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Damian Lewis Responds To Fan Criticism As Homeland Wraps Up Third Season

PopWrapped | PopWrapped Author


12/05/2013 9:12 am
PopWrapped | Television
Damian Lewis Responds To Fan Criticism As Homeland Wraps Up Third Season
Media Courtesy of Showtime / Frank Ockenfels



Content Editor

Any Homeland fan will tell you their thoughts on Brody. Most either wish he'd been killed off last season, or wish he had a larger role this season. It's a tricky situ for the writers, who try to placate both sides of the fanbase. The man behind Brody, British actor Damian Lewis, recently shared his thoughts on the matter. Chatting to Entertainment Weekly, he stated: "I’ve rarely played such a controversial character. There’s certainly an argument for Brody to have been killed in season 2. Equally a lot of people watching season 3 miss Brody. So he does divide opinion." It's no secret that the Homeland writers had originally planned for former marine Brody to die in last year's finale. "When I took the job it was really intimated to me very strongly there was only so much of a storyline for Brody. So even though, like everybody else, I signed on for 6-7 years, I had no expectation of getting even halfway through that. So any extra time I have with the show I relish because it’s been such a fantastic show. "Brody is such a conundrum for the writers, they’ve been slightly hijacked by the brilliance of their own creation. I don’t think anybody quite knew how Brody was going to work and I don’t think anybody anticipated how compelling the Carrie-Brody relationship would be. "I don’t think they knew how people would respond to a Marine who’s prepared to commit an act of terrorism against his own country. In spite of his dastardly act, people liked him and were rooting for him. He’s a brilliantly complex and unpredictable character and he survives desire of that. He could still be there in season 7. Who knows?" Touching on the backlash another of the show's controversial characters, Dana, he noted that he doesn't feel the actors should pay attention to the reviews. "I disagree with all of them. Don’t pick up the reviews and read what everybody thinks of what you’ve done, know yourself what you’ve done. That’s the important thing. We know where the weaknesses and strengths are in Homeland, and the strengths massively outweigh the weaknesses." Homeland airs on Showtime in the US and on Channel 4 in the UK. Don't miss the last three episodes of the  season! "[Brody's] going to go on his mission, which will be far from straight forward. It will be fraught with problems and doubt and hurdles, both personal and physical, that he will have to overcome."


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