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Television PopWrapped | Television

Why Alan Tudyk's Con Man Series Will Be Everything

Michelle Dawson | PopWrapped Author

Michelle Dawson

06/30/2015 12:27 pm
PopWrapped | Television
Why Alan Tudyk's Con Man Series Will Be Everything | Con Man
Media Courtesy of Indiegogo

Back in March, Firefly fans went into a simultaneous, nerd frenzy around the world when Alan Tudyk and Nathan Fillion launched an IndieGogo campaign to fund their webseries, Con Man. Written by Tudyk and produced by Fillion, the series would follow the comic misadventures of an actor from a cancelled-too-soon sci-fi show as he traverses the exciting universe of fan conventions.

As a huge Firefly fan, I wasn’t just ready to contribute; I was ready to strip down naked, grab a strawberry margarita in one hand, fistfuls of cash in the other, put on my Jayne cap and cannonball into that campaign like a college co-ed on Spring Break. Clearly, I wasn’t the only one, because the campaign reached its funding goal of $425,000 for the first 3 episodes in less than 24 hours. Con Man went on to raise a whopping $3,156,179, far surpassing anyone’s expectations and setting the record for the highest funded web series on any crowd-funding platform.

On Monday, Alan Tudyk tweeted out this short but powerful update. I don't think words can quite express the impact of this simple tweet on a Firefly fan. I won't lie; I actually cried a little.

The official Con Man Twitter account has been keeping us updated on the production process so far and it has this writer convinced that this web series will be…everything. But with awesome folks like Tudyk, Fillion, Seth Green, Felicia Day, James Gunn, Gina Torres, Jewel Staite, Henry Rollins, Casper Van Dien and…good lord…I could go on - how could it go wrong? But here are a few pics tweeted from the set that made my heart flutter like a leaf on the wind (I couldn’t resist):

Omg, it's happening! They're filming! I don't think I could have squeed any louder; Con Man was officially in production! Evidence of my contribution at work!

First day is a wrap! Hugs all around guys! I can feel the love!

Oh, Henry Rollins...such a serious face. But we all know you're funny and awesome and we can't wait to see you bring it to Con Man!

Lookit! Look how excited he is! How could you NOT be super-stoked for this series?!

Yes, @KiwiClara, I am happy my money went there as well. *fist-bump*

WORF! Oh, how I miss the deep rumbling bass of your voice. Talk Klingon to me!

Hey, it's looking like a full-on Firefly extravaganza, y'all! Simon Tam on set!

All hail the Queen, Felicia Day!

On a serious note, "Missing Mork" is a reference to the late, great Robin Williams who played an alien on Earth in the series Mork & Mindy and whose spacecraft was shaped like an egg. Nanu Nanu. RIP

And OMG, THIS! The Goonies meets Stand By Me! My childhood is now complete!

Con Man is taking over Hall H at SDCC next month! What I wouldn't give...

There we have it...the evidence is clear. Con Man is going to own everything.

Make sure to follow Con Man on Twitter to keep up with all the awesome news coming out of the production! If you're as excited as we are for Con Man, post in the comments below or fire off a tweet and we can all fangirl together!


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