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Dancing With The Stars, Week 7: Len Returns, Halloween, & Someone Goes Home!

Shane Avery | PopWrapped Author

Shane Avery

10/28/2014 12:50 am
PopWrapped | Television
Dancing With The Stars, Week 7: Len Returns, Halloween, & Someone Goes Home! | halloween
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What a perfect time for Grumpy Len Goodman to rejoin us.... IT'S HALLOWEEN after all! The Halloween special kicked off with a very special routine featuring all of the pros--it even featured a very special entrance from the returning Len Goodman. Erin Andrews was also back as co-host! There was no time to waste, though, as there were the individual dances as well as the first group dances of the season. First up.... 1. Tommy & Peta - Quickstep The vaude villain routine really felt like it suited Tommy even though he seemed to be in quite a bit of pain during rehearsals. The 76-year-old never showed signs of slowing down, because he came right out the gate! Len, Julianne, and Bruno all felt he nailed the routine even after the pain he is suffering, but Carrie Ann did call them out on the timing and missteps. They managed to earn four 7's giving them 28 out of 40. 2. Lea & Artem - Argentine Tango (with special guest vocalist Nikki Yanofsky) You know, I'm going to 100% agree with Julianne: These guys need to give each other a break and realize that they're doing a GREAT job! The tension in rehearsals may have made us think there were problems, but they really pulled everything out during their tango. This performance ranks among their best in my opinion, and the two 8's and two 9's was very well deserved. Lea's lines (and her legs) are exquisite!

3. Bethany & Derek - Paso Doble

Derek was seeing huge growth in his partner, and it was time to take Bethany to a different level. There's truly only one word to describe this performance: WOW. Bethany has morphed into a full fledged dancer and it was glorious to watch. She brought the ferocity to the number and the judges were raving about it. Grumpy Len was truly back in form though, because he felt they got lost in the production of the number. Len delivered a 9 while the other 3 judges gave them what they really deserved: 10's! 4. Antonio & Cheryl - Viennese Waltz Ugh. Am I the only one that feels a disconnect between these two? Not the only one. Carrie Ann called the routine uncomfortable, while Len said it was "hectic". Those are generous words. Antonio seemed to lose his footing in places and the dance suffered because of it. A 6 from Carrie Ann and 7's from the others gave them the lowest score of the night thus far.

5. Michael & Emma - Jive

Last week, Michael delivered his best performance of the season so far, and this week? Same ol' Michael unfortunately. The country themed jive felt a tad out of place for the Halloween special, and it wasn't fun to watch. Michael was moving a tad more than he usually does, but it still felt lackluster for week 7. The low scores seemed obvious, but the four 5's even hurt yours truly. 6. Janel & Val - Viennese Waltz LOVED THIS!!! Janel pitched the idea to use the "Pretty Little Liars" theme to keep up with the Halloween theme, and for yours truly it worked. Julianne immediately called them out for not delivering a traditional Waltz, and Carrie Ann and Bruno picked up on a few arms problems. Three 8's and a 7 from Len rounded out their scores.

7. Alfonso & Witney - Rumba (special guest vocalist Ella Henderson)

These two are without a doubt my favorite couple. Their rumba really did soar and thankfully there were no injuries!! The judges raved about the routine, and I also need to make mention of the stellar vocals from 'X Factor' star Ella Henderson. This was incredible from start to finish, and Alfonson is going to be in the finale. Mark my words!! Four 9's! 8. Sadie & Mark - Paso Doble Did anyone else feel this didn't work? The judges were battling each other with comments about the routine which resulted in two 7's and two 8's. Yours truly was leaning towards agreeing with Carrie Ann. The paso doble is supposed to be strong and passionate, but the Halloween routine left Sadie as a scared character and it didn't fit the style. Tough times were up next though, because Tom Bergeron needed to inform us that the results would come in following the..... GROUP DANCES! First team up was Janel & Val, Bethany & Derek, Michael & Emma and Lea & Artem! Dancing to "Black Widow" by Iggy Azalea and Rita Ora, the first group up really did impress. They managed to include some stellar individual pieces. More importantly, Michael really impressed!! He managed to keep up with the younger crew, and then they all got some GREAT news: They were ALL safe! Time for group number 2! They included Sadie & Mark, Tommy & Peta, Alfonso & Witney, and Antonio & Cheryl! Dancing to "Time Warp" from "The Rocky Horror Picture Show" the second group really delivered a twisted circus number and I really did enjoy it. The little bit from Tommy & Peta was so much fun. Tom didn't waste any time following the routine though. It was time for some results: Alfonso & Witney and Sadie & Mark were safe, which left us Antonio & Cherl and Tommy & Peta in jeopardy. The eliminated couple was.... Antonio & Cheryl That's a wrap folks! What did you think of Halloween night? Are you surprised Antonio & Cheryl went home?

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