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"Dancing With The Stars" Week 4 Recap: The Most Memorable Year & Another Elimination!

Shane Avery | PopWrapped Author

Shane Avery

10/07/2014 11:19 am
PopWrapped | Television
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Here we go!!

After last weeks shocking elimination of Randy Couture and the also shocking 10's for two couples, it was time for another week of competition....and elimination.

Tom and Erin revealed that the fans would be scoring the couples as well from home, voting on an online app and giving them a score out of 10. Their score would be delivered along with the judges. Len Goodman was once again gone for the week.

Wasting no time, our hosts with the most delivered some results fast and furious:

Janel & Val, and Jonathan & Allison were SAFE, but Betsey and Tony were in jeopardy.

1. Janel & Val - Rumba

Janel revealed 2002 was her most memorable because it was when she moved to Hollywood, which she got the confidence from her very first vocal coach. Sadly, her mentor passed away after she moved out to LA. 

The emotion poured out of Janel during her rumba and it was absolutely beautiful to watch. The judges commended her on her technique and they received three 9's from the judges AND a 9 from America giving them 36 out of 40.

I don't know about you guys, but the show had just started and Janel already had me in tears!

2. Jonathan & Allison - Samba

Jonathan paid tribute to his fans after his breakthrough role in the classic "Mean Girls" from 2004, and what a treat this performance truly was!!

Jonathan reenacted the Christmas recital scene from the film, and yours truly was really enjoying it. Unfortunately, the judges (and America) didn't, and delivered four 6's They may have been safe last night, but will they be next week with only 24 out of 40?

3. Betsey & Tony - Jive

The fabulous fashion designer revealed her favorite year was the birth of her daughter, but she explained the hardships of not having the father around. It was so great to have her daughter Lulu walk her out at the start of the dance, and ONCE AGAIN.....

Betsey delivered!!

I've said it numerous times, but the energy that comes out of this woman is infectious and I can't help but root for her. The judges agreed and gave her an 8 (from Carrie Ann) and three 7's (Julianne, Bruno, America).

Would it be for nothing though? 

Would she go home? 

It was time for more results though.

Bethany & Derek were safe as were Antonio & Cheryl, but Michael and Emma were in jeopardy along with Betsey & Tony. Lea and Artem were also safe. 

4. Bethany & Derek - Rumba

The YouTube sensation explained how she went from bullying to her stardom online, and wanted to express that life really does get better. The duo also had a guest performer with them, as Colbie Cailltat sang her hit "Try". The pair once again brought an emotion to the dance, but there was as tad disconnect at certain times. Just me? 

While Julianne loved the emotion in the dance, and was brought to tears, their wasn't enough rumba material. Bruno agreed and Carrie Ann echoed the thoughts. The judges delivered three 8's while America rewarded them with a 9 giving them 33 out of 40. 

5. Michael & Emma - Quickstep

So much emotion tonight!

The race car driver remembered his racing mentor Dale Earnhardt. Following Michael's win, his mentor was killed in a race accident. 

It's really hard to critique a routine when you know the emotion behind it, but unfortunately Michael's routine fell flat for me. He seemed to miss a couple of steps and the movement was really off. The judges hated what they had to say, but ultimately delivered three 6's with America giving them a 7. 

6. Lea & Artem - Contemporary

Confession time.

Your favorite recapper here was crying right out the gate from her video montage of her explaining losing her father. Also, they danced to a beautiful rendition of "Dance with My Father" by the late Luther Vandross.

This was hands down, one of the most stunning, heartbreaking, beautiful renditions the show has ever given us, and I think we were all crying with Lea. The movement was so special and so genuine. This SHOULD have been a perfect score, but America  delivered a 9 after out judges gave them three 10's.

Let's not do this next season okay? 

7. Antonio & Cheryl - Samba

The heartthrob revealed his most memorable year was his first audition, which happened to be the music video for Janet Jackson's "Love Will Never Do (Without You)". He already scored bonus points by not wearing a shirt.


Have to keep things honest!

The routine was great as the 2 really worked the dance floor and used all of the moves they could think of. However, the judges delivered three 7's with American giving them an 8.

The final 3 couples found out their fate:

Alfonso & Witney were safe, as were Sadie & Mark. Unfortunately, that meant that Tommy & Peta were in jeopardy. 

8. Tommy & Peta - Jive

The "Cheech & Chong" legend explained his 2003 prison stunt, in which he served 9 months. The fear surrounded Tommy, but he learned how to live each moment that came to him. The judges all agreed that while there were mistakes, his energy never dipped. The judges, and America all delivered a 7 to our favorite stoner. 

9. Sadie & Mark - Samba

The youngest "Dynasty" alum sounded off about how hard it was during the comments made by her grandfather. She revealed her faith is what kept her going, and wanted to show that through her dance. 

The whole routine was "Duck Dynasty" inspired, and time for yet another confession:

There has never really been much love from yours truly directed at Sadie, but this routine changed everything! Sadie exploded on the stage and the little duckling really came into her own. Loved every second of the routine and the scores echoed the reactions:

Three 9's and a 10 from Julianne!!

10. Alfonso & Witney - Jazz


'The Carlton' HAPPENED.

Oh you read that right. Alfonso's favorite year was easy, as he picked the years spent on "Fresh Prince of Bel Air". He also explained how the role hindered him to escape the shadow of Carlton Banks. 

Our beloved alum and Witney paid tribute to the fans of the show, and we even had them dancing to "It's Not Unsual" by Tom Jones!

Some much nostalgia watching this routine and words will not do it justice. Make sure you find this and watch it!!!

And FINALLY, America....

Four 10's!!!!

The fun unfortunately came crashing down though, as we needed to find out who was going home. Tommy and Peta were safe.....

And Betsey and Tony were eliminated.

Damn it. 

The competition is really heating up!! What did you guys think of the results?

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