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Television / Recaps PopWrapped | Television

Constantine Faces The "Rage Of Caliban" In This Week's Episode

Lazaros Balakos | PopWrapped Author

Lazaros Balakos

11/29/2014 11:55 am
PopWrapped | Television
Constantine Faces The
Media Courtesy of Hypable
It's been a tough week for us Constantine fans, hasn't it? With the news of production halt only after 13 episodes, the first season of our beloved show will come to an end. Well, hopefully there will be another season and thankfully, we still have quite a few episodes to watch until we reach that point. Enough with that though, "Rage Of Caliban" just premiered and we're here to find out what it was all about! It all kicks off with the dark killing of a couple in front of their young daughter. Oh, don't feel sorry for the girl - we soon enough find out she's to blame for it all, due to some evil powers of hers. At the same time, John wakes up in the bed of an one-night-stand lover, before he makes a sweet escape from the window because of her boyfriend's arrival. Back at the team's base, Chas pushes the tired hellblazer to look into another dark case and they end up in Birmingham, Alabama - no Zed this week. Soon as they arrive, the latter gets into the house of the massacre and while visited by our well-known angel, he finds out the couple's daughter doings. It turns out she was posessed by an evil spirit, which is now out there looking to take control of a different body. Right after, we get to see a kid scared of darkness and night visitors, but tranquilized by his parents. Later that night though, the dark spirit kid pays him a visit and takes the lead. Meanwhile, Mr. Constantine gets in touch with a paralegal friend of his to take a look at the documents of the murdered couple's daughter. After he finds out there's been a series of similar cases over the years, he gets to visit one of the early posessed children at a mental health center. While the formerly posessed man is out of touch from the world and John's visit ends up being worthless, the newly posessed kid shows the first signs of weirdness by hurting his father in the middle of the night. While John and Chas find a way to track down that evil force and get the right tools to do it, he seems to be starting quite a mess around his town and especially for his family. He's definitely coming for them! Next thing, our well-known demon-slaying duo are out of the family's door and the child-spirit's power is making things messier and messier. Over at his school's playground, the young boy works his magic to attack one of his bullies and manages to give him a fractured skull. While he's close to making another fuss at home, John thankfully rings the bell and warns them about the presence of the spirit. Even though he does tell the whole truth and suggests and exorcism, he ends up kicked out of the house and behind bars. Visited by the angel in his cell, things get a bit intimate between the two of them. Soon enough, we're taken back at the family's house, where that dark visitor makes his presence even more obvious for the kid's parents. The mother later visits John in jail and takes him out, so that he can give her some explanation. She knows something is wrong and is all-in to get her son back. However, Constantine is too afraid to perform an exorcism on a child, especially since he doesn't know who the living version of the spirit was - remember Astra, the girl he couldn't save? After sedating the young boy, she joins John and Chas to perform a ritual. They're over at the first house visited by the spirit, now abandoned, and plan to trap it in there forever, but it doesn't really seem to work out. After the mother convinces the demon-slayer to perform an exorcism on her son, he's got to hunt him down during Halloween's night. Eventually, it turns out the soul inside his body isn't one of a dead kid, but the one of the mentally-ill first killer he visited earlier in the case. The two of them do face-off and there's one hell of following events I won't spoil for you! Make sure you catch up with this week's episode of Constantine to find out how it all ends!

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