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Recaps PopWrapped | Recaps

Constantine Returns As "The Saint Of Last Resorts"

Lazaros Balakos | PopWrapped Author

Lazaros Balakos

03/20/2015 3:44 pm
PopWrapped | Recaps
Constantine Returns As
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Hello there Constantine fans! It’s really been a while since we last saw our beloved demon slayer, but we hope you all had a great holiday despite missing him. Thankfully, the time has now come to see some more of his adventures, in the second part of “The Saint Of Last Resorts”. Before we break down the episode, bare in mind that John fought one of Eve’s evil sisters, Lamashtu, before getting shot by Annie and left behind to face a creature named Invunche last time we heard of him, while Zed got captured and sent to her real family. The hellblazer also found out Brujeria are behind the rising darkness and there’s an evil plan to take over the world. So let’s see what we got here. Well, obviously John survived, but only by letting a demon inside his body, to send away the beast and cure his wounds. Soon he’s up for a lecture from his angel friend Manny, due to using one of the devil’s creatures when he wants his soul saved from hell. Meanwhile, Zed is having a vision of Annie praying, while on the way to her father, all tied down at the back of a truck. As she tries to hit the door hard and escape, the driver attempts putting her to sleep with an injection, but she manages to hit him and get away with the car. Before leaving, the girl makes clear she has no intention of ever reuniting with her family, no matter how hard they want to. Back in Mexico, John is found by Chas and he explains everything that had taken place. Mr. Constantine expects his friend to kill him, if there’s no way of getting that demon out of his body with that self-exorcism he’s going to perform. However, that bastard seems to be a tough one and takes control of the hellblazer’s body instantly. Soon enough, Zed is called to travel all the way there and join Chas in saving their friend, but it might just be too late. As we can see, that demon has already caused one hell of a situation by killing some guys and leading John to prison. It turns out a local gang attacked him and even though he claims to have been in self-defense, an immediate release is nowhere on the map. With Zed’s arrival, John tries to make the best out of his time in jail by lookint for a chapel, with Manny soon paying him another visit to check on him. In the meantime, Zed and Chas visit Annie, filling her cup with the current situation and letting her know that John Constantine is pretty much valued up there in Heaven, in order to get her helping hand in finding him. The evil soon appears with a police superior eating the man who interrogated John alive, just like a snake. Back in prison, the demon slayer gets to the chapel but with no luck of finding any holy water. However, he’s soon interrupted by members of the gang he was attacked by and the demon once again makes sure to murder them. Despite his actions getting him deeper in jail, the deaths gain John some respect in the field. Annie soon makes her way there spiritually and finds him for Zed and Chas. The two of them soon find their way inside the prison to help John, with Annie soon making an entrance as well. The nun is up for the rescue sure, but she advises Zed to leave John after this all ends. The snake-y man has now got that police officer’s looks and he soon reveals his true self in prison. Further speaking of the Brujeria, Anne-Marie manages to put an end to his existence before we even get a better look of him. Annie and Chas get John sedated to keep the demon down, while they make their sweet escape from jail. While preparing for the exorcism, Constantine tells Annie she’s the one suitable to get Pazuzu, the demon, out of his body. Soon as the ritual kicks off, they find out the sedative is not strong enough to hold down that bastard. Pazuzu is quick to take over and cause a hell in the room, getting the best out of Anne-Marie. However, Zed manages to boost her confidence and free her way to perform the exorcism. And so she does in a badass way, kicking the demon’s ass straight to hell and bringing John back. With Manny perfectly satisfied with the outcome, Mr. Constantine makes public that it was just the beginning and there’s much more darkness yet to be taken down. With a few episodes left in the first season of Constantine, it’s only safe to wonder whether we’ll get to see the entire face-off with the Brujeria or not, before the hellblazer is gone. Make sure you don’t miss the next one, as we go deeper down into the demon slayer’s epic adventures!

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