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"Dancing With The Stars" Week 6 Recap: Guest Starring Leah Remini And Pitbull!

Shane Avery | PopWrapped Author

Shane Avery

10/21/2014 12:53 am
PopWrapped | Television
Media Courtesy of Pitbull joins the judging panel of DWTS [ABC]
Get ready everyone. Last week on "Dancing with The Stars", there was no elimination so that meant this weeks would include a painful goodbye. However, we were pleasantly graced with guest judge Pitbull and the amazing Leah Remini, who stood in for co-host Erin Andrews! With Mr. Worldwide kicking off the night with an explosive performance, it was time to get down to business. Leah took her spot in the skybox, but Tom needed to make some announcements: Tommy & Peta were safe, and shockingly, Janel & Val were in jeopardy! They weren't alone though, because Jonathan and Allison were in jeopardy as well. Things didn't get better for them.... And they were up first!

1. Jonathan & Allison - Jazz

THERE YOU GO!! That is how you kick off a show, because Jonathan and Allison finally seemed to have found a groove that all of the judges liked. They came out with their "Men in Black" jazz routine and absolutely smashed it. Jonathan finally showed a different side to himself and while yours truly has enjoyed him all season, it was really nice to see the judges agreeing with me! They received four 8's, their highest score of the competition! And was it just me, or did anyone else get an absolute laugh from Leah trying to do Jonathan's kooky eyes?

2. Janel & Val - Samba

Still trying to understand how they were in jeopardy this week, but the show must go on. Another explosive routine from our "Pretty Little Liar", but it was met with some mixed reviews from the judges. Pitbull felt the performance lacked sexual energy, while Julianne commended Val with his immensely complicated choreography. Bruno agreed with Julianne, while Carrie Ann loved it as well, she felt this was the first time we saw Janel shaky on her feet. The scores came in with an 8 from Carrie Ann, 9's from Julianne and Bruno... and a 7 from Pitbull! Ouch.

3.  Tommy & Peta - Foxtrot

What I have loved from this couple this season is that Peta choreographs to assist Tommy. This routine was no different as they glided across the dance floor and it felt like Tommy was truly in his element. To know they were already safe was also fantastic, and they went on to receive four 7's from our judges! Time for some more results! Antonio & Cheryl, Sadie & Mark and Lea & Artem were all SAFE!!

4. Antonio & Cheryl - Salsa

Let me just start off by saying I truly do love Antonio, however this routine fell absolutely flat. Julianne liked the performance, but felt he needed to work on the shoulders, while Bruno & Carrie Ann felt it needed a tad more work as well. I just felt his shoulders were way too distracting and the sex appeal that should have been there was MIA. The judges awarded them four 7's, which seemed rather high in my opinion.

5. Sadie & Mark - Rumba

Mark had a huge task this week: He needed to deliver a proper rumba, but with Sadie's parents worried about it being too sexual, he had to bring it back a bit. Thankfully this worked 100% because Sadie has never looked more beautiful or danced more delicately. Her lines were stunning and I loved how simple Mark kept the routine. This was by far my favorite routine of the night (so far), and once again the scores were all over the place: Julianne & Bruno delivered 8's, Carrie Ann a 9... and Pitbull gave them a 10! Sadie was brought to tears by their scores, with Leah hilariously telling her not to cry or she would start crying.

6. Lea & Artem - Salsa

Following some fighting during rehearsals, Lea and Artem took the stage and Lea really pushed herself during this number. There were times where it seemed she felt unsure, like Carrie Ann said, but the routine came together. They received four 8's from the judges, with Julianne calling her the female to beat! More results! Alfonso & Witney and Bethany & Derek were safe, with Michael & Emma winding up in jeopardy.

7. Michael & Emma - Argentine Tango

Was anyone else really worried about this? I was......and I was proven WRONG. Michael finally stripped away the laughs, the goofiness, and really presented himself in this routine and it absolutely, 100% worked. I've been very hard on Michael but I was very happy with this number. Julianne was moved to tears, and Carrie Ann called it "beautiful". The ladies awarded them 8's with Bruno and Pitbull giving them 7's, their highest score of the competition!

8. Bethany & Derek - Tango

The pressure was on this week for the high scoring couple, as Bethany's schedule wasn't allowing them a lot of time for rehearsal. Luckily, it didn't really show because they delivered!! Minus one little slip up, Bethany worked her butt off during this number and they received glowing scores from the judges: Four 9's!!

9. Alfonso & Witney - Salsa

Dancing to Jennifer Lopez's "Booty", the newly reunited couple EXPLODED on the dance floor and wowed everyone in attendance!! Alfonso was clearly in pain, suffering through a groin injury but that didn't stop them! They went on to receive three 10's and a 9 from Julianne!! Highest score of the night people! However, the fun & games were over. It was time to announce the first couple safe: Michael & Emma. Yes, his routine was great tonight, but this was a shock. It was down to Janel & Val and Jonathan & Allison..... And our favorite "Mean Girls" guy was sent packing. I have to admit a bit of shock over Michael & Emma being safe over them, but that's the show folks! Next week, Len Goodman returns for the Halloween Special!!

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