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Contestants Deliver Dazzling Vocals On The First Night Of The Live Rounds On The Voice

PopWrapped | PopWrapped Author


11/04/2013 10:42 pm
PopWrapped | Television
Contestants Deliver Dazzling Vocals On The First Night Of The Live Rounds On The Voice
Media Courtesy of NBC

Erika Rivera




Senior Editor & Managing Editor

It’s the Live Shows! Yes twenty talented artists have risen above the rest. Soon they will be left to America’s tender mercies. Will Blake triumph for a fourth consecutive time? Or will one of the other three coaches come out on top?! Have we gotten rid of the Social Media Correspondent and all the awkwardness around it? We’ll find out in a few days in regards to the singers. As for now? THIS IS THE VOICE LIVES!!!

Bec's Take: 

“How I Feel” sung by Flo Rida with Christina Aguilera: Oh God this guy. Alright I’ll give this song thing. It looks fantastic. I love all the old timey clothes and the dancing. The set is also really fun. I’m just not a big Flo Rida fan and I find most his songs boring. So yeah. I’m bored through this song musically but the visuals are fun. “Fancy” sung by Shelbie Z.: She got married over the break between Knockouts and Live Rounds! She wants make it a little bit more “redneck” and add some rock influence. Shelbie needs to play a character. I just feel bad because this is pretty much the death slot. Okay seriously? What is she wearing? She sounds solid. Not spectacular but she is definitely solid. I keep staring at her dress and wondering what the hell for the costume of the show. Oh that belt was really nice. She does have good energy. I’m just unsure if that is enough. Christina congratulates her getting married and thought it was great with a fitting song choice. Cee-Lo says she did a great job and is consistently charismatic. Adam says she deserves praise and there is a click with the performance. Wait this is stripped down? Really? “A Case Of You” sung by James Wolpert: Adam wants people to hear James’ voice again. He wants to do something a little more stripped down and raw. He uses his guitar because he feels naked without it. Adam wants a bit more energy at the end. He needs James to blow it out of the water. Ah hello James. I was wondering where you were. His voice really is suited for softer, stripped down arrangements. It’s very quiet. I also like how adds emotions and knows where to explode with that voice of his. Blake says that James cannot be a geek and that awesome. He says that this performance has swayed him totally on James’ side. Christina said that she was really impressed. She said that he grounded himself in the song and made it heartwarming. Cee-Lo compliments Adam on the song choice and then that James did a great job. Adam is very proud. Adam said that he knew he was going to bounce back and that he was incredibly bold and poised. Ha! Carson Daly is pulling double-duty here! “Blurred Lines” sung by Nic Hawk: Nick has the “Flawk” and it’s hilarious. Oh Blake gives him the song because it’s about rhythm. Blake thinks Nick is a triple threat here with “rap, dance, and singing.” It’s a really fun performance. I’m sure the vocals aren’t the best. He’s just so utterly fun to watch here though. I don’t care. Everyone is having good time in the audience. It’s just fun plain and simple. He reminds of Cody Belew in this way. He’s such a fun performer. Christina thought it was a ton of fun and was impressed by how much he juggled in the performance. She was happy he delivered on the entertainment. Cee-Lo loves his natural rhythm and thinks he does the record justice. Adam says that Nic is an entertainment and is impressed that he did every single thing. Blake only has to say “O.M.G.” “Home” sung by Ray Boudreaux: Ray talks about “swamp pop” a branch of soul music in Louisiana that he grew up on. Blake talks about Ray monitoring his pitch. He has a great and smooth voice here, which is excellent. He keeps the interesting beats together. That was interesting. I have never been exposed to this genre but I think it’s a solid exposure. He had some nice connection with it. This a great bluesy kind of sound. Christina though Ray did really have an inherent connection with the song and a good blues vibe. Cee-Lo thought he did a great job and that he had real grit to it. Adam is the friend of the artist and thought he did a great job. Blake thinks he is in a cool position to bring awareness to “swamp pop.” “She Talks To Angels” sung by Austin Jenckes: Damn the producers want Team Blake to get cut down don’t they? He did this show locally that shut down the town and brought the mayor out. Also he looks TOTALLY different without his glasses. Blake wants him to be strong and tender. Oh there’s that strong voice and rasp. I think it’s another solid performance. This is what this performance is for me: solid. I like it but solid may not be good enough to get by. It’s kind of tied with Shelbie Z. It feels like a cover. Christina thinks that he sings with so much heart and he pulls people in. Cee-Lo thinks that he has the best talent. Adam seconds what Cee-Lo said and think he’s an incredible vocalist. He loves the song choices and wants to take him on a Harley. Blake thinks that Austin is a confident man. “Still Into You” sung by Grey: Her musician father is thrilled that she has made it this far. Adam wants her to get into more rock music. He doesn’t want her to be safe and have more swagger. I really like this song. I’m really bored. Grey has a great technical vocal. The issue she has is with connecting to the music. Plus she sounds kind of off tonight? I don’t know. I’m bored by her here. I just keep staring at her pants also. Oh there was a crack. I don’t think this was her song. Blake wanted to steal here and that she dominates it. The coaches are just being too damn nice. Cee-Lo likes that she made the song familiar. Adam is happy that she took ownership of the song and that she brought everyone into her world. “Secrets” sung by Will Champlin: Hey Will! He wants to push himself more. Adam calls him talented but not cocky. He picks the piano because it is his passion. Adam says he needs to own. This is a really nice relationship and has that great emotional depth.  The transition is very smooth from piano to standing performance. Hello great glory note. Whoops the mic fell a bit when he went back to the piano but he kept going and KILLED IT. Christina thought that it was very beautiful and touching. She thought he had the money note. Cee-Lo loves that everyone is so great tonight and thought it was a dynamic performance. Adam said that everyone is blowing his mind and that he deserves to be here as much as anyone else. He loves what Will does with his voice in the higher register. Okay. I need to bring this up but the mics? They sound weird. Is that just me? “Nothin’ On You” sung by Preston Pohl: Preston reveals the family struggle with cancer when his dad was diagnosed. His Dad is still alive and cancer free. Preston is doing “Nothin’ On You” which is a rap with a melody. It could be turned into the song. Adam thinks that his tone is perfect for it. I really like Preston. I just question this song choice now that I hear it. He shines in the hook because that is actually a melody. The rap parts are a little iffy. Overall, it is solid. It wasn’t stunning but it was solid. Blake says that the talent is unbelievable and it was a “studly” performance. Christina says that the voice of Preston is on old soul and makes anything sound old school. She is a fan and interested to see where he goes. Cee-Lo also compliments him. Adam says that Preston covered all ground and that it was utterly unique. “Maggie May” sung by Cole Vosbury: Cole’s beard had a Twitter. That is awesome. Blake wants Cole to touch that singer-songwriter side of himself. Cole needs to add some runs and add a cool flavor to the song. I have to agree with Blake. Cole sounds AWESOME. I love this rasp he has in his voice. It’s gorgeous. Plus he makes happy listening to him. OhmyGod this sounds so good. He totally has the audience in his palm. Seriously that rasp is awesome. Christina praises Cole’s consistency and can’t believe he is a single chair turn from the Blinds. Cee-Lo namedrops Rod Stewart and says that he supports Cole. Adam says that they all messed it up in some way and that it was so perfect. He starts pressing an imaginary button. Blake says that Cole is so good for the show and that he is super talented. “Many Rivers To Cross” sung by Tessanne Chin: Tessanne has exploded in her native Jamaica. Bob Marley’s son even gave her a call. He gives her a Jimmy Cliff song to celebrate her heritage. He steps up the key for more connection. She wants to do her people proud. Oh hello Tessanne. Jesus this is gorgeous. It’s very full and rich. I love how she connects with the song. She just nails everything and backs it up with this powerhouse voice. It was gorgeous. Aw someone give her a hug. Christina says she deserves to cry the tears of joy and that she wasn’t surprise how amazing it was. Cee-Lo said she blew it out of the water. Adam says that she has a golden soul with a humongous heart and that her talent is mind boggling. Her performance is the best it could be.

Erika's Take:

Filler performance: Flo Rida and Christina Aguilera “How I feel”: Christina looks amazing and I just love Flo Rida. I love the song but Christina’s mic was off unfortunately. I really wish they would fix this problem on this show!!! Team Blake: Shelbie Z.: Shelbie is given “Fancy” by Reba McEntire. Shelbie comes out to kick some ass but some of her vocals were muffled. She sounds great on her high notes and definitely has the power and the sass needed. I just wish she had gotten into her performance a bit more. It felt too restraint. Team Adam: James Wolpert: James tackles Joni Mitchell’s “A Case Of You”. James is allowed to play his guitar this time and the transformation is amazing. I get so many chills with this stripped down performance. He’s truly remarkable and blows Adam away judging by the expression on his face during the performance. I’m definitely buying this one! Team Blake: Nic Hawk: Nic is given the most overplayed song at the moment and of this summer “Blurred Lines” by Robin Thicke. Right off the bat, he’s off tune. Yikes! This whole performance is a disaster….Oh Blake, why would you set your teammate up for failure? The only part I liked was his attempt at rapping. I’m not sure if the coaches were really listening as they loved it but I think they were just being nice since it was the first live show. Team Blake: Ray Boudreax: He sings “Home” I like Ray. He’s pretty soulful, and I’m not really familiar with this song. Ray totally gets into this song, and it shows with his vocals as they are spot on. I can’t find a flaw. The guy is so smooth. Definitely a standout on Team Blake! Team Blake: Austin Jenckes: Austin takes on “She Talks To Angels” by the Black Crowes. Not too familiar with this one but I appreciate that Blake is giving his artists non country songs and letting them branch out this season. Decent performance by Austin. I didn’t get chills but I wasn’t disappointed either. Just another solid performance by him. I’ll give Austin credit that he always sings with his heart. Team Adam: Grey: Adam gives her “Still Into You” by Paramore. Adam wants to get her out of her comfort zone. Unfortunately, she sounds breathless on a couple of notes and loses pitch a few parts. She also ends sounding like she was reaching for the notes instead of making them sound effortless and comes off as nasally. If she makes it through, I’ll be shocked. Team Adam: Will Champlin: Our fave here at PopWrapped is given “Secrets” by One Republic. Will brings his own arrangement to the song, adding a piano moment to it. Will really owns this song…just wow as he brings a soulful touch to it that the original version didn’t have. Will’s conviction behind his vocals really makes this song and this performance standout for me. Team Adam: Preston Pohl: Adam gives him “Nothing On You” by B.O.B. I love Preston but I really wish Adam had given him another song. This song didn’t really showcase how amazing his voice really is. The singing parts he did amazing on but the non singing parts, I felt, held him back. This makes me sad as I really wanted him to be one of the standouts tonight, and he didn’t. Team Blake: Cole Vosbury: Cole takes on “Maggie May” by Rod Stewart. I think the song is a perfect fit for him. Cole didn’t disappoint. His soulful country-esque tone is just a delight sound to hear. Blake chose well with this song for him. Definitely a standout for me on Team Blake. I hope he makes it through as with this performance, I think he deserves it. Team Adam: Tessanne Chin: Adam gives her “Many Rivers To Cross” by Jimmy Cliff. This song is perfect as it pays tribute to her heritage and wow does she do it justice. Chills all over, so much fire and passion. She is my personal fave of the females. Raw emotion and power flows through this woman’s voice. If she doesn’t make through, I’ll riot. Highlights: Ceelo speaking with a Jamaican accent. Carson admiring Cole’s beard Adam’s nerdy chic Join us tomorrow night for night 2 of the Live Rounds!


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