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Television / Recaps PopWrapped | Television

Constantine Gets Into A "Danse Vaudou" This Week

Lazaros Balakos | PopWrapped Author

Lazaros Balakos

11/21/2014 11:38 pm
PopWrapped | Television
Constantine Gets Into A
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Constantine fans rejoice - the weekend has arrived and brought a brand-new episode of your favorite show with it! I know you're excited to find out the hellblazer's new adventures, so let's get started. "Danse Vaudou" kicks off by taking us to New Orleans, Louisiana. Right by the side of a bar, a girl is killed by an invincible lady with a pair of scissors, right in front of a cop. The demon-slayer and his gang are of course aware, thanks to their blooded map and Zed finally getting connected. Making their way there, John uses one of his tools and finds out the killer was more of a spirit and less of a human, while they also talk things out a bit with Jim, the police officer who was present at the scene. Oh and Zed knows him. While booking a hotel, things get intimate between John and Zed, but he once again gets to doubt her intentions. Out of nowhere, we see a man who picks up a hitchhiker from a street in the woods and manages to sexually abuse him, but he soon ends up killed 'cause he's gone from the car and appears blooded right in front of him. Meanwhile, Zed gets a vision and the car almost hits her in it! The gang once again visits the spot, but the cop from earlier arrests Constantine - see he warned the police for a crime before it happened, so they think he did it. While Chas tries to prevent another murder from the invincible scissor lady, he gets his ass kicked. Thankfully, he's fully recovered by the time John is set free and discusses the possible ghost killers of their cases with the cop. A little investigation by the hellblazer and Zed drives them to the conclusion that Papa Midnite (who?) is messing with calling spirits from the dead. Constantine finds him performing rituals and taking money from people to summon the spirits of their long-gone beloved ones. Even though he informs him that something's wrong, Midnite once again gets John down with his magic. However, he soon finds out the demon slayer was telling the truth about people coming back from the dead. The two decide to work together to put an end to that craze, while Chas finds another spot where the scissors lady's been. At the same time, Zed and Jim go on a ride to find the hitchhiker and while their conversation gets personal, they soon pick him up. Even though he pulls his trick to get them killed, Zed knows better and doesn't fall for it. Midnite follows Constantine and they get the bodies of the reappearing ghosts, in order to perform a ritual and make the spirits go away for good. Zed makes another effort at picking up the hitchhiker, but things turn out different this time around. However, John's collaboration with Papa doesn't go as expected and they fail to join their forces to make their magic work. They eventually jump to the conclusion that the people who feel guilt for their losses are the ones that keep the ghosts alive and call them to help send them away. Chas on the other hand is seen trolling the hell out of the scissors girl. This time around, the ritual is performed perfectly; the bodies get burned and the spirits are sent back where they belong. Jim and Zed get to talk once again about their history and the latter's past, but she gets a strange vision of him once she touches his hand. It all comes to an end with Papa getting confirmation from his God that darkness is rising despite Constantine's efforts, letting him know that someone he's close with will betray him. Now who could that possibly be?! And that's it for now! Tune in for next week's episode of Constantine to find out more clues as the story rolls!

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