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Dancing With The Stars Turns Magical For Disney Night

Shane Avery | PopWrapped Author

Shane Avery

04/15/2015 2:58 pm
PopWrapped | Recaps
Dancing With The Stars Turns Magical For Disney Night | Dancing with the Stars
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'Dancing with the Stars' was turning into a Disney movie tonight!!

Unfortunately, things couldn't be magical all night....

We still had an elimination to get to.


After a stellar intro, featuring some of your beloved Disney characters, Tom Bergeron and Erin Andrews wasted no time in revealing the first bit of results. Our hosts also revealed that the routines would be spliced with animation, which seemed to cause some problems for all of the couples during rehearsals.

First couples up were Robert & Kym, along with Suzanne and Tony.

Unfortunately, the "Three's Company" icon was in jeopardy tonight.....and she had to dance first!!

1. Suzanne Somers & Tony - 'The Lady is a Tramp' (Jazz)

After some uncertainty in their rehearsal, would they be able to bring it to their performance?

They couldn't. It appeared multiple times throughout that Suzanne lost her way, and while she looked amazing (as usual), the routine suffered from it. During the critiques, Suzanne revealed that her heel got caught in her dress. The judges had to call them out on the error, but they all praised Suzanne and called it her best dance yet.


They received four 7's for the dance.

2. Robery Herjavec & Kym - 'Mary Poppins' (Quickstep)

One of my ALL TIME favorite Disney flicks!!

Robert and Kym truly brought the Julie Andrews' classic to life, and yours truly enjoyed it thoroughly from start to finish. There is a huge complaint though......

Robert's footwork was off, and it really hurt the entire routine. His energy however is a marvel, and I love watching him perform every week. Unfortunately, after last weeks stellar scores, they sunk with four 6's.

It was time for some more results.

Chris & Witney, Patti & Artem and Willow & Mark all took the stage, and unfortunately only Willow and Mark were safe, with the other couples in jeopardy.

3. Patti Labelle & Artem - 'Pinocchio' (Waltz)

Just for the record?


After a rocky rehearsal, Patti graced the dance floor, and floated above it. The R&B queen looked absolutely gorgeous in her yellow gown, and screw the steps (yeah I know, that's silly) but this woman is incredible. I adore watching her dance, and am not finished watching her.

They received three 7's and a 6 from Len.

4. Willow Shields & Mark - 'Alice in Wonderland' (Foxtrot)

I seriously couldn't pay attention because of Mark's incredible costume!!!!


Okay, so I did pay attention to most of it because this was AMAZING. I'm not exactly sure what Carrie Ann and Julianne were seeing, but yours truly didn't notice any problems. Rumer/Val have serious competition from these two!!!

They went on to receive two 8's and two 9's, giving them the highest score of the night so far.

5. Chris Soules & Witney - 'Hercules' (Quickstep)

Once again, plenty of drama leading up to the performance!!

You think Witney is wishing she had Alfonso back?

While it wasn't their worst performance, there was still a disconnect between them. Chris had an injury throughout the routine, so one has to keep that in mind. The chemistry between the two is my biggest problem, and it really lacked here. Three 7's and a 6 from Len.

We needed more results though.

Nastia/Derek, Rumer/Val, Riker/Allison and Noah/Sharna were all on stage for their results and learned they were ALL SAFE!!

6. Noah Galloway & Sharna - 'Aladdin' (Foxtrot)

Now THIS is chemistry!!!!

With Sharna becoming Princess Jasmine and Noah becoming Aladdin himself, the couple once again defied obstacles as they delivered an astounding routine.

Noah's limits can be zeroed in on, but when the routine connects, it's really hard to do that. Sharna's choreography was perfection and I loved every second of it.

Four 7's for their dance!

7. Riker Lynch & Allison - 'Pirates of the Caribbean' (Paso Doble)

One thing I've learned over the course of watching dancing competition shows, it's that paso dobles have to be POWERFUL.

Riker has been praised and also criticized for his powerful moves on the dance floor, so when it was needed it was exceptional!!! Riker and Allison destroyed their routine and it was astounding from start to finish. The judges loved the routine with Carrie Ann losing her mind over how much she loved it.

Riker needs to keep this up!!!


Two 9's from Len and Julianne.....and two 10's from Carrie Ann and Bruno!!

8. Rumer Willis & Val - 'Little Mermaid' (Samba)

I'm going to keep this simple:


Rumer exploded on stage and.....just....

Highest score of the night with three 10's.....and a ridiculous 9 from Len.


9. Nastia Liukin & Derek - 'Frozen' (Jazz)


Two 9's and two 10's.

Sorry for all of those Nastia/Derek fans, but I just don't get it.

It was time to find out the results though. The bottom 3 couples took the stage, and Tom & Erin delivered the news:

Suzanne and Tony were eliminated.

Personally, I would have sent Chris and Witney home, but alas.....

There you have it!!

What did you guys think of Disney Night??

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