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Crystal Reed Talks About This Week's Teen Wolf Shocker

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03/19/2014 1:47 pm
PopWrapped | Television
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Shane Avery

Senior Staff Writer @ShaneAvery

Well, for those of you out there that still don't know the fate of my beloved Allison Argent from Teen Wolf, you may want to stop reading now. Following Monday's explosive penultimate episode of the season, many fans were outraged when favorite Allison was killed off the show. Well, actress Crystal Reed sat down with Entertainment Weekly to discuss the tragic death and exactly how it came to be. Some highlights from the interview:

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: Why?!?! Wait, let me start over. Deciding to leave the show was obviously a tough call to make. Tell me how you decided it was time.


 I love the art. And I felt like, creatively, there were things I wanted to do differently, and I wanted to explore other avenues of film and TV. I wanted to jump into different characters. You know, I’m 29. So I think the age difference was something I wanted to change as well because she’s 17. I love the show so much. So I went to Jeff and talked about it and he said, “We’ll write you a great ending.”

Tell me about filming your last scene:


Well, I haven’t seen it yet, so I don’t know what’s going to happen. Sometimes you film things, and it turns out very differently…usually for the better. So I don’t know what it’s going to look like… But the moment was really hard for me because we as people will never be able to act a death scene properly because we will never go through it and if we do, then we’re dead. [Laughs] So the actual physical act of it was hard; I did a lot of research on how she would be actually dying in this circumstance, so I had to bear that in mind. So, as she was dying and she had her last breath, I was saying my lines and I kept saying, “I love you. I love you. I love you. I love you.” And I remember one of the producers came over and said, “Please don’t say that because she loves Isaac.” [But] I do feel like Allison still loves Scott. And I think in that moment, she said she loves him because that’s still there. So it was hard for me to hold back those feelings because as an actor, I feel like that’s still there. So I don’t know how it’s going to turn out, but it was interesting for me as an actor because I so strongly felt the urge to say it to him even though she wasn’t supposed to. So that was interesting. You can read the FULL interview HERE. How are all of you Teen Wolf fans reacting to this? Still heartbroken?

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