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Television / Recaps PopWrapped | Television

Constantine Explores "The Darkness Beneath" This Week

Lazaros Balakos | PopWrapped Author

Lazaros Balakos

11/03/2014 8:56 pm
PopWrapped | Television
Constantine Explores
Media Courtesy of IGN.Com
Constantine massively premiered on NBC last week and saw the hellblazer back in action, after his short stay at a mental clinic. We saw he couldn't save a young girl from a demon and she's now in hell, where his soul is also damned to. Now that he's back for good, though, we get to see more in the series' second episode, "The Darkness Beneath." We're taken to Heddwich, Pennsylvania in the beginning of the episode, where a demon sets a man on fire during his showe. John Constantine is preparing to visit the place, but Chas can't follow since there's a warrant for him over there. Just like in the finale of the pilot, we see a gifted girl drawing his every move without being aware of who he is, but the two randomly fall on each other in the streets. John is hit by the news that she dreams about him and does give her some insight. He quickly moves on to investigate the dead man's case, finding out there have been more deaths at his mining workplace and some mentions to hell - his specialty. He visits the place without missing time and after a few knocks on the wall, he finds out someone is knocking the doors from the other side - allegedly the devil's kingdom. Constantine makes his way out and now pays a visit to the victim's home for more devilish clues. Caught by the widow while searching, she eventually causes a fuss and he has to discuss the unnatural events with the boss of the mine. He's resented, though, and sent away. Back at his hotel, he finds the dream-and-paint girl, Zed, waiting in his room. She returns him his wallet and tries to convince him that her visions and their meeting are destiny's work, feeling all the negative emotions in his soul only by touching his arm. He eventually gives her answers since she's a clairsentient, using her visions to get to the bottom of his case, but doesn't take her with him despite promising to. Straight to a church, he finds a couple having sex and sends them away, so that he can examine the demon's presence. Working his magic, he gets to see the beast. After Zed chats a bit with a former priest over at the bar, she goes back home and finds John on her couch. He reveals his occupation as a demon slayer and after a background check on her, he warns her about the darkness of his work but she's totally in to face it all. Their little talk is interrupted by a mine collapse and John goes to discuss with the supervisor about shutting it down. While at it, evil forces try to make them drown in mud inside a car, but Zed manages to get them out and save the day, though not without the loss of the poor driver's life. We find out that Coblynau are the spirits of dead miners who warn the living ones for danger, John and Zed know something is wrong here and a human might be dealing with dark spirits. Over at the bar where the miners have gathered, they realise the former priest's dead son was a miner. Well, that might very well be a good reason for him to give up the church and call the evil forces on the other miners. With another of Zed's visions, the pair find the man's location but they come to the conclusion that he's not the one behind the rising darkness; just the last-living of the miners' bosses becomes the next most possible target. Right after, we get to see a bad-behaving Coblynau in action but Mr. Constantine makes sure he goes back to his good nature. They go on to ensure no one ever goes down there again, with one hell of an explosion over at the mine. The demon slayer then goes to face the one who worked that dark magic in the first place, by putting himself in great danger. Well, I'm not here to spoil everything about who that was and how things turns out for Constantine, but there seems to be more in Zed than we originally thought. Make sure you catch up with the series' second episode to find out everything and you're not going to want to miss next week's, that's for sure.

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