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Dancing With The Stars Recap: Would Derek Perform?

Shane Avery | PopWrapped Author

Shane Avery

04/29/2015 8:58 am
PopWrapped | Recaps
Dancing With The Stars Recap: Would Derek Perform? | Dancing With The Stars
Media Courtesy of USMagazine
The double elimination is STILL coming....... Except it would be NEXT week instead! This would also be the first week without our beloved soul queen Patti Labelle. Sad face. We also needed to know whether or not Derek Hough was going to dance with partner Nastia Liukin. After being injured during a rehearsal, it was assumed that Nastia would be taking to the dance floor with other pro Sasha Farber, while Derek tried to choreograph the number for them. Tom Bergeron and Erin Andrews welcomed us to the show..... And it was time to get down to business! The theme would be Era's Night, but the biggest question was answered right away when our couples were introduced. Nastia would be taking the floor with Sasha Farber!! Our beloved hosts informed us that after round one of Era's Night, the highest scoring couple would be SAFE from elimination. Ready? 1. Riker Lynch & Allison - Quickstep (1930's) Our top scoring male was DETERMINED to nab a 10 from Len (which would be hist first of the season) and with that much content, one had to wonder if this was it! Riker and Allison killed their dance, and minus some minor critiques, all four judges loved the routine. So, did they score a 10 from Len? They sure did!!! And three 9's from the rest of the judges. 2. Chris Soules & Witney - Foxtrot (1940's) They needed to keep their momentum going from last week. Yours truly HAS to agree with Carrie Ann because Chris really has improved quite a lot and his and Witney's foxtrot was amazing. He really seemed to fit into a groove of the routine, but the moments in hold were a tad upsetting. Len was spot on with those remarks, but the performance as a whole was still great. Three 8's and a 7! 3. Rumer Willis & Val - Jive (1960's) And they got a visit from Papa Bruce during rehearsals!! That wasn't all that happened during rehearsals, because Rumer wound up straining her neck, but thankfully she managed to pull through the pain. You wouldn't ever have guessed she hurt her neck because this was such a fun jive!!! The 60's diner theme really added to the whole routine and yours truly loved every second of it. They kept clean, simple but filled with lots of content. After the judges critiques them so harshly about lack of content last week, they turned around this week and said it was a tad boring, and not true to what Rumer is capable off. See, this is frustrating. They change things up and give the judges what they want, and STILL get taken to task? Well, it appeared I wasn't the only one upset, because Val definitely seemed to have been rubbed the wrong way as well. Three 9's and an 8 from Carrie Ann. Riker and Allison are still in the lead for the immunity...... 4. Noah Galloway & Sharna - Jazz (1970's) A visit from season 18 runner-up Amy Purdy, who was also an amputee, seemed to do some good for Noah who had a new drive for the Mirror Ball. Noah was also nervous about bringing an acting scene to the performance. Seriously though!? Noah brought something that I don't think ANYONE thought he had and the chemistry, personality, and flair BLEW through the performance. And yeah, I'm with Erin Andrews: THAT. HIP. THRUST. And what happened with the scores? An 8 from Len.....9's from Bruno and Julianne..... AND A 10 FROM CARRIE ANN!!! 5. Robert Herjavec & Kym - Argentine Tango (1980's) Honestly, Robert's reaction during rehearsals won me over. HA! While some of the footwork may have been a tad suspect, Robert and Kym turned up the heat with their tango and this may have been their BEST. DANCE. YET. He was finally able to pull back the smile and put on a serious face and it worked. A 7 from Carrie Ann and 8's from the others. 6. Nastia & Sasha Farber - Charleston (Modern) Even injured, Derek couldn't keep himself out of the routine, and I think that may have hurt it. The routine was very overcrowded and even with singer Andy Grammer, it never really hit the level it neded to. Now, you are all aware of how I feel about this couple, but all of that aside, it truly felt like a mess of a performance. The judges all loved the performance and then the unthinkable happened: They received two 9's.....and two 10's, which meant they took the immunity from Riker/Allison. 7.Willow Shields & Mark - Jazz (Futuristic) This girl is ridiculous. How many times have I said that this season!? Not much else to say except three 9's and a 10 from Bruno. This officially meant that Nastia/Sasha/Derek were SAFE...... Ugh. Sorry bout it. It was time for the extra dance that would result in more points for the winning couple. The dance off would pit the remaining couples against one another in order to secure 2 extra point. Now remember, this may not help at all. The winning couple could STILL go home. The battle came fast and fierce, and if yours truly had to pick one, it would have been Riker and Allison, but Willow and Mark really gave it their all as well. All of the judges unanimously agreed to give the extra points to Willow and Mark, while the rest went to Noah/Sharna over Robert & Kym, and Rumer/Val over Chris/Witney. Unfortunately, it was time for that dreaded elimination.....and ahead of next weeks DOUBLE.....what couple went home? Beware: SHOCKER ON THE DANCE FLOOR Willow and Mark.  Shock had begun to sink in with our incredible host Tom even saying on camera: "Can I stop being a host for a second and just be a Dad" and then embraced the tearful Willow. HOW DID THAT HAPPEN!? Thoughts?

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