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Gaming / Current Events PopWrapped | Gaming

Console VS PC: A GTAV Review

Alina Martinez | PopWrapped Author

Alina Martinez

04/27/2015 1:38 pm
PopWrapped | Gaming
Console VS PC: A GTAV Review | gtav
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I mean, besides the beautiful graphics, what is honestly different between console and PC for GTAV? I have played both, so I will share my insight on what I have experienced so far.  Before you continue this article, keep in mind this is in no way all the perks or differences between the two, just sharing my personal experience so far.

Customization: First off, wow what the hell; total upgrade for PC. I haven't actually checked if it changed for console, but if not, lucky you PC Master Race. You are first given a character who is taking their photo for jail, we are thugs after all. Thus, the customizing begins. Rockstar went above and beyond for the customization process for your characters. You still do the whole relativity to the parents, but afterwords you can tweak your cheek bones, eyes, chin, jaw, etc. Thank you! My character on console did not look so feminine. My character on PC is a classy looking b**ch I must say.

Select Menu: This is super small and maybe insignificant to some people, but on PC, you could actually have a walking style for your character. I don't remember all of them, but you get to choose how your character walks. Now, on console, you don't actually have that option. Like I said, it's a small detail, it may not even matter much.

Missions: If you are a host, you actually get the option to decide what camera view the other players will be in upon targeting with their gun. You decide if they are in first person, third person, or no camera (they choose.)  Luckily, this feature is only for PC. Personally, I prefer third person when targeting with my gun. I have noticed that driving in first person on PC is a lot smoother then it is on console.

Custom Music: First of all, you suck, Sony. Yes I said it, they got Spotify. Then again, GTAV on PC allows us players to integrate our own music straight from our computer on our in-game radios. Can I get a thank you? Now please! Sorry console users, you don't get this luxury.

PC Master Race wins this round, sorry Console, maybe next time? At the same time, PC seems to be taking over the gaming world. Happy Gaming guys! Let me know, what the game has given you, whether its on PC or on Console.

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