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Recaps PopWrapped | Recaps

Dancing With The Stars: 21x03, Night 3

Shane Avery | PopWrapped Author

Shane Avery

09/24/2015 5:45 am
PopWrapped | Recaps
Dancing With The Stars: 21x03, Night 3 | Dancing With The Stars
Media Courtesy of Twitter

Dancing with the Stars said goodbye to funk queen Chaka Khan last night, but unfortunately the week wasn't over:

Another couple would be going home tonight!

Tonight would see yet another elimination, but we had competition to get through. We saw the celebs tackle their hometowns, and tonight we got to get a glimpse into the hometowns of our pros! 

Tom Bergeron and Erin Andrews got straight to business, and here we go!!

1. Hayes Grier and Emma - Quickstep 

The Vine sensation brought us all to tears last night with the dedication and love for his mother, and tonight he BROUGHT IT again!! They put a fresh spin on the quickstep and it really looked like they've been dancing together for weeks. The judges had little nitpicks for the performance, but they all agree it was solid. 

Two 8's and a 7!! 

23 out of 30


2. Carlos Pena-Vega and Witney - Cha Cha

The high scoring couple was looking to repeat with their western routine, but as sexy as Alex may have looked in his unbuttoned shirt, something felt off this time for yours truly. Love his footwork, as well as his energy, but something didn't click. Did they seem disconnected to anyone else? 

Not so much to Bruno, but Carrie Ann and Julianne called him out on his legs being bent. Or what they called "squatty". 

Three 7's for their dance. 

21 out of 30

3. Gary Busy and Anna - Paso Doble


Let's see. 

Gary is a performer. He's an actor. THIS routine? 

Was not good. 

The routine really tried to play up the theatrics to try and distant Gary from the steps themselves, but it unfortunately didn't work. The problems were extremely visible with this performance and, after being in jeopardy last night, Gary's in serious trouble tonight. 

The judges scored them three 5's. 

15 out of 30

4. Andy Grammer and Allison - Contemporary

Right in Allison's wheelhouse. And yes I just used that word. 

While I didn't get the extensions from Andy that I wanted, this was absolutely beautiful from start to finish. The emotion was there, and the drive was really visible. Andy is really pushing himself and the judges picked up on it. 

Two 8's from our ladies and a 7 from Bruno. 

23 out of 30

5. Alexa Pena-Vega and Mark - Rumba

It's different to see an emotional side to Mr. Ballas, and with this routine, it proved how big of a heart he really has. The routine was stunning, with Bruno applauding the classic rumba style. However, while they thought it was beautiful, they picked up on Alexa not working her body the proper way throughout. 

Two 7's and an 8 from Bruno! 

22 out of 30

6. Paula Deen and Louis - Tango

While yours truly is shocked by how well Paula has been doing, there's been something a tad off with her frame. She's really been pushing herself for Louis and that's evident but not everything is clicking. The judges picked up on the issues with their number, and awarded them three 6's. 

18 out of 30 

7. Bindi Irwin and Derek - Waltz

Last night's top scoring couple!! 

I'm starting to come to the conclusion that Bindi Irwin is a DANCER. Her lines throughout this waltz were absolutely stunning and I'm almost in shock. Her age has nothing to do with her dances, and she's showing so much strength so early on in the competition. Julianne called the routine beautiful, while Bruno did the same. Unfortunately, while Carrie Ann thought the same, she called them out on the lift. It may have been brief, but she saw it. Two 8's and a 7 from Carrie Ann. 

23 out of 30

8. Kim Zolciak-Biermann and Tony - Foxtrot

This was a tad uncomfortable. 

Kim looked gorgeous in her grey gown, however there were a lot of problems with the routine. She seemed unsure many times, even after the comeback last night. Things really got interesting afterwards however, when Tony began arguing with Bruno about his critique of the number. Carrie Ann and Julianne agreed with Bruno though, and they awarded them with three 6's. 

18 out of 30

9. Alek Skarlatos and Lindsay - Quickstep

Let's hope Alek can keep this up. 


Alek is proving himself to be a dancer, because his quickstep with Lindsay was exceptional. Minus a few flubs, the choreography that Lindsay threw into this should have made it very difficult for him. However, this is why I don't officially judge, because the judges weren't as into it as I was. While the commended his efforts and the way he carried himself, they did mention something seemed off with this one. Still, they awarded him two 7's and an 8 from Bruno. 

22 out of 30

10. Victor Espinoza and Karina - Rumba

This was an improvement over last night, but there were still some issues. What wasn't an issue though? The height difference!!!

The rumba is so sensual, that you need to be able to get close to your partner, and one would have thought it would have been hard for the jockey and Karina. They made it work, and this was Victor's best dance yet even with the slight missteps. 

Two 7's and a 6 from Julianne. 

20 out of 30

11. Nick Carter and Sharna - Foxtrot

Absolutely incredible!!! 

The Backstreet Boy and his partner really upped their game with their foxtrot and I'm sure Nick was beaming after his foot problems last night. Nick was really pushing himself with this, seemingly trying to prove something after slightly slipping last night. The judges all praised their dance, with Julianne commending him on the connection with Sharna this time. 

Three 8's, giving them the highest score of the night with one routine to go...

24 out of 30

12. Tamar Braxton and Val - Charleston

Our fiery 'Real' co-host came ALIVE with this Charleston routine and what a dance it was to watch!! They were spinning, and twirling and even pulled off a killer flip. They had so much fun with this dance, and the judges were loving the routine all across the board.....

And then it happened. 

Two 8's from the ladies, and a NINE from Bruno!! 

Highest score of the night!! 

25 out 30

Time to come down from that high, because it was jeopardy time. 

Gary and Anna were the first on the chopping block, and they were joined by Victor and Karina. 

In week 2, the 2nd couple going home was....

Victor and Karina. 

The show is back next week, with guest judge, season 19 winner Alfonso Ribeiro!!

Do you guys think Gary is on borrowed time? Two nights in a row being in the bottom doesn't look good. 

Who are you rooting for? 



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