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Dancing With The Stars Recap: Spring Break Edition

Shane Avery | PopWrapped Author

Shane Avery

04/21/2015 9:35 pm
PopWrapped | Recaps
Dancing With The Stars Recap: Spring Break Edition | Dancing with the Stars
Dancing With The Stars kicked off with their "Spring Break" show, which would see the remaining couples compete against one another, but ALSO feature the first group dances of the season!! We were also told by our beloved hosts Tom Bergeron and Erin Andrews, that while a couple would be sent home tonight.... Next week? DOUBLE ELIMINATION. On one side, #TEAMYOLO, we have Willow/Mark, Robert/Kym, Nastia/Derek and Noah/Sharna while #TEAMTROUBLE would include Chris/Witney, Rumer/Val, Riker/Allison and Patti/Artem. 1. Patti Labelle & Artem - Quickstep ONE SHOE WONDER!! During Patti's quickstep, she kicked her leg and one of her shoes went flying, but would that stop the dynamic diva? Pfft......NO!! Patti and Artem brought the fun to the first dance of the night, and the judges all had smiles on their faces when it was over. The couple would go on to receive their first 8 of the season from Carrie Ann, and 7's from Len, Julianne and Bruno. 2. Nastia Liukin & Derek - Tango Well, for the first time this season, the front runners were knocked from their pedestal. Derek seemed to be rather annoyed by the judges' critiques, although they weren't really given BAD ones. The judges felt the chemistry was lacking for the first time, while Len and Julianne called out the more technical issues. The performance was fire from the get go, but there was no PASSION between them. It was line, turn, run, line. Nothing in between. They went on to receive two 8's and two 9's. 3. Willow Shields & Mark - Salsa This girl is a CONTENDER!!! I've said that before right? I'm saying it again. THIS GIRL IS A CONTENDER!! Willow exploded with her incredible salsa with Mark, and it was magical right from the opening beat. The lifts were executed perfectly, her lines were great, and she was giving energy that we haven't seen yet. Absolutely genius!! Two 8's from Len and Julianne, with a 9 from Bruno AND a 9 from Carrie Ann! 4. Robert Herjavec & Kym - Jive After last weeks devastating scores, would they be able to rebound? I'm not sure. Robert was giving us his usual charisma and charm, but there was something missing once again. Some of his footwork was really good, but watching some parts, it looked very heavy. Carrie Ann enjoyed the dance, but felt that the timing was off just a hair which threw them off. They received four 7's for their dance, which was better than last week, but still the lowest score so far. 5. Noah Galloway & Sharna - Rumba This guy is just amazing. There may have been a problem with the music half way through, but they kept on going. Noah admitted to the audience and judges that he was thrown off himself after watching the video package of the rehearsal. The little fight between the two was ONE MOMENT in a weeks worth of rehearsing, and Noah didn't want people to think that's how they were. The dance itself was beautiful and Noah really is proving everyone wrong with what he can do. Three 7's and an 8 from Bruno!! 6. Rumer Willis & Val - Jazz Anyone else love seeing Val thrust his booty? I KNOW I'm not alone!!! And the performance was SCORCHING!! As per usual, Rumer and Val turned up the heat with their "Bootylicious" routine, and it split the judges. Bruno was over the top about it, but the other 3 were torn over the lack of moves. Carrie Ann and Len gave them 8's, while Julianne shockingly gave them a 7. 7. Chris Soules & Witney - Viennese Waltz One of the slower numbers of the night, but that didn't mean it disappointed. Chris seemed to find his groove with this dance, and I enjoyed it thoroughly. He felt connected to Witney, which I've always found a disconnect with them in previous weeks. This was a welcomed change. Three 8's and a 7 from grumpy Len. 8. Riker Lynch & Allison - Samba Another week, another stellar performance!! Riker's energy has never dipped ever since the very first week, and we're going to ignore Len's continued grumpy comments. The rest of the judges, along with ME, loved the routine from start to finish. They received an 8 from Len......a 9 from Julianne.....and 10'S from Carrie Ann and Bruno!! HIGHEST. SCORE. OF. THE. NIGHT. It was almost time for the group dances, but we needed to find out who was in danger first. Nastia/Derek and Willow/Mark were safe, while Robert/Kym and Noah/Sharna were in jeopardy. On to the others now. Chris/Witney and Rumer/Val were also safe, but Riker/Allison and Patti/Artem joined the other couples in jeopardy. It was time for the group dances!! First up? #TEAMYOLO The first group up delivered quite the fun routine, and of course Nastia/Derek were standouts. Noah and Sharna actually impressed me a lot, and Willow did her thing too! Robert and Kym were the only ones that seemed a tad off. They received three 10's and a 9 from Len. #TEAMTROUBLE Was anyone else really worried about Chris? No mud slinging, but keeping it real!! And he CARRIED it! I'll keep this short and sweet: Patti. Labelle. That's all. It seemed Len wanted to keep it even as he awarded them a 9 while the others gave them a 10. Now for the awful part. Tom & Erin needed to announce who was going home, and it hurt. It hurt real bad. Patti & Artem were revealed to have the lowest scores and were eliminated from the competition. The show just won't be the same without the legendary diva, and I'm expecting dances during the finale, and ONE HELL OF A PERFORMANCE. Nobody can beat those vocals. There you have it everyone. What did you think of tonight's show?

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