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Recaps PopWrapped | Recaps

Conviction: 01x02, Bridge And Tunnel Vision

Amanda Rico | PopWrapped Author

Amanda Rico

10/15/2016 11:46 am
PopWrapped | Recaps
Conviction: 01x02, Bridge And Tunnel Vision | Conviction
Media Courtesy of Spoilers Guide

Welcome back, Conviction fans!

Last week, we left off with Hayes taking control of the Conviction Integrity Unit (CIU) -- not just because of her deal but to prove herself. Don’t tell Hayes, but we also think she cares a little.

True to her word, Hayes goes after a case that made Wallace’s career. When Wallace stops by the office to see what case the team is working on, she lies. Tess spills when her mom comes to visit and everyone is a little starstruck by the former First Lady.

The Case

The Prospect 3 were convicted of federal assault and raping Zadie Daniels ten years earlier. They confessed after ten hours of questioning and later recanted but were convicted as teens despite the lack of DNA evidence.

Reminiscent of last week, there's a field trip to check the timeline, but, unlike last week, it’s not a waste of time. When trying to see if the trio’s earlier crimes provide an alibi, Frankie and Maxine discover an eight-minute gap from when Zadie was reported to arrive at the scene of her attack.

Maxine questions the coworker with whom Zadie reportedly left work, and he reluctantly admits to having rough, consensual sex with Zadie in the bathroom of a bar on Mardi Gras night. He told her before she testified.

After Wallace bests Hayes by announcing (lying!) that he asked the CIU to look into the Prospect 3 case, he reveals that Brian McKinney’s juvenile record convinced him of their guilt.

Even if it’s no longer the Prospect 3 and it’s the Prospect 1, they all go free or none of them do.

The next day, Hayes finds out a way to look at Brian as a lone suspect. Maxine’s police background helps the team learn that the police picked up Seamus and Mike before Zadie got to the park, leaving Brian with enough time to attack her on his own.

Hayes visits Brian and asks him about shoving his foster sister and ripping off his shirt. She accuses him of being upset about being unable to hurt the girl on the bike and that he found Zadie. Brian denies everything until Hayes produces the Mardi Gras beads he was wearing when arrested. By this point, Brian is visibly upset, and he lunges for the beads and grabs her wrist, claiming the beads as his. Hayes informs him that they’re not his beads and that the beads in his property bag are being tested for Zadie’s DNA. Hayes urges him to tell the truth and do right by Seamus and Mike.

Hayes informs Wallace of Brian’s confession. He notices her wrist and voices his concern. Hayes insists she’s fine, and, when Wallace moves into kiss her, she stops him with a warning, which is also the line of the episode. “Next time you want to check up on me, find a different spy. I’m never sleeping with someone already in bed with my mother.”


We love seeing Hayes win that round versus Wallace. If you’re keeping score at home, don’t bother. The pair is constantly going back and forth.

Final Thoughts

Hayes and Wallace are great as sparring partners, and it’s clear that Conviction plans to pair them together at some point. When that happens, let’s hope they have time to grow as characters instead of being forced together.

This weak the team worked together in different configurations, and we're slowly learning about them, but we want more!

Sam won't confirm the rumor about the real reason why Hayes got his job. We’ll have to see if he’s biding his time or starting to fully support Hayes as the leader of the CIU.

Merrin Dungey (Maxine) confirmed that Maxine is 18 months sober, and we can’t wait to learn more of her backstory.

Tess is driven by her guilt for making a mistake in her witness statement in her aunt’s murder. Maxine attempts to make her feel better by checking on the person wrongfully convicted, but it doesn’t help.

Frankie’s boyfriend was turned down for an appeal. Is anyone else wondering why Frankie was in prison?

When the press finds out about Zadie’s lie, they eat her alive, despite Hayes trying to spin it in her favor. Hayes is down about what happened to Zadie and her role in it and questions whether she wants her job. Luckily, her brother gives her a pep talk and insists on an impromptu dance party. It felt completely random, but fun! It’s great seeing Hayes let her guard down with Jackson, especially since her relationship with her mother continues to be strained. But, as her relationship with her mother plays out, we learn more about Hayes.

If the cases in Conviction continue to be as complicated as tonight, we're in for a bumpy ride this season!

Tune into Conviction next week to see the CIU take on a case involving bigots bombing a mosque -- and, when Frankie is fed up, Hayes fires him. The firing better only last a commercial break...


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