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Crack The "Art Ace" Case This Week On The Mysteries Of Laura

Brittany Jones | PopWrapped Author

Brittany Jones

10/31/2014 1:08 am
PopWrapped | Television
Crack The
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On tonight's The Mysteries of Laura episode, a gambling ring is uncovered by the team while they investigate the murder of a gallery owner’s son in Koreatown, and Laura reunites with her dad as she prepares to go undercover as a high-stakes poker player. Let me just say, when you start the episode with a jam session of Janis Joplin's "Piece of My Heart" then you know it's going to be a good hour.  Laura and Jake are teaming up and their first case is to solve the murder of a young man whose body was found in the dumpster. Jake thinks that the victim died of a robbery gone wrong. But Laura finds $20,000 in his pants and rules that out.  They head over to an are gallery where they meet David's sister and father. When they tell them that David is dead his sister is very emotional, but his father is not surprised by it because of the life he lived. David and his father had a falling out because he was a college dropout who always tried to prove himself.  His sister says that David was in Koreatown for karaoke night.  Laura and Jake go to the karaoke bar and Jake starts to quickly ask customers if they've seen David. Laura, however, decides that performing a song would be a better idea.  He has a run in with the owner of the bar and is able to get them to leave, so he can explore the bar. He stumbles upon an underground poker room. Back at the station, Meredith tells  Jake that they didn't find anything unusual in David's apartment or the art gallery. Jake feels that their best bet would be the poker game that is happening that night. He asks Laura to play in the poker tournament, but she says no because she's playing Candyland. She's is their best way to finding the suspect because she wasn't made at the karaoke bar and she won Jake's shirt on their first date.  She tries to say she is rusty, but he suggests someone that will definitely help her remember. Her Dad. She tells him that she's going undercover at a high stakes poker tournament and needs his help to brush up a little bit. He says that he will help after she apologizes for Thanksgiving. This leads to an argument and he calls her crazy. She mentions that statements like that is the reason her mom left and storms out of the apartment. Max has done some research on poker and learns that NFL player TJ Cantrell is a frequent poker player at these games. A Twitter picture helps Meredith and Billy track down TJ at a strip club and bring him down to the precinct, he agrees to get Laura in to the exclusive poker game that night. Going against what she really wants, Laura has no choice but to go back to her dad again and ask for help on her poker skills.  Her dad agrees to give her a refresher, but on one condition, he wants to spend a day with his grandsons. Laura reluctantly agrees to the deal. Later that night Laura goes undercover to the to the poker game, and tells everyone her name is “Red Velvet.”   Jake, Meredith, and--to Laura's horror--her dad are parked out in a surveillance van keeping tabs on her via spy cameras.  Laura is able to weed out suspects with a little small talk. Laura plays for a while and when she doesn't get the answers she wants she pulls out her badge. Everyone scatters and one player flips a table on her. When backup arrives she tells them that they need to get Bridget, the game hostess, who ran out of the room as soon as she heard the name David. Meredith chases her and tackles her. She cuffs her and also says that if she ripped her pants Bridget owes her $300.  They bring Bridget in for questioning, and she insists she has no idea what happened to David.  She says that she met him a year ago and was using him to launder her poker money at the art gallery.  They check out Bridget’s story, and it turns out she was telling the truth and she bought hundreds of thousands worth of paintings from the Sarkissian gallery.  She says that she used to use an art dealer named Titus Bosh, but she fired him and hired David. Max and Meredith head to an art gallery auction to track down Titus. After he and Max go head to head in a bidding war, he insists that he had nothing to do with David’s death. He did tell David’s father that he was not happy his son was stealing his business and laundering money for Bridget.  Meredith calls Jake and tells him that they have a new suspect – David’s father. Jake and Laura head back to the Sarkissian Gallery to discuss David’s death with his father.  He insists they are running a clean operation, but Jake reveals there was framer’s glue in and around the head wound on David. At the police station, David’s father confesses to killing David with a brick and says he threw it in the dumpster. Laura's dad brings the boys back from their day out and it leads to an argument between him and Laura. She tells him that she is upset that when she found Jake cheated on him, he invited Jake to family functions. He says that he was trying to fix things because he is her dad and that's what dads do. This makes Laura and Jake realize that David's father is covering for his daughter, Angela. They head back to the gallery, and Laura distracts Angela while Jake heads upstairs to snoop around.  He finds a bowling pin with broken glass glued to it, with blood on it, stashed in a cupboard. Angela insists she is innocent and didn’t kill David, even though they found the murder weapon in her office.  While they are talking to Angela, they meet Angela’s boyfriend Will, a struggling artist.  The art piece Will has on display is called “99 Bottles Of Beer Not On The Wall,”  made with the same beer bottles found in the dumpster where David’s body was found.  Will confesses that he followed David to the poker game, and tried to get him to sell his bowling pin to Bridget so he could make some extra cash.  When David refused to launder Bridget’s money with Will’s art, he hit him over the head with the bowling pin.  Angela is shocked that her own boyfriend killed her brother David and, after a failed hostage attempt, Jake and Laura take Will in to custody and charge him with murder. The episode ends with a little reconciliation between Laura and her father. Next week, housewives are getting wild and Jake's jealousy will be coming out full force. Now that The Mysteries of Laura has been picked up for a full season, I'm loving how we are getting more of a backstory to Laura and seeing minor characters step into the spotlight. Tell us what you thought of the episode and the full season pickup below.

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