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Recaps PopWrapped | Recaps

Dancing With The Stars 21x06; Night 6

Shane Avery | PopWrapped Author

Shane Avery

10/14/2015 8:04 am
PopWrapped | Recaps
Dancing With The Stars 21x06; Night 6 | Dancing With The Stars
Media Courtesy of Twitter

Dancing With The Stars had TWO big announcements tonight:

The switch up, and Mirror Ball winning champ Maksim Chmerkovskiy as a guest judge!!

Tom Bergeron was back this week alongside Erin Andrews, and the energy was high as the remaining couples were switched around with different partners.

The best part though?

There was NO elimination this week!!

After some intros for our new couples, it was time to get down to business!

1. Tamar Braxton and Louis - Samba

Who run the world!? TAMAR!!

The singer may have seemed doubtful with her new partner, but her and Louis really turned up the fun and heat with their Beyonce driven samba.

Not missing his usual snarky beat, Maks kicked things off by saying their connection was off, but the out of holds was great. Bruno agreed to some extent, saying Tamar was slightly off her mark. Julianne and Carrie Ann both called the routine full of steps, which she pulled off minus a few slips.

Even with the boos that Maks got from his critique, he still gave them an 8 with the others delivering 7's.

29 out of 40

2. Hayes Grier and Allison - Viennese Waltz

Look at our boy continuing to grow!!

Last week saw a huge mark in the competition for Hayes, and tonight was no exception. He has really found himself in this competition, and the judges ALMOST agreed unanimously. Bruno and Maks found it choppy, while the ladies found it very well done.

Two 8's and two 7's!

However, Erin noted that it appeared that Bruno may have submitted an 8, but raised a 7 paddle. Producers revealed after the break, that he had INDEED submitted a 7.

30 out of 40

3. Paula Deen and Mark - Jive

I'm still laughing over that intro and Mark's voice!!!

The rest of the routine was no laughing matter though. Mark tried to bring out a different energy in Paula, and I'm not sure it worked. She seemed to be struggling to keep up with him, although watching her lift her skirt is a moment I'll never get back.

The routine itself was fun and full of energy but it never really got off the ground for yours truly.

But what do I know?

Carrie Ann called it her best dance YET while Julianne echoed that. Again, the boys were on their own with 6's with the ladies giving them 7's.

26 out of 40

4. Alex Skarlatos and Emma - Rumba

Our beloved hero suffered yet setback during rehearsals with his new partner. During practice, Alek took an elbow to the nose, which reportedly broke it.

The dance must go on though, and what a dance it was!

Can we take a minute to talk about Alek's extensions!? His arms were breathtaking throughout the routine, and I couldn't take my eyes off of him. It helps that he's hot.

Keeping it real!

The judges praised the routine, with Maks calling him the dark horse of the competition. Julianne just needed to see more facial expressions, but loved the routine. Bruno only said he footwork was a TAD off but still very good.

Three 7's and an 8 from Carrie Ann. Have to be honest, the scores kind of bothered me. What did you guys think? 

29 out of 40

5. Bindi Irwin and Val - Cha Cha

Can the crocodile heiress claim another 10?

This girl is a STAR. 

The energy, charisma, EFFORTLESS performances just pour out of her, and she's always a pleasure to watch. Her leg work was on point with her cha cha with the reigning champion, There did seem to be ONE minor slip up near the start but i really was nothing. 

And that 10? 


Three 9's and a 10 from our guest judge....who happened to be Val's brother. 

37 out of 40

6. Carlos PenaVega and Lindsay - Quickstep

Did it take a new partner for Carlos to get his head in the game!? 

This routine was killer high energy, tons of footwork thrown in, and all round great choreography by Lindsay!

If Carlos was trying to prove something this week, he accomplished that and THEN SOME. The judges all praised the routine, and it was absolutely incredible. 

Highest score of the season with three 10's and a 9 from Maks!!

39 out of 40

7. Alexa PenaVega and Derek - Tango

Okay. Confession time. 

I gave a standing OVATION in my living room!!!!

Derek Hough is one of the mos genius choreographers on the program, and as much as I bitch about him, I can't ignore this. This routine was OUT OF THIS WORLD and I loved it from start to finish. 



The first of the season!! 

40 out of 40

8. Andy Grammer and Sharna - Argentine Tango

Honey, he's EXTRA good tonight!!!

Something about switching partners is doing wonders for most of the stars, because our beloved singer turned up the heat with this routine. Andy was committed to the dance, he showed intensity, and if there were any missteps, I couldn't find a single one. 


Four 9's!! 

36 out of 40

9. Nick Carter and Witney - 

Saving the best for last? 

After tonight, that's a bold statement, but our beloved Backstreet Boy brought it and then some. The intensity between the two was crazy good They were completely in sync and I loved this routine so much. It was sharp, strong and full of choreo. However, Maks sounded off first that it wasn't the type of paso that he enjoyed, while Bruno commented on his shoulders. 

Not really sure what the judges were getting at, but I didn't see that. 

I'm no pro. 

Three 9's and an 8 from Maks. 

35 out of 40

That's a WRAP!

Who do you guys think will be going home next week? 



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