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Television / Recaps PopWrapped | Television

'Constantine' Is "The Saint Of Last Resorts" In Series' Winter Finale

Lazaros Balakos | PopWrapped Author

Lazaros Balakos

03/10/2015 2:35 pm
PopWrapped | Television
'Constantine' Is
Like every television show, Constantine is going into a winter hiatus and the finale has now aired. And what better way to keep viewers anticipating for its return than the first half of a two-part episode airing. “The Saint Of Last Resorts (1)” has now aired for our viewing pleasure, so let’s break it all down. It all begins at some kind of church, where a lady recently gave birth to the baby and is still pampered by the sisters and her husband. Durning the night, a dark creature with scary claws arrives to put an end to their peace, killing the woman and taking away the newborn. While Zed is back at drawing her visions, John Constantine recognises a throat-cutting creature called Invunche in one of her sketches. Out of nowhere, the figure of one of the demon slayer’s old lovers appears via bi-location - being at two places simultaneously, as the nun named Anne Marie has come to report the news and ask for help over at Mexico. Leaving Zed behind for her own safety after her contact with the fallen angel, the hellblazer is taken to the location by Chas. Apparently, John and “Annie”, as he likes to call her, go way back. The two last met when the soul of young Astra got damned to hell and she has been a nun ever since to have her sins forgiven. While Zed fails to keep herself safe at home by discovering a door that leads to some kind of abyss, rituals aren’t working out over at Mexico, as the identity of the creature who abducted the baby can’t be simply recognised. It turns out they will have to look for a connection to the baby’s soul in order to find that one. According to Mr. Constantine’s conversation with the poor widower and the nun, Eve’s sisters are hell-ish creatures and it was one of them who took the baby. However, their chat is interrupted by the news of another newborn’s abduction. Meanwhile, Zed fails to listen to John’s advice and goes out to buy some stuff for her drawings. She soon meets with the mysterious guy who asked her out last week and is once again invited to drinks, but now we know his true colors aren’t that sweet. A touch gives her a vision about him and she invites him over for another round of beers. Back in Mexico, John discovers a strange pattern in both abductions and he works his magic to find out which one of Eve’s sisters is responsible for all the mess. While at it, a sister interrupts and she ends up being the one he’s looking for, only with a human being’s face on. Even though she tries to kill him, the hellblazer gets to stab her with a knife and she makes a not-so-sweet escape. At the same time, Zed has that bad guy over at home and kicks his ass to find out what he wants from her. He soon reveals that her father wants her back and calls her Mary, but he punches him and orders not to call her that ever again. Constantine lets everyone know that sister Louisa’s real name is Lamashtu and she’s a baby-eating vampire, but she has yet to eat the two babies she’s taken. With fear of some super-evil warlock monsters called Brujeria hinted to be behind that rising darkness, John moves on with a ritual to catch Lamashtu’s interest and get her down. As it seems, Annie will have to play the mother of an infant-looking chicken who is supposed to give it as an offer to Eve’s sister. Back home, Zed is having a tough time, realising it’s her brother who’s after her and spilling a few beans about the times she spent locked away from the world during her childhood. However, a man and a woman soon appear and shoot him down, looking to get her to leave with them. With the ritual about to begin in the church, things get intimate between Annie and John, with the two sharing a kiss before it all begins. Lamashtu soon arrives and falls for the fake infant, with everytone going after her. While they’re at it, Zed is trying to escape from the people after her and she gets to throw her down the abyss. Constantine gets the poor babies back and Eve’s sister reveals she has to take the babies to the Brujeria, as those are their roots. According to her words, they are looking to make Hell and Earth one and the same, so they can stop hiding and spread the darkness. Thankfully, she ends up with her ass kicked thanks to one of John’s spells. Everything seems good, but the man back at the team’s hideout soon ends up getting Zed to go with him. As if that wasn’t enough, her paintings turn out to be true, with another baby’s cry followed by the appearance of an Invunvhe. While looking for a way out without being attacked by the creature, Annie quickly grabs a gun and shoots Constantine, so she can go up with Chas and both infants. Now isn’t that one hell of a cliffhanger?! Constantine is scheduled to return on NBC with the second part of “The Saint Of Last Resorts” on January 10, 2015. Make sure you don’t miss the show’s comeback, so as to find out what exactly has gone down.

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