also talks to Sky and tells her the drug came from an alien. Sky is perfectly ok with this and Coulson is more upset, and doesn’t know what this could mean for either of them. Coulson says to hell with protocol and is going after the truth but it needs to be just between Sky and Coulson. He is going after Fury to get some answers. The episode ends with a bug transmitting everything he just said to Sky. May gets on a secret phone and says “Update log- Coulson Knows." Well done! I did not see that coming! THAT is how you end an episode. A twist ending that if you were to re-watch all that came before, you might be able to pick up the subtle hints. As a said, there were good parts and there were bad parts, but overall I would say more good than bad. A solid 3/5 episode, I just hope it all kicks into overdrive from now on.

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