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Could David Bowie Appear In Season Two of "Hannibal"?

PopWrapped | PopWrapped Author


07/01/2013 8:46 pm
Could David Bowie Appear In Season Two of

Jamie Harsip

Content Editor

It looks like one of Bryan Fuller’s dreams for his show Hannibal may be one step closer to coming true.

Around the time the show first premiered on NBC, Fuller expressed a certain dream casting scenario, should the series be picked up for another season. What Fuller wanted was to cast David Bowie as Hannibal Lecter’s uncle; it looks like that just might be on track to happen!

Bryan Fuller confirmed to E! News that an offer has been extended to the legendary rocker.  An answer has not yet been given one way or the other, but Fuller is hopeful that Bowie will be able to join up by the time production on season two begins in Toronto next month.

So who is this character? Count Robert Lecter – Hannibal’s uncle in the novels, although he was, canonically, killed by Nazis. How does Fuller plan on bringing Count Lecter into his universe? Why, with a bit of “J.J. Abrams-style alternate universe storytelling,” of course!

Fuller has hitherto been unflinching in his inclusion of as many characters from Thomas Harris’ world as he can (which has thus far been limited to the novel Red Dragon) so it’s not surprising that he’d try to include this one.

Another pivotal role Fuller hopes to fill is that of Barney, an orderly from Baltimore State Hospital for the Criminally Insane – which is where we left Will Graham with the season one finale of Hannibal. You may recognize that particular character from Silence of the Lambs and Hannibal (the film). Fuller says that he would love to bring in Chi McBride for the role – an actor beloved by Fuller’s fan-base for his portrayal of the lovable but gruff private detective Emerson Cod in Pushing Daisies.

And what can we see from Hugh Dancy’s Will Graham in the next season?

"We’re going to see Will Graham institutionalized and what we know from Red Dragon, the backstory that is given, which is very, very thin, explains that Will Graham was so psychologically compromised from investigating the Minnesota case that he had to be institutionalized.”

But where do we go from here? If you’re a huge Thomas Harris fan, you’re going to be just as in the dark about the future as the rest of us! Regarding that singular mention of Will’s fate in the book, Fuller had this to say: “That’s sort of one sentence that we can do quite a bit with. As you can see from the first season, we held true to that backstory in a very faithful way, but obviously we took huge liberties in how we interpreted that one sentence. So right now, for season two, we are in fresh territory with a chapter that hasn’t even been written by 

Thomas Harris

. It’s exciting.”

I don’t know about the rest of you, but this Fannibal can’t wait for NBC’s Hannibal to return for season two!


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