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Coulson Tries To Learn About His "Magical Place" In This Week's Agents Of SHIELD

PopWrapped | PopWrapped Author


01/07/2014 11:21 pm
PopWrapped | Fandom
Coulson Tries To Learn About His
Media Courtesy of ABC
Bec Heim Managing Editor Welcome back Agents. It’s been a long hiatus. Coulson has been kidnap. Mike Peterson is dead. The team is in shambles. The villains are trying to find out what we want to know: how did Coulson live? Hopefully, we’ll finally be getting some answers. The episode opens with a collector of alien metals and arms dealer to Centipede, Van Chat, in the middle of a deal. Ward and May drop in and kicks major ass. They chase Van Chat to an elevator, which is controlled by Skye. The elevator delivers Van Chat to the top where Agent Hand is waiting to apprehend him. Back on The Bus, we learn it’s been thirty-six hours since the explosion and Coulson going missing. Mike Peterson is more than likely dead. During the meeting in the overcrowded Bus, someone (Skye) attempt to hack banking records. Agent Hand says that she’s off the Bus and the agency because of her wild card ways. Ward tries to stick up for her. Agent Hand, however, defers to Agent May. Agent May, seemingly betraying Skye says that “no” she shouldn’t be on the Bus. Skye is going to be taken to a “debrief.” Thanks to Fitz, Simmons, and Ward, however, she is able to go off the grid before she is picked up. Meanwhile, Centipede is trying to bring his memories forward with some sort of weird memory machine. The evil guy with the thick accent they got is trying to torture/intimidate the information out of Coulson. He doesn’t care if he has to kill Coulson to get the answer. Coulson gives him sassy responses. The guy simply says they have to do things the hard way, which seems to involve an electric cattle prod. Back to Skye, she is in a coffee shop trying to hack SHIELD. Due to the fact that Agent Hand has turned the wrist device up and makes every technological piece of equipment near her go into LOCKDOWN complete with SHIELD logo. So out of options, Skye gets drastic. She buys a coat from a high-end boutique where she spies a guy she can use to get her an information. Then she steals his car quite easily. Coulson is taken to a filthy room. A while later, someone comes in to see him. Coulson tricks the person and takes their feet out from under them. He tries to make a break for it. They’re in a creepy mannequin ghost town that was passed over for nuclear testing. The bad guy tells Coulson that there is nowhere for him to run or hide until he gives the information they want. Ward is getting impatient regarding the fact that Van Chat is not giving them the information they need in a timely manner. Ward takes over from Hand’s interrogator to “talk” to Van Chat. Ward has Fitz and Simmons blow a small hole in the play and make Van Chat nearly think he’s going to die in order to get the information. Ward does not play around. Skye breaks into the guy’s home whose car she stole. She calls his office, identifies herself as the LAPD, and lures him home. She plays dress-up as May and tells him her name is May. Even though the guy sets his silent alarm to alert the security company, Skye is able to disarm both security guards and hack into the system without touching the computer. Hand calls Ward into the meeting room. She says that thanks to his unusual interrogation tactics, they were able to extract information from Van Chat. They’re conducting Centipede raids all over the globe. Ward still wants to go get Coulson. Hand, however, is curious. She wonders why one agent is so important. Meanwhile, Coulson is still getting tortured. Rayna, Flower Dress Girl, comes in and says that they should not do it this way. The guy tells her that she doesn’t know what she is talking about. The Clarivoyant places a call to him and Rayna. He is not happy that the results are not being yielded. After speaking with Rayna, something is used on the torture guy that kills him. May and Ward have a chat. Where Ward asks May why Skye is not on the Bus. He thinks that she did it on purpose because she has issues with Skye. May tells Ward that she did it because Skye works best outside the system. Skye becomes more super secret badass spy. She calls it in and tells them where to find Coulson. The team wants to go look at her “lead” while Hand leads a strike team against a Centipede lab. May convinces Hand to let them go to Skye. (Skye continues to be an amazingly perfect badass agent even though she’s been doing this for a couple of months?) Coulson and Rayna start talking. Rayna points out that he has given everything to this job. He’s died to this job. He gave up a chance of real happiness with the cellist for this job. She tells him that he is entitled to some answers. Coulson, after some thinking, agrees Coulson is in the pod thing. He sees Doctor Shepherd Book and finds out that Fury was the one who commissioned him to be brought back. Skye arrives first on the scene to the desert town. She runs away from one of the Extremis soldiers who is ran over by the car. Meanwhile Coulson is starting to get memories of what happened. He doesn’t see much except a kind of operating theater. He also sees Doctor Shepherd Book and another doctor. The team shows up and chaos ensues. Ward tells them to look for Coulson while he keeps the Extermis soldier distracted. Ward fights a super soldier guy and force-feeds him some kind of pill. The pill either kills him or knocks him out. Either way his lips turn black and he falls over allowing Ward to escape. Back to Coulson, he’s in clear distress. He’s asking someone to let him die over and over again. Doctor Shepherd Book says what is being done to him is not right. The camera pulls back and…What the fuck is that?!?! No seriously. Coulson is awake and his brain is visible. Some sort of strange alien machine is touching it over and over again. He looks to be in extreme pain. Skye finds Coulson. She punches Rayna out to get to him where she brings him around. Skye and Coulson continue their “father-daughter” bond. This is the cherry on top of the whole episode of Skye being more awesome than SHIELD. (I’m sorry. Skye is starting to sound like a Mary Sue the more and more I watch.) In the next scene, we see Rayna in chains. Hand says that the Clairvoyant, whoever he is, has gone underground. We still have no clue what we saw in regards to Coulson. He’s as composed as always. Hand leaves the Bus saying that she does not belong here. Skye is given her freedom back by Coulson for her work. Coulson surprises Doctor Shepherd Book in his car. Doctor Shepherd Book says that Fury was the one who commissioned it. That they did things and crossed boundaries no other doctor should. Coulson leaves the car with no more answers than when he came in. In the scene after, we see Mike Peterson wake up. He is alive. He is horribly scarred and missing a limb. His eye has also been replaced with the controlled synthetic one. Well that was a disappointing episode. Coulson is still human. I was hoping for Life Model Decoy or something. Also I’m starting to get really sick of the Skye Show. Can the other characters start to have a bigger role?  Please? Well that’s it for “A Magical Place” where I have more questions then answers. Until then this is Agent Heim signing out.


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