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Recaps PopWrapped | Recaps

'Constantine' Gets Into A "Quid Pro Quo" This Week

Lazaros Balakos | PopWrapped Author

Lazaros Balakos

03/20/2015 12:33 am
PopWrapped | Recaps
'Constantine' Gets Into A
Media Courtesy of NBC
Another week, another episode of Constantine. With the show’s future uncertain and the first season slowly coming to its finale, “Quid Pro Quo” arrives as both a blessing and a curse – the more we watch, the closer we get to the end. But anyway, let’s break it all down. This week’s episode rushes into a dark ritual by some evil creature, which ends up taking over a little girl. John Constantine makes sure his team’s lair is safe from any future uninvited visitors and Zed gives him answers, regarding his father’s Resurrection Crusade that’s after her. With Chas gone to visit his daughter at Brooklyn, the two soon discover the map is bleeding someplace around New York and prepare to leave. At the same time, Chas brings a disastrous bar incident from the past to his mind, during which he tried to save a girl from a fire and ended up covered in ruins. With the latter arriving in Brooklyn quite late and his daughter, Geraldine, being asleep, he makes his way to her room and finds her on the floor, as she’s the girl who was earlier attacked by dark forces. The demon slayer and Zed meet him at the hospital and find out she’s in an alleged coma, along with a bunch of other citizens. However, her soul is taken away and John is up to bringing her back, while we also find out there’s some bitter feelings between him and the little girl’s mother, Renee, who makes perfectly clear she doesn’t want him involved. Another flashback finds Chas waking up at the hospital with Renee and Geraldine, after having allegedly died during the incident with the fire. Back to reality, the trio go meet a medium and contact the little girl’s soul, but soon the one on hold of her interrupts and lights the medium on fire. It turns out to be someone Constantine knows from the past and thanks to Zed’s charisma, they get a clue about where to look for the man. Right in location, the train station they’re looking for is nowhere to be seen, but John manages to make the spell that makes it invisible go away. When inside, they meet Felix Faust, a very powrful magician who knows how to keep souls away from bodies. However, there’s a demon after his captured souls and he wants Constantine to send him back to hell, in exchange for Geraldine’s soul. With Chas sent back to the hospital to be with Renee, John and Zed prepare to send the demon back to hell and eventually manage to find him. Another flashback finds Chas telling John everything about dying at the nightclub, yet waking up at the hospital. It turns out he was under a protection spell though and managed to absorb every victim’s life, now being able to die 47 different times. Meanwhile, Mr. Constantine uses Zed as bait to attract the demon and kicks his ass, sending him straight back to hell – a rather easy one, that was. Chas and John make their way to Faust to get back Geraldine’s soul, but the magician is playing some word-trick and changes the terms of their agreement. While outside the place, Chas is not satisfied with the way the hellblazer is handling his daughter’s case considers him responsible for the situation with his own family, so he punches him! With one more flashback coming in to prove the point, Chas now gets back to Faust and offers his 32 souls in exchange for his daughter’s. However, the magician claims he only has one and prepares to take it away from him, but Chas suddenly cuts his throat and causes the loss of a soul. Back to the hospital, Zed attempts to bring Geraldine in touch with her mother and even though it seems like a success at first, she soon starts shouting in pain. As her bag fall to the floor, Renee reaches for it, only to find the address of Felix’s place. With the magician agreeing to return the little girl’s soul in exchange for every single soul in Chas, John and Renee arrive and watch in agony. When the deal is made official with a hand-shake, Chas manages to trap that bastard and set the place on fire, leading both to death and the souls to freedom. John gets to comfort Renee a bit afterwards, talking a bit about how her man will come back to life. A final flashback finds Chas asking for the spell that gave him so many lives reversed, but John is unable to do that. However, he makes his friend aware that he’ll have his support, no matter if he picks to stay with his family or follow him. In real time, the happy ending comes with Chas returning to his wife’s house and reuniting with his daughter, ready to tell her a few stories about the souls he’s carrying. John finds Zed waking up in the hospital and warns her about taking it easy with her psychic powers, but she’s got a treat for him! It turns out she had a talk with Constantine’s late mother during her spiritual trip and the lady wants him to know he’s not responsible for her death. So that’s it for this week! You can rest for now, but make sure you tune in for the next episode ofConstantine, as we only have 3 to go.
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