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Dancing With The Stars Brings The Tears......And Another Elimination

Shane Avery | PopWrapped Author

Shane Avery

04/09/2015 8:22 pm
PopWrapped | Recaps
Dancing With The Stars Brings The Tears......And Another Elimination | Dancing with the Stars
Media Courtesy of TVGuide
Well, did you cry as much as yours truly? Probably not. 'Dancing With The Stars' kicked off Week 4 and tonight was going to be a hard one to get through. Not only was their an elimination looming, but it was also the week of Most Memorable Year. While many celebs over the years have chosen joyous, thrilling moments in their lives, some take it as a chance to remember loved ones and touching moments. What was to come? Let's get right to it!! Tom Bergeron and Erin Andrews didn't want to waste anytime however, and with the announcement of the first routine of the night.... Came the first couple who was safe, and they were.....
1. Nastia Liukin & Derek - Argentine Tango
Remembering her 2008 victory at the Olympics, in which she took gold in gymnastics, Nastia wanted to re-create that night in particular. She chose the song she earned the medal to, and surprised her parents in the audience with it.Time for some honesty.I've been ragging on these two from the start, because I do feel Derek always gets paired with someone who has a clear advantage. However, with all of that aside (and proving my point), this routine was absolutely bananas!!!! Nastia's lines were insane, and what a dramatic start to what is expected to be an emotional night!! Len praised the dance for being a great dance in itself, but it never felt like a proper Argentine Tango. The judges scores were all over the place as Len gave them an 8, Carrie Ann and Julianne gave them 9's.....and Bruno gave them a 10!! The FIRST 10 of the season!! Following their performance, Tom & Erin needed to get to some more results, and Robert & Kym were SAFE.....while Riker and Allison were in jeopardy. They were joined in jeopardy with Michael Sam and Peta, and they ALSO happened to be up next! 2. Michael Sam & Peta - Rumba Michael opened up about how when he came out to the world, he also came out to his father, who disowned him. Michael's father went public to the New York Times, condemning his son for being gay. Dancing to a very personal song, Michael wanted to show how strong he was in the wake of everything. So....... No way I could critique this properly, because the tears were streaming down my face during the whole routine. The song.....the movement....Michael's emotion..... Absolutely BEAUTIFUL and stunning. Two 8's and two 7's from the judges. 3. Riker Lynch & Allison - Tango  Even at the top of the leader board, Riker and Allison wound up in jeopardy this week. Riker's most memorable year was last year because of the rise of his band R5. The judges were torn over the red hot performance, and they still received two 8's and two 9's. But would they make it through to next week? 4. Robert Herjavec & Kym -  Waltz Thinking back to 2006, the "Shark Tank" ruthless businessman recalled losing his mother to ovarian cancer. The tears were already flowing during the rehearsal package, and Robert then dedicated the routine to her. The chemistry between Robert and Kym is astounding, and I can't get enough of it. They floated across the ballroom and this may be their best performance yet. All of the judges praised the performance with Robert getting choked up at every mention of his mother. Truly incredible. Two 8's from Carrie Ann and Julianne.....and two 9's from Bruno and Len!! Their highest score yet! Time for some more results..... Chris/Witney, Patti/Artem, and Rumer/Val were ALL SAFE!!! 5. Chris Soules & Witney - Rumba Nobody doubted that Chris would have picked 2014 as his most memorable. This was also the year he appeared on 'The Bachelor' and went on to meet fiance Whitney. The other Witney in his life, Carson that is, once again brought out the best in Chris and he KILLED his rumba routine. They had chemistry, Chris seemed comfortable, and they really connected with the lyrics of the song. I feel sometimes that Chris is lacking something with his dances, but not tonight. Stellar performance. Unfortunately, the judges COMPLETEYL disagreed with yours truly, and they didn't like the routine, giving them three 7's and a 6 from Len. 6. Patti Labelle & Artem - Jazz Remembering 1973 and the birth of her son, Patti brought out yet a different side to our beloved legend as she gave quite the intricate dance!! Patti was meeting Artem almost every step of the way during the routine, and once again, the crowd ate it up and saluted the Godmother of Soul with a rousing ovation. Carrie Ann and Julianne were losing their minds over her footwork, while Len couldn't get the smile off his face. Giving them their highest score yet, they received two 7's and two 8's!! 7. Rumer Willis & Val - Waltz Another heartbreaker. Rumer lived through the pain she endured as a teenager with the constant criticism she received over her looks over the years. She would mention the names she was called, and how in the past year, she's grown into herself and has shut out the critics. There are really no words to explain what Team ValenRue (you like that?) did on that floor. This was just further proof that they are THE couple to beat. Rumer dances with complete grace and skill like she's one of the pros. The chemistry between her and Val is one to marvel at, considering it's only been 4 weeks. Seeing proud Mom Demi's reaction in the crowd? Perfection. Scores wound up being three 9's and an 8 from Len. No 10's though? For real? More results though. The remaining couples needed to hear their fate, as Noah/Sharna, Suzanne/Tony and Willow/Mark awaited the results. Noah and Sharna were SAFE, as were Suzanne & Tony. Willow and Mark were in jeopardy. 8. Suzanne Somers & Tony - Foxtrot The TV icon remembered 1977, and when she was cast on the classic "Three's Company' as Chrissy Snow. She also dedicated the number to the late, great John Ritter. Re-creating the iconic set, Suzanne and Tony really brought Chrissy back to life and the routine was so much fun. She really came to life on the dance floor and yours truly loved every second of it. Four 7's from the judges, which honestly surprised me. 9. Willow Shields & Mark - Contemporary Okay, are you kidding me?! This girl.....CRAZY performance!!!! Willow & Mark destroyed the dance floor with their routine and Julianne hit it the hardest: Her core was SO driven, and she really dug deep for what she gave us. Absolutely bananas!!!! It also resulted in the highest score of the night with a 9 from Len, and three 10's!! 10. Noah Galloway & Sharna -  Recalling his injuries from the war, Noah realized he had to take charge of his new life. Upon realizing that they were dancing to a contemporary number, I was already tearing up. And then the routine happened. Words won't do this justice, so let's just say it garnered four 8's from the panel. Dreaded time for the results however, but one couple was safe: Willow and Mark!!! That meant it was down to Riker/Allison and Michael/Peta. The eliminated couple, in the 4th week of competition was..... Michael and Peta. Ugh. Especially following his dance tonight, this was truly heartbreaking and I'm a tad shocked that he got the boot so early on. Were you guys happy with the results? Next week is DISNEY NIGHT!!


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