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Television / Recaps PopWrapped | Television

Constantine Arrives With One Hell Of A Pilot, "Non Est Asylum"

Lazaros Balakos | PopWrapped Author

Lazaros Balakos

10/26/2014 11:12 pm
PopWrapped | Television
Constantine Arrives With One Hell Of A Pilot,
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  John Constantine is the world's favorite demon slayer and the television series about his life and work has just begun. The premiering episode of Constantine, "Non Est Asylum", has now aired and it's time for us to take a look at what came with it. All the way to Northern England, the exorcist is introduced to us from the mental clinic he got himself into, after being unable to prevent a 9-year-old girl's death by a demon, who damned her to hell. That event of the past also got him his own soul damned to hell. Things are not working out well for him in there, since neither the electroshock's nor the talking can make him forget about it or believe that demons are not real. Soon enough, he follows a gang of insects into a room where a possessed lady is writing stuff on the wall and despite his hesitation at first, we get to see him in action for the very first time. If you want our opinion, John Constantine is one hell of an exorcist. With the spirit sending him a message, he decides it's time to leave that place. We're now taken to Atlanta, Georgia, where a girl (Liv) is hit by dark forces who mean to kill her. Thankfully, she survives a corruption of the ground and Constantine is there to lend a hand. Even though she doesn't want  his help, he hands her a card before looking at a giant whole in the middle of the street. While at it, he's visited by an angel and despite not wanting his help, he's intrigued by his hints at darkness rising. Liv gets a ride from the girl next door, Talia. Back at home, she is once again protected by the evil forces but the same can't be said for poor Talia who ends up dead. When transferred, her body starts shaking and BANG she's out there all possessed and making one hell of a situation to the driver. Liv meets John and he introduces her to a mate, Chas, who made sure she was protected the night before. John hits Liv with the news that her father was alive until last year and that he makes her special enough for somebody to want her dead. Oh and he also hands her an old pendant that her dad wanted her to have. Right after, the van driven by dead Talia's possessed body hits Liv's desk at work, marking as another sign that she's wanted out of the way. Asking her mother about it all, she knows the whole truth isn't out there. However, the conversation soon ends in fright, when she goes on to hold her father's pendant and sees a frightening version of her dead grandmother. Liv goes on and meets with John once again, meaning to get some short of explanation. Mr. Constantine introduces her to his world, showing her how she is capable of seeing souls trapped in our world or from parallel worlds, just like her father, Jasper, did. Dark forces appear once again when Chas can't stop the car and they're hit by a truck. Even though they survive the accident, electric wires attack them and kill poor Chas before we even get to know him. Liv is given the keys to one of her dad's houses where she gets to dig deeper into her abilities. While John finds the name of the demon who's after her, Furcifer, she finds where the next incident will take place. Right after, the angel from earlier pays John another visit and he hints that it might not be too late for him to save his soul. Constantine then finds an old pal who was with him during the night that demon got hold of a little girl and makes him take part in his plan to take down the demon. Back to the house, Liv sees her father in a mirror that shows the past and Chas (!) makes an entrance, appearing more alive than ever. Out on a roof top, John paints a sealing circle to the ground so that he can use Liv as a bait and send the demon to hell. While they wait, he hints at looking for his mother's dead spirit. Soon as the demon arrives, they cut down the electricity so that he can't feed from it and start the ritual to send him back where he came from. However, things don't go as expected when he brings out little Astra, the girl John couldn't save from hell. So what will happen next? Does the well-known hellblazer manage to handle the situation or does he loose it? Make sure you watch Constantine's season premiere to find out.

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