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Cops Reverse Decision To Force Teenage Boy To Have Photos Taken Of His Erect Penis For Evidentiary Purposes

Shannon Beaty | PopWrapped Author

Shannon Beaty

09/02/2014 6:43 pm
PopWrapped | Current Events
Cops Reverse Decision To Force Teenage Boy To Have Photos Taken Of His Erect Penis For Evidentiary Purposes
Media Courtesy of Instinct Magazine
Courtesy of Instinct Magazine Courtesy of Instinct Magazine
Have you read your daily dose of rage and disgust inducing news articles today? If not, I've got you covered! In today's modern age, many dirty things occur over technology, from photos to videos to texts. Not that there is anything wrong with that, to each his own (and frankly we've all done it). Legally, though, there are some lines that are drawn. Trey Simms, who is currently 17-years-old and still under the legal adult age, is basically being attacked by his local police department for sexting. He was dating his 15-year-old girlfriend when he sent a naughty photo of his manhood at full salute. Of course, the girl's mother got a hold of the teenager's phone and had a massive freakout. Because I'm sure that woman has never seen a penis. So, the police were brought in and are 'seeking justice' for this wrongdoing. Now, I'm sure at this point, you've heard this sad old story before but now this version has a twist! They wanted to force Mr. Simms to go to a hospital, inject him with some weird medical who-knows-what and give him an erection. Oh, and then take a photo of it to compare to the photo sent to his girlfriend. This is not a drill, people. This is a real, and frankly sad, story straight out of Manassas, Virginia. They are trying to hold this poor kid on a child pornography count simply because he wanted his girl to see his goods. If this goes through, he's going to struggle for the rest of his life with that on his record, which is a horrible misuse of the judicial system. Luckily, as a result of the media absolutely ripping this story apart,  the police have 'backed off efforts' to basically ruin Trey's future and embarrass the living hell out of him. The boy's aunt, who is his legal guardian, didn't hear about the police department's reversal until she was contacted by someone with the Associated Press. Sounds like some stellar police work going on in that town; makes you wonder who's slipping money into the police department's pocket to ensure the prosecution goes through as planned. I just rolled my eyes at this so hard, I think I pulled a muscle. Here's to the Simms family, that they can escape this incredibly large waste of police funds and time because of the teenage hormones. Maybe at the end of all this, Trey and his aunt can go after the police for child abuse, which this clearly is. I'll surely keep my fingers crossed for them!

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