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Recaps PopWrapped | Recaps

Dancing With The Stars: 21x02, Night Two

Shane Avery | PopWrapped Author

Shane Avery

09/22/2015 4:57 pm
PopWrapped | Recaps
Dancing With The Stars: 21x02, Night Two | Dancing With The Stars
Media Courtesy of Twitter

It's elimination night!!

Who's ready for week 2!? 

Dancing With the Stars is moving along in week 2 of the competition, but unfortunately there was going to be bad news for one couple. 

The extra obstacle they had to face this week was TWO dances, one tonight and one tomorrow night in the special double elimination. 

The night would see that stars reminiscing about their hometowns, and Tom Bergeron and Erin Andrews revealed that at the end of the night.....

Someone would be going home. 

1. Nick Carter and Sharna - Jive

Maybe not as strong as their debut last week, but it was good! 

Nick seemed frustrated with his footwear right off the bat, and slipped slightly coming down the stairs which threw him. The judges all called him out on hit, while even Carrie Ann commented tha he was too much in his head. 

Bruno Tonioli, Julianne Hough and Carrie Ann awarded them with three 7's. 

21 out of 30

2. Paula Deen and Louis - Rumba

Color me DAMN impressed!!

I can't lie that I've truly never been a fan of the Southern chef, but she actually impressed me with this dance. Like Bruno commented, there was one tiny little slip when she seemed to stall, but Louis kept her going and she finished strong. Each of the judges had tiny critiques for parts of the routine, but they all agreed it was a vast improvement over last week. 

A 7 from Carrie Ann and two 6's from Bruno and Julianne. 

19 out of 30 

3. Hayes Grier and Emma - Foxtrot

Another solid job by our Vine star!!! 

Hayes is really proving that he could be a serious contender, because he came alive with this foxtrot. His lines were incredible, but Julianne did have one minor piece of advice, which is to keep up the momentum throughout the entire routine. 

And then ? 


Upon finishing the routine, Hayes and Emma spoke with Erin Andrews and the youngest competitor brought us all to tears with his love for his mother. He thanked her for being there for him, and even brought himself to tears in the process. 

For the perfect ending to the routine, the judges awarded them two 7's and an 8 from Carrie Ann! 

22 out of 30

4. Chaka Khan and Keo - Foxtrot

Let's just hope this is better than last week. 

Well......maybe. But only slightly. 

Once again, Chaka seemed to be having a blast, but she looked to forget a lot of the choreography and seemed to be pulled along by Keo. The judges only commented on the one slip, but yours truly saw quite a few. 

Still, they only received three 5's, which was a slight improvement over last week's 13. 

15 out of 30

5. Andy Grammer and Allison - Jive

Honey HE'S GOOD!! 

Andy came to really compete tonight, there were some really great spots, but it seemed yours truly was watching something else because the judges really came at him for being off beat. You would have thought it would have shown in his scores, but they still seemed impressed, and gave them three 7's. 

21 out of 30

6. Kim Zolciak-Biermann and Tony - Quickstep

MUCH better than last week!! 

Kim seemed much more focused and calm this week over her debut, The biggest plus for this performance was how much Kim appeared to be having and it showed in the routine. The judges praised her comeback over last week, and I absolutely loved every second of it. 

Biggest improvement yet with two 6's and a 7 from Carrie Ann!! 

19 out of 30

7. Alek Skarlatos and Lindsay - Jazz

Last week proved to be a GREAT start for the hero and his partner Lindsay, so would they be able to keep it up? 


Absolutely blown away by Alek's and Lindsay's routine, and the judges were joining yours truly in the praise. Alek matched Lindsay with every move and it was crazy good. And plus? 

Any reason to see Alek smile is enough for me!!!

Highest score of the night with a 7 from Julianne and two 8's from Bruno and Carrie Ann. 

23 out of 30

8. Alexa Pena-Vega and Mark - Salsa

If Alexa was indeed holding back last week, she let go this week!! 

While the routine was hot from start to finish, and Mark of course nailed all of his lines, all eyes were on Mrs. Pena-Vega. She killed this routine and the chemistry between her and Ballas is only going to get better every week. The judges all agreed, awarding them three 8's. A tad shocked not a single 9 was given out. 

24 out of 30 

9. Victor Espinoza and Karina - Jive

This.....wasn't fun to watch. 

I must admit that Victor is a LOT of fun, and his personality is something root for, but this routine was a complete mess. There seemed to be somewhat of a flub at the beginning of the routine, and they completely fell out of sync with one another. His energy and laugh is infectious, but unfortunately it really didn't work. If Victor sticks around tonight, he's going to be in trouble tomorrow.

Two 6's and a 5. 

17 out of 30

10. Tamar Braxton and Val - Cha Cha

Some of these stars are BRINGING it tonight!!! 

Tamar brought it and then some with her explosive Cha Cha alongside Val, and what a routine it was. Her lines were incredible, her footwork, and that solo!? 


They received three 8's. 

24 out of 30. 

11. Gary Busey and Anna - Foxtrot

You know what? 

I love how much fun he has!!! 

Gary's routines may not ever reach that expert level, but that's okay. His charisma, and love for being on that dancefloor is incredible to watch (maybe a tad weird). 

However, critiquing the routine isn't as bad as you would think. Gary really tried hard and you could see it in his eyes. Yeah....those eyes. 

Let's move on. 

They went on to receive three 6's from the judges. 

18 out of 30

12. Carlos Pena Vega and Witney - Foxtrot

Can Carlos surpass his wife again? 

Him and Witney once again really brought it with their routine, and this was even better than their first. The passion between the two of them is a marvel in only week 2, and our beloved Witney could possibly be looking at her 2nd Mirror Ball. 

Three 8's, tying him with Alexa!!

24 out of 30

13. Bindi Irwin and Derek - Tango

Who knew Bindi loved AC/DC!? 

Once again, just like the premiere, our Aussie absolutely killed the dancefloor with her Tango. She really comes alive once the music starts and I can't get enough of her. I've always given Derek crap, but you know what? 

He could very well win another Mirror Ball with her!! 

And the scores? 

Two 8's.....AND A 9 from Carrie Ann!!

25 out of 30

Unfortunately, as fun as this was, it was time to reveal who was in jeopardy. 

The bottom two couples were revealed to be Gary/Anna and Chaka/Keo, with the first couple going home in season 21......

Chaka and Keo.

Our funk queen took her bow and final dance with Keo, but don't forget everyone: 

We're back tomorrow night with more competition and ANOTHER elimination! 

Are you surprised about Chaka going home first? 



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